美娱国际Peach blossom smiles with spring breeze.

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   March came slowly in the footsteps of spring. I was glad to be invited by friends to watch peach blossoms in a place called Pingshui in Gouf..

   Early in the morning, the air inside is full of happy flavor, and the morning breeze is caressed by My Sweetie.. The bus glided forward smoothly and quickly, galloping along the road leading to Taoyuan. The roadside trees standing on both sides drew back like soldiers ready to go..

   However, I can see a brocade woven on the top of my head by the rotten sunshine. The surrounding fields in inside have 10,000 kinds of green colors, with fresh eyes, mountains and greenery, and the meaning of spring is getting stronger and deeper.. There are also golden rape flowers from Huang Cancan, which are laid on the ground in freehand brushwork. What do you think is a picture scroll of nature?.

   I feel that I am flying in the boundless green field and floating in the tipsy fragrant wind inside. My heart is very free and my mind is very broad. I let people forget all the time and space. I also don't know how long it took. We found a peach forest in the distance, but rather a peach forest saw us at a distance..

   Friends had to cheer and jump for joy to get off the bus and jump into a pink and dense fairyland of inside..

   Peach blossom has blossomed brilliantly in clusters on the branches in spring, like a girl in pink department of princess skirt. When the breeze blows out of date, they keep swaying in graceful and restrained mood. Their lightsome dance moves are attractive to reverie.. There are also some small buds sipping their lips, like joy like anger, don't know when, will like to see lover Shy laughed out loud!

   Looking around, any corner is a picture embedded in the frame.. It is doubtful whether there are countless pink notes hanging between heaven and earth. In the spring breeze, the whole world is intoxicated like drinking good wine.

   The birds gossip most, either in groups or in pairs, muttering and whispering, wondering whether they are commenting on us or speculating on the thoughts of the flowers. There are also a few industrious bees, gathering nectar in the peach blossom cluster in inside, ready to go back to make dessert. Only the colorful butterflies are at their leisure. They dress in enchanting and colorful ways, like delicate ladies, and call friends to lead their companions out for a walk. Warm wind And the city is blowing gently on my heart. The falling petals and sunshine occasionally brush my cheek, unless it is a kiss in spring.!

   Nature is always the purest and greatest art.. Looking at the green mountains in the distance, I can see that the grass nearby is delicious, the land is flat and spacious, and the houses look like fine fields, beautiful ponds, mulberry trees and bamboos.. There is zhe road crisscross, chicken and dog smell each other. "After a long time in caged inside, you will return to nature"-no matter how withered your years are, can you not be moved at this moment?? Can you not return to your old age??

   I am walking happily in peach blossom inside, and I don't know where I am going . The great happiness has completely forgotten all the sadness and pain..

   Finally, I stopped in front of a peach blossom tree that looked like sunrise.. It should be tied with pink peach blossom! There is a poem that reads: Peach blossoms die young, burning their splendor.. However, seeing the petals that are fresher than rouge and fainter than sunrise, they are vaguely like the encounter of The Favor. They are very shy, very emotional and very charming..

   "Theodora, Slave Empress, looks like a king with a smile" … "Peach-Blosom Face" … "Tears are light and evenly dyed, still with red clouds and small dew marks" .

   -Visible, seeing beautiful flowers, poets think of beautiful women first.! They Seven Winds, lovely, amorous; They are thinking of poetic language, they are painting the same prospect in Virdzina, they are singing the sweet songs of amorous feelings.

   I have been standing under the shade of flowers for a long time and feel that there are many things to say-

   I have always believed that peach blossom must be the first guest to be invited in spring. They came to the early spring together with spring breeze and spring rain. However, they would pass by in a trance in a short melody of inside . Therefore, they were associated with an irresistible tragedy of time and space and remembered "substituted bride"-Lin Daiyu, inside's unlucky beauty in A Dream of Red Mansions, and the peach blossom was buried.. The poem "Peach Blossoms" is also a portrayal of her short and miserable life..

   Face to face with their beauty, I also like sister Lin, had hoped to be able to hold their elegant sleeves, can retain their hurried lianbu, fantasy their charm can stay in the spring stage forever .

   Who said that good flowers don't bloom often and good scenes don't exist often?? All beautiful things are always fleeting? For example, rainbows, fireworks, sunset . The most beautiful flowers only bloom in a flash.?

   Yes, everything from beauty to splendor is short-lived, but what is long-term and eternal? How far is it forever?? The Kings Sister, health and beauty, fame and fortune . All this, no one does not want to get. However, short-term possession often requires more cost and worry.. As in a person's life, when we have something to take in our daily life, we must give it up along with it. If you get something, you will have something to lose..

   Or, the most beautiful ending of a flower is to give a cavity of love to the dark earth after it is gorgeous, which is why it is so beautiful that "falling red is not a heartless thing, but turns into spring mud to protect the flower."! on? Because beauty is so short, will it be especially precious?! Yes, after all, they have left us a warm, melodic and memory without reservation . just like my youth-the river of years is taking my youth away, which is a natural law that cannot be denied and cannot be changed..

   In the long river of life, inside has a long life, and it is a cloud in a twinkling of an eye.. Joy and pain are never eternal, just a process.! All the year round, spring goes to Qiu Lai, and so on and so forth. Each has its own dulcet. Why is there any pessimism?? Any regular, even unfortunate, is not the saddest.. If we are disappointed and unwilling to give up because of this, we might as well go deep into this short period and get a full and fresh aesthetic feeling.

   Look at this path in the sun again, there is a kind of latent dark long full of mysterious happiness pulling me, the spring breeze is still, like lovers to kiss printed on the imminent, I closed my eyes, stretched out his arms, the whole body and mind into the warmth of this March .





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