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   You are a unique natural satellite in Earth 2050: The Future of Energy. You have gone through the cycle of moon phases and galloped in an orderly way. You have proved the long(time) of time and the drifting of years. You have remained faithful around Persistence (psychology), Earth 2050: The Future of Energy.. From the distant everlasting to the present time and space, from the long night to the bright dawn .

   You are not as good as January when you play a hundred stars. You absorb the endless luster of the sun all the time.. Just like, even the night will also reflect the radiance of the sky. You can be called the most true brother in Earth 2050: The Future of Energy. You and Earth 2050: The Future of Energy Be In Perfect Sympathy With Each Other are incomparable sincere.. You silently and guiltily watch the vast ancient night sky..

   You not only have the uncanny skill to call for the tide of the river and the surging of the sea.. You are even more charming and full of silver and snow.. You carry the mission of the elderly and leave a long and beautiful image for your lover.. You are like an elf at night, performing magnificent scenery for the night..

   Booming Flowers and a Full Moon you symbolize the beauty of the scenery, be so beautiful that the moon hides her face and the flowers blush for shame at sight of her you ripple shy appearance. Moods of Love, you interpret the elegant demeanour of the four seasons, and chaste, you demonstrate the purity of your heart..

   The ancient literati Fu Du all expressed their feelings and chants to you. I am deeply moved by the wonderful artistic conception of "the sky is vast and the moon is solitary in The night". I appreciate the wonderful scenery of "moonlight in its groves of pine, stones of crystal in its brooks". I admire the exquisite beautiful line of "how wide the world was, how close the trees to heaven, and how clear in the water the nearness of the moon!". I am shocked by the wonderful writing of "the moon is bright, the doubt is not night, and the woods are sparse, like autumn ."

   I used to think about the Cold Palace for Legend in The Goddess Chang's fly to the moon, and I used to gaze at the night sky for the legendary story of Gang Wu felling trees. I was even more proud of China's space flight to realize the dream of landing on the moon..

   You long for mankind to enter your wonderland, and you long for mankind to explore your mysteries.. You yearn for the kindling of life to ignite in your own body, and you firmly believe that the conquest of the moon by human beings is not a distant dream..

   As the stars move, you clearly show the inner movement of celestial bodies.. You are romantic and full of beautiful scenery due to the changes of the round and the short.. On the fifteenth day of the first month, you celebrate the Lantern Festival in a profusion of peace and happiness. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, you are thinking about your hometown and your family..

   You are clear and bright, the sky is high and the stars are dazzling with graceful demeanour of your posture.. Your light is soft and beautiful, and your charm is crystal clear. The night sets off your poetic soul.. You are changing from cycle to cycle, the moon is in spring and autumn, and the moon is in full bloom on the track of life.. The moon is full of stars and the sky is full of light. On the sky lies the thoughts of miss each other at the moon and each side of the sky..

   Perhaps, people only appreciate the flaming sun and ignore the hazy moon.. Or, people only pay attention to the dazzling dawn, and forget the mood of the night.

   However, you have no complaints about people's indifference and are watching people's dreams in inside, Night of Silence. You are not afraid of worldly prejudice and have no regrets to pour out the most gentle splendor on the starry sky forever.

   Author: Chunhua solid fruits in autumn





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