Mercy of Time

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   In the end, it is autumn. After an autumn rain, the air in inside is full of coolness.. Such time is warm and good. You can lean on the window of listen to the rain, listen to the wind and recite poems, or plunge into the memory of inside to meet your past self again..

   At this time, even time is cool.

   I suddenly like the word "cool". It reads like a wisp of faint wind across the corners of the mouth and falls on the paper, but it is so thin.. Cool, to the exclusion of the past flashy deep, gently, like a bright moon in the smoke cloud, clean and natural.

   You see, in autumn, the flowers of every tree in inside have lost. They come and go with the wind and rain. Even if they wither, they are still somewhat gaudy. They fade away the bloom season like a young pink girl and are replaced by a mature and elegant beauty. The beauty is rhyme, the beauty is quality, picked up and still has fragrance..

   Therefore, I said, autumn is also beautiful, and delicate spring is just like the charm of two kinds of women..

   Although he was born in spring, he found that he loved autumn best.. In the past, I also liked the smile of warm spring and blooming flowers. Facing the sea is mostly the worry of every young girl. With the hope of love, I hope that there will be happy clouds on the other side of the sea and come on the moon.. Through the track of time, wind and rain, I finally fell in love with the stillness of autumn. It doesn't matter whether I am beautiful or not. My heart has a sunny day..

   I like to watch the autumn wind fold the fallen flowers all over the floor and listen to the plain Jane that autumn rain washes away a deficiency of heart. In my heart, I have clear happiness and a little bit of heart-pounding, like sitting with inside's lover in the past year. My eyes are full of indifference. I won't have any thoughts of love and hate any more, but I also feel slightly sad..

   Xue Xiaochan said: In time inside, the most unsuitable person to meet is a former lover. How can we meet each other? How can we meet each other? Time is like a sword, cutting off the connection between me and you. It is like a kite with its hands off. It is far away, even farther than before..

   We will probably never meet, love or not.

   Love is sometimes crazy, more like poison. We Were There (manga) is like a runaway horse, Qian Shan is full of water, only willing to look at each other. The love will last for a thousand years, whether it is gossip or propriety.. As long as I am with you, I wish I were dead..

   Every time I think of it, I marvel at this belief in love. I am firm and persistent. Is it not the true meaning of love??

   In fact, true love is the mutual understanding of the soul.. Not visible, don't have to see, separated by a little distance, is the most beautiful..

   Jin Yuelin's love for Lin Huiyin was no less than Liang Sicheng's, so that later Lin Huiyin told Liang Sicheng very frankly that I was extremely distressed and fell in love with two people at the same time. I didn't know what to do.. Liang sicheng told his wife: she is free. if she chooses Jin yuelin, I wish them happiness forever.. Lin Huiyin told Jin Yuelin everything exactly again.. Jin Yuelin's answer was even more candid and astounding: It seems that Si Cheng really loves you, and I cannot hurt someone who really loves you.. I should quit.

   From then on, he became the man in her soul.. The Neighbor helped Lin Huiyin solve all the difficult problems. Even when she quarreled with Liang Sicheng, she came to help her mediate.. Unlike Xu Zhimo's dissolute love as a poet, his love was intense and the curtain fell in a hurry. In his own way, he silently loved her, took care of her, and never married her. So he stayed together. Although he could not sleep with her, he also died with her..

   No flowers, no The Promise, I know you, this is the way I love you.

   This noble love reminds me of Plato's saying that reason is the noblest factor in the soul..

   Time is cool, but love is the warmest force in the world..

   When we are old, unable to write, and the words are no longer updated, will we meet again in this manner?? Looking at in former years's handwriting, returning to the years of love inside, aging side by side. I will not see you in this life, and I will never see you again. Perhaps the best ending is this. Past lovers stay in memory of inside. You are fixed, and he is forever.. Occasionally recall, Smiled Then Passed.

   Some people say that the people they love most are not suitable for being together.. Which kind of solidarity is it? Jin Yuelin and Lin Huiyin lived together day and night. From beauty to dying, Zhang Ailing and Hu Lancheng spent their whole lives together, occupying her whole soul. Although Robert and Hepburn did not have the name of marriage, they were exposed to each other for the rest of their lives. He knew her best. That was enough.. How about getting old? As long as you loved, there was no regret.. See or not, you live in my soul, inside, all your life.. This is the most romantic love I have ever seen.

   Everyone has experienced vigorous feelings in his or her life. Only when he or she has loved can he or she truly understand love.. I'm lucky, I loved, and I'm sorry, too, loved. Although I don't want to mention the past and try every means to erase the traces, there is no denying the fact that love is a beautiful thing. It also gave me endless inspiration in inside, Days of My Youth and made many well-known poems.. Because of love, I became a real woman.

   I have seen a sentence from a good friend: people who always regret will not grow up. I finally understand many truths that I could not understand before. I must have grown up. I have no regrets in giving and I will not regret and refuse.. I can have a vivid memory of fireworks in my life, and my life is full of them..

  Although it is not a celebrity, has never had a famous love, nor is it a writer, can't write an epic, however, every ordinary individual has his own destiny, even small happiness, as long as it is warm, then it is worth waiting for..

   Some people grieve for feel sad with withered scenery in the autumn in spring, shed tears for the flowers that have passed away, some people love and hate lingering, for the love entanglements of their whole lives, and some people watch for the world of flowers and flowers.. There are different stories in different inner worlds. The flowers in the works naturally bloom. No matter what kind, it is worthy of awe. Life is equal. We don't have to judge it..

   The older you are, the more tolerant you are.. Think of the sea once obsessed with, mighty, never stop. Perhaps I am enamored of an ocean-like mind, embracing all rivers and streams, embracing all aspects, and being a pure and peaceful person, with bodhi in my heart, this is an elegant life, isn't it.

   Autumn is a season of memory, not sadness, but also harvest.. If I plant the seeds of happiness in spring and take root and sprout, then this autumn I can reap the perfection of love.?

   I think, I am happy. In fact, to love and be loved is happiness.. To put down is to be at ease..

   Autumn is cool, porridge and rice are warm, pens are cool and words are warm.. As you can imagine, the cool wind whistled outside the window, a small wooden table in the room, a cup of hot tea, a clear voice, a pen, smell the aroma of fireworks. Writing a pen is the poetry of my dream. You and I smiled at each other, and suddenly a flower came out of our hearts. The time was clear and happy. It was all Gentle Mercy..

   Time and cool, you and cool, my heart has its own warmth.





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