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   Care about each other more

   When each couple starts to fall in love, they show a little too warm love because they are not sure how they feel about themselves.. You will think that you are very suitable, but the other party does not think so. You often imagine that you will do things that lovers will do together in the future, leaving behind some good memories.. However, if one party always plays the role of pursuer, such feelings are not perfect, and if you go on for a long time, you will be hungry for love, you will feel controlled by the other party, and you will feel angry, cheated and miserable..

   Don't try to change each other

   When two people are together, they will always fantasize about changing each other, and even imagine what the future of each other will be like, so that the other will gradually walk away from you.. Therefore, never try to change the other party. Love is tolerance and understanding of the other party. No matter what ta becomes, whether it meets your wishes or not, love for ta will remain unchanged.. When dealing with a person, love and respect the other person's true nature, not his future appearance. You can expect him to continue to grow, but you must be satisfied with his present appearance..

   Love each other is not salvation.

   To love someone is not only to let the other party feel that you can give ta all your love, but also to help and support the other party. If the other party becomes decadent due to some things, then as a lover, you must help ta to cheer up again.. However, it must not be regarded as a kind of salvation, and gradually let you have love from pity. He will be grateful to you. Then such love is only a rescue mission, not a feeling..

   Love is not worshipping each other.

   Many fans worship idols, which they think is love. In fact, they love only the appearance of their idols. If the idols changed after decades, would the fans still love them So what I'm talking about here is falling in love with the object of worship. This kind of feeling is difficult to maintain normal, because two people cannot be treated equally.. Men and women must be treated equally. I don't mean status, but attitude, not excessive worship of each other.. This kind of situation is usually low self-confidence, they feel very bad.





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