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   Let the charming book fragrance not only float over our campus, but also over our homeland.. Below, please enjoy the articles about Chou-heung's campus brought by the small editor of the U.S. website.

   The elegant campus

   Books are the ships of thought sailing in the waves of the times. They carefully deliver precious goods to generation after generation.. Bacon said: "Reading is enough for pleasure, enough for gambling, and enough for talent.". Gorky said: "To read a good book is to talk to many noble people.". "Through reading, we can understand the glorious culture of our motherland. Through reading, we can further understand this wonderful and colorful world..

   This semester, our school has set off an upsurge of reading extra-curricular books.. The students sucked the nectar of knowledge hungrily. After class, they took a book to the corridor to read. As soon as they finished their homework, they picked up the book and read it. When they saw good books, they could not put it down. Almost all of them exchanged the contents of the book. The old saying goes well, "king reader."! In a flash, our school has be COMe a large bookstore with elegant fragrance.. I especially like this kind of reading atmosphere, but I am a little sad when I am happy: my family is only a The Wall away from school, and my parents are addicted to mahjong all day long. So I have the idea to let my parents read books. I will try to bring our enthusiasm for reading home so that it can affect my parents and make my home full of books.. I did this: I asked the teacher for some copies of reading notes and borrowed a book from the library called "Teenage Mao ZeDong". Because my father likes history and Mao Zedong is a great figure in the history of our country, I think my father will certainly like this book..

   At first, my father didn't seem very interested, but later, my father tried to watch it, and the more he watched it, the more he worked hard, and he couldn't put it down all night.. At that time, I happened to read a book about Mao Zedong's poems (because we just learned Mao Zedong's poems "Bu Operator? Yongmei, Bodhisattva pretty? Da Bai Di) Dad often reads books and talks with me at the same time, education as a gradual polishing process. Whenever we talk about the Mao Zedong incident, there is no sound in our mouths. Tan Xing is very thick.. It seems that my plan succeeded.

   Love Reading Bar and make reading an indispensable part of our life.. Every time you read carefully, it is like walking into a colorful world. Then you can truly realize the true meaning of the words "The Book Of Fantasy, the book has its own YOROYAL" and "Learn as much as you can and do all you can.".

   Let's make joint efforts to let charming books not only float on our campus, but also float on our homeland. Let's make books our good teachers and helpful friends. Let's read every step along with our growth. Let's join hands with books to set foot on a more wonderful and better Cirque Du Soleil Journey Of Man.!

   Recommendations for scholarly campus articles:

   When you walk on the busy and busy Anshan Road, you may look up and see a building. It is not gorgeous and magnificent, but it is extremely elegant and spotless..

   Yes, this is my campus-the second campus of Anshan Road Primary School. Even though there are no lush trees and no flowers in brilliant purples and reds, she is simply located in the bustling noisy streets, like an air freshener, becoming a unique and beautiful scenery..

   As soon as he entered the school gate, his youthful spirit came head on.. In the narrow lobby of inside, we seem to be on the way to enter the hall of knowledge.. Further on, the first thing you see is a small playground and a teaching building around it.. What size playground is it?? Five or six hundred people to hold a ceremony or something, just right. The hard and flat brick floor shed our sweat and left our footprints.. On the right side of the playground, there is a blackboard, which is a place for recording the results of small competitions or posting important notices and documents.. We used to have high morale here. If you listen carefully, you may also hear cheering cheerleaders shouting happily.. During the physical education class, there will be bursts of playful noises or the loud sound of stepping on the ground when we are running, like a high-pitched march..

   The teaching building has a unique style, milky white buildings, and the sound of reading from time to time is very beautiful.. The front of the gate goes to the left, which is the staircase leading to the second floor.. Stair handrails are ancient brown, elegant and simple.. Walking on the stairs seems to be deeply attracted by a meaningful and profound charm.. If you look carefully, there is a small window at the turning of the stairs. Looking at inside, it is an old bungalow and a slightly distant withered tree decayed leaves..

   On the second floor, the first classroom you see is mine.. The small sign "Class 2, Four Years" hung on it. It was a very clean door. When you walked in, you suddenly saw the light..

   Our classroom is spacious and bright.. Clean tables and chairs, gleaming and blurred light spots, row by row, row by row, neatly placed in the quiet classroom inside. On the left, there are four windows. The glass is as transparent as a mirror. Open it. The fresh air and the warm breeze ripple silently in the classroom inside. The pure and pure washing of lead is immersed in this special environment.. At the back, with our compositions and materials, it is rich and colorful, and it is the most exquisite and colorful chapter we have searched for in the vast literature.. Walking forward, the wooden floor at the foot will sing softly, and the black blackboard with dark green hair will be inlaid on the white wall.. Above is "unity and liveliness, studious and discipline-abiding" eight eye-catching characters and bright five-star red flag, which are engraved in my heart together with the teacher belecture..

  In such a peaceful and beautiful classroom, inside is full of fragrance of books, ink and paper rolls.. We are voraciously sucking the sweet spring of knowledge, enjoying the happiness of learning, and dare not relax a bit..

   Leaving the classroom, I came to the wide corridor. The bell rang, and I stood by the half-closed glass window, looking down at the whole school, or looking up at the blue sky, looking up at several towering buildings. Occasionally, a few birds slowly flew higher and higher along with the line of sight.. Take a deep breath and eliminate the fatigue of study (Meiwen, American writer from Teen Spirit.com. cn).

   When you leave our campus, it is necessary to take another look at the milky white four-story building, looking at the soft clouds and dazzling sun when the sky is clear.. When you step out of the school gate, it is necessary to gaze at the simple and classical campus and the word hanging in the front hall-learning is boundless, and smell the ink, book and paper incense again..





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