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   Seeing the deskmate reading the letter from the junior high school female classmate with relief, I don't know why, My Old Classmate has been treasured in the depths of the soul. Like a butterfly breaking its cocoon, it slowly flies to my heart. Those sleeping memories come alive again. I think of the romantic story that was born that winter when I was 17 years old..

   Although up to now, I still don't admit that we are lovers criticized by our teachers, but you are the first girl to walk into my green life, the first person that For No Good Reason and my heart was broken like in my 17 years of life, and the person that you sublimated me from an ignorant and innocent teenager to a sentimental and sad poet, turning me into a butterfly at a sleepless night in early spring.. Some people say that only the person you like when you are seventeen or eighteen years old will be remembered by him all his life. Maybe this is me.

   Through the mottled years, Suddenly Look Back, you are standing in the stormy Through the Olive Trees that records our pure feelings, still with brilliant smile, charming eyes and dancing skirt .

   In that beautiful and sad snowy winter, a butterfly fluttered into my long sleep. Isn't it you who sat by my side with sad and fragrant cheeks, only 11 days older than me, and kept asking me to call your sister?? Isn't that you who deeply attracted me with tender feelings and warm care like water?? Isn't that you who are crying, strong, gentle, kind and sometimes a little stupid?? Since then, the boat of the years has carried us full of youthful passion and longing, striving to reach the other side of the university river with only one wooden bridge.. From then on, you slowly walked out of the deep confusion and sadness caused by the unsatisfactory division of arts and sciences into classes, and your whole body was permeated with the sunshine of youth and hope for happiness..

   One day, you said quietly to me, intentionally or unintentionally: I like it so much, I like being with you so much. A feeling of holiness suddenly rose from the deep heart's core.. Touched, I gently held your tender little hand in my fiery palm. You did not refuse, but stuck it on your pretty white cheek and said, "Your hand is so hot and smooth.". Because that's because your hands are suffering from a lot of frostbite.. I put the brand-new fingerless gloves woven by my mother on your still cold hands and said gently to you: Elder sister, spring is coming … Although it was snowy and windy that winter, our souls knew each other and knew each other closely, making this season of cold and windy Sky On Fire full of warmth and kindness..

   Also, did you remember the winter tour on January 11, 1993?

   A release from the hell of the final exam is like a green bird out of the cage. They meet to see the lake in winter and swim in the mountain in winter. The fjord mountain is not found and the lake is just a reservoir as boundless as a mirror and ice. However, on that day, regardless of the exam results, the happiness and happiness after liberation are still the same as yesterday.. Although the four of us only rode two bicycles, and although we traveled several tens of kilometers back and forth, it was a relaxed grazing mood. It was a close and natural return. It was a kind of youth and fearless courage. On our way back, you promised me with a smile: Spring will come again … You know, at that moment, looking at you in my arms sitting in front of the bicycle rack, my heart was filled with endless joy and countless dreams. At that moment, I felt the sky was so blue and broad, and the wind smiled at me, because I and the green spring had Le Grand Meaulnes..

   However, when the spring breeze once again greened the grassland that had left us happy footprints, when the delicate and charming peach blossoms were blooming again in March in Yangchun, you left me behind. You walked so resolutely, so resolutely, without any explanation, without any room, without any remembrance. Your gentle face like water did not know when it was frozen, but it was the end of the world near at hand.. I still don't know what happened at that time. What I don't know is who or what makes you cold and full of resentment, anger and apathy towards me. Sometimes you and others smile all over the sky, but when you see me, it is overcast. We stand off each other. Elder sister, you misunderstood this pure and holy feeling. You buried all the enthusiasm and hope of a boy. You made him begin to doubt life and let him lose all confidence and hope in this world.. Yes, imagine that a moving car suddenly went into reverse gear without slowing down, Reducer or stopping. I think the engine of this car will collapse instantly. What kind of heart-rending and soul-stirring pain is it to Evelyn Prentice?

   As a result, the charming season of blooming spring flowers has only sunset, westerly winds, thin horses and the end of the world, but only helplessness, sadness, tears and perplexity. Therefore, the high school life that should have been happy and hard-working is filled with sad poems and endless loneliness and pain of lovesickness..

   Now, it's spring again, gazing at the halo of young years that leaves have leaked down, lingering in my ears: who read the letter I wrote to you, who left it in the windy inside .. Deep in my heart, I can't hide your dribs and drabs, wisps and wisps..

   The evening breeze sent tired travelers homesick love songs, brushed a profusion of Petals, picked up a hidden in the diary, I know there are you on it ─ ─ every flower is full of your name, just like I always seal-cut When We Are Seventeen in the heart of the sea, with me wandering around all the seasons, wandering in search of dreams.

   Tonight, the stars are shining and the moon is full. That one is you and that one is me. There are two lines of silent tears.. Tonight, are you all right in another country?? Are you still on the trip of falling down once?? If so, accept my melody of wishing you happiness.? Oh, after a long separation, do you know that the boy in inside, whom you may have left behind in no one's corner, is gently smoothing the folds of memory tonight and praying for you and blessing you deeply in the distance. Yes, the Green Yang Fangcao Changting Road is easy for young people to leave behind. It has been raining clouds for many years. I think of cold. Tears trickled down my face. It is impossible for me to see it now. Because I can't fly to the edge of the small building because of wild geese coming from the head of the river..

   Oh, the 17-year-old rainy season is very miserable and miserable.. Oh, those unexplained days of seventeen, those seasons with beautiful interpretation of painful tears and singing of sad years..

   "Who met the sentimental you, who comforted the most crying you . who tied up your long hair, who made you wedding clothes .". Countless times of shallow drinking and low singing split the center of the fluttering ethereal, painful I do not know where I am and where my soul is..

   Only tears turned into cold Stirring of Love to drown me, but the lonely night was very quiet and cool..





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