People and flower hearts have their own fragrance.

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   Perhaps the typhoon a few days ago reminded Miss Qiu that it had been sunny for a long time and it was time for rain.! Just after Hanlu, the trickling autumn rain fell and enveloped the small town in the fog of Mizzle.. On the way off work, accompanied by a drizzle, a familiar fragrance came head-on. Without looking at it, we knew that the sweet osmanthus trees were on the roadside.! This gives the impression that osmanthus flowers seem to have been waiting for a long time, only waiting for the autumn rain to come, they will meet in full bloom..

   What a lovely sweet osmanthus! The verdant laurel trees on the roadside seem like silent girls, smiling at the people who come and go in a hurry. The green leaves that clean the dust appear more vibrant. Clusters of small flowers from light yellow are quietly blooming under the cover of the green leaves. The tiny petals are like finely carved handleless wine cups, emitting refreshing fragrance..

   When I was a child, I never saw osmanthus trees. Every autumn, the aunts of my mother's unit, inside, would go together to fold a few small yellow flowers and come back to inside, the vase on the windowsill. The flowers were floating all over the aunts' boudoir.. I am very curious about this flower: so small, but so fragrant, what kind of flower is this? Auntie told me that this is called "sweet osmanthus". Where did you pick it? In Xianghua Village. I know a village near the town is indeed called "fragrant flowers", so I wonder if the village name is derived from this sweet osmanthus.

   Growing up, I sometimes went back to my grandmother's house or relatives. When I passed a place called "water-overflowing bridge", I could always see a big round mushroom-shaped tree in front of a small village on the other side of the river. I could not see it clearly from a distance. I always doubted it was not a tree. Otherwise, how could there be such a neat tree? It's like people cut it out by heart. Only later did I know that this is the legendary "osmanthus tree"!

   At that time, because of its rarity, it was always thought that cinnamon was a very rare tree species.. When telling stories with my friends, I always yearn for the tall laurel tree on the moon. It accompanies the beautiful Chang 'e girl. Under the laurel tree, there is an old man who weaves straw sandals. Gang Wu was punished to cut down the laurel tree, but his axe scar healed immediately. In any case, it cannot hurt the laurel tree. This strange legend has cast a thick mystery on the laurel tree in our mind..

   When I grew up, I was admitted to Guilin Normal University for Nationalities.. Guilin, named after laurel, is a paradise for laurel trees. The same is true of inside in the school. Behind the classroom, in front of the library, beside the road and by the pond … tall cinnamon trees block out the sun.. After a short period of adaptation to school, we were deeply shocked by the scene of osmanthus blossom brought by an autumn rain..

   Here, I just know that osmanthus is not just the kind I have seen before. There are golden yellow osmanthus, light yellow silver osmanthus, orange red osmanthus, and four seasons of fragrant osmanthus.. As if overnight, the green leaves were covered with pure white, light yellow, golden yellow, orange red and orange yellow, and the fragrance overflowed the whole campus, making us students from different regions marvel at it..

   The fragrance of flowers is always very clear in the first few days, waking up in the fragrance every day, studying in the lingering fragrance, and falling asleep in the fragrance. Walking in the campus, the autumn wind gently rolled up Gui Xiang's hair in his ears, and it seemed that everyone was fumigated with the charming fragrance of sweet osmanthus.. Sometimes, I can see the family members of school teachers gathering osmanthus flowers under the tree. Only then can I know that osmanthus flowers can not only give people enjoyment of beauty, but also give people material enjoyment. They gather osmanthus flowers to make Osmanthus Jelly, dry them in the sun, soak them in Osmanthus tea, pick up a pinch of dry osmanthus, and wash them in hot water. When the osmanthus flowers tumble, the aroma is dense. Even in the streets and alleys of Guiling City, many people are selling sachets made of sweet osmanthus flowers. They buy one and put it on the pillow to accompany Gui Xiang for many years..

   Think of the thirty-eighth time in "A Dream of Red Mansions", Baodai Chai fought with all the people in Grand View Garden to admire laurels and recite poems.. Dai Yu sat leaning against the fence, fishing with a fishing rod. Baochai held a sweet osmanthus in inside's hand and played for a while. She leaned over the window sill, pinched the osmanthus, threw it on the water, and the fish she led floated up and chomped. Tanchun, Li Wan and Xichun stood in the weeping willow shade to see gulls and herons. Yingchun is alone under the shade of flowers, wearing jasmine with a needle . what a beautiful picture!

   "Pinch west wind good at the aromatic, very autumn is busy for Iraq. Under a light storage window, people and flower hearts are fragrant respectively.. "Song Dynasty poet Zhu Shuzhen's poem" Osmanthus Fragrans "expresses the poet's yearning for strength and nobility. Isn't that what we are seeking in life?? I only wish that we, like sweet osmanthus, are fragrant, distant, not thick, not light, not vulgar, elegant and elegant, blooming for a while, not to attract attention, but to leave a faint scent for others..

   Author: Semen Celosiae, a Chinese herbal medicine





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