A Complete Book of Customer Greeting Messages

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   Life is bland, just like the blue lake under the blue sky. Life can also be poetry, singing along the way. As long as you treat it with your heart, every day will be happy. Have a nice weekend!

   This is a pleasant and peaceful world. The sunshine is as bright as ever, and cold-caused ailment is as gentle as ever. I hope the good times will stop like this, bringing you joy and encouragement, and a happy weekend.!

   Give arms to the sparrow and you will be happy. Throw your heart to the sea and you will be vast. Leaving one's eyes to the sky is far-reaching. I will be happy to send you my best wishes and wish you a happy weekend.!

   Catch a butterfly and send it to you. May you have happy wings and take a breath of fresh air. May you feel at ease and send a text message to you. May Career Opportunities be with you every day.! I wish you a happy weekend.

   Let the stars send my blessing, let Xiao Yu send fresh cool wind, let good luck and beauty follow you forever in your life, let SMS send my eternal blessing again and again, and wish you a happy weekend.!

   People still, things still, and to the weekend; Think or forget, just greet. Free time is fine, busy or happy. Today is good and tomorrow is better. I wish you a happy weekend.!

   Busy life only takes away time. I often leave my heart with my concern for my friends. I greet you with a greeting and wish you a happy weekend in this beautiful and happy day in inside.!





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