Gate 2 and Jiao Juyin, Periodical Special Issue, Gongzhufen

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   Introduction to Two Gates and Periodical Special Issue in Gongzhufen

   Jiao Juyin

   The monument stands in front of Gongzhufen. Although the wall has collapsed, the beautiful essence of previous years has not been lost.. Although the scenery is good and the wild flowers are fragrant, they are only accompanied by a pair of people in the grave, wasting their beauty.. This touching place is full of poetic sentiment and historical interest. We do not want them to be sacrificed to the ruins.. We must appreciate the scenery to live up to the reputation of Gongzhufen.

   On November 22, we gathered several friends, went to gate 2 to watch the water, and went to Gongzhufen for a picnic.. After coming back, everyone wrote some poems at the same time.. Some people advocate to gather together and publish a Periodical Special Issue.. Fortunately, with Mr. fu yuan's permission, I borrowed such a boring thing from vice president of Beijing. We wanted to collect more legends about gate 2 and Gongzhufen, which seems to be more valuable. But one is short of time, the other is that everyone is busy and can only offer today's contributions.. We would like to continue to write when we have a chance in the future..

   Taking this opportunity, I would like to say a few words..

   First, we Chinese have a really good appreciation. We like to watch the collapse of buildings, and especially like to play foolishly in inside.. The Second Gate and Gongzhufen are very famous. Why are they famous?? A: Because there are many tourists. Why are there so many tourists?? The answer of the circular sleeve is again because the place is famous.. Therefore, most of the Chinese in You Mingsheng do not know how to seek historical values and interests. After playing, they have no impression or remembrance other than inexplicable happiness.. -Hurry up and correct the mistake. There are really many souvenirs on the wall beside gate 2, "one is traveling here with another in Bless The Child", "DonotWrite", "llnefautpasd' ecrir" . and the ink glasses on the face of the stone man in front of Gongzhufen . that is the token that the Chinese understand souvenir. Speaking of which, I very much hope that people who go out to play in the future will find out the short history of each place and enjoy it even more. For pleasure, it's no harm to write something, detailed textual research, a brief description of the local conditions, literature and art, it is better to not only ask for meat.

   Secondly, it seems that I should say something serious. All places of interest in China are decadent. In the case of flour, a famous scenic spot inside and outside Beijing, the government does not preserve it. The people's bad habits are also good at "demolishing". Today, it is sold to the "foreign master" a Buddha to be transported to the "foreign museum". Tomorrow, it is moved back to a main hall column to burn the fire and cook the rice. Thus, day after day, year after year, all the famous spots have really become "famous". Therefore, I advocate that we should organize a committee by the people to take care of and repair all the ancient scenic spots and historic buildings, and sort out their history.. But you don't think I have any meaning of "the depositary's' reason"'; I really hope that the friends who play in Ichumener will do so. I only think about entertainment..

   I have spoken here for half a day but I can only represent my own opinion. If readers want to know clearly, please read the following.

   Author's brief introduction: Jiao Juyin (1905-1975), author. He has prose poetry anthology "Crying at Night", "Alien Land" and novel anthology "Chongqing Serenade".

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