my mom cooks better than yours

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   my mom cooks better than yours

   Liu Yuanbao is a small boss who does some small business by himself.. His wife died of illness a few years ago and lived alone with her only daughter, Xiaoxi.. Over the years, Liu Yuanbao has not been easy to be both a father and a mother. It took him a long time to pull up the stream.. Seeing that Xiaoxi is about to enter the third grade and face the senior high school entrance examination, this is an important turning point in life.. Xiaoxi this child also sensible, the study result has been good, is inevitably the psychological pressure is quite big.

   In fact, Liu Yuanbao is not too old to marry again. Moreover, he already has a suitable candidate in his heart, that is, Yoko, who worked as a nanny in his home for a period of time.. They were both of the same age and had the right temper. However, Liu Yuanbao felt that the brook was too young to tell the truth to the brook. Yoko also cared very much about the brook's opinion of himself, so he did not dare to show it in front of the children after they were together..

   Xiaoxi is a day student in a boarding school. She eats three meals a day at school and goes home at night.. Happened to be a weekend, Liu Yuanbao asked Yoko to come home for dinner. When they were having dinner, their expressions were inevitably ambiguous. They were seen by the stream, and the child's face did not have a smile. The look in Yoko's eyes also changed.. Liu yuanbao saw this scene, simply, that night with creek stall card. Unexpectedly, the stream behaved calmly and said like an adult that it was dad's freedom, as long as he was happy.. Liu Yuanbao was naturally very happy to see his daughter so sensible and hurriedly told the news to Yoko.. Yoko listened to also very happy, two people finally don't have to nervously hide.

   Soon the two were happily married.. Simple preparation, do a few tables of wine, Yoko with luggage moved to come over, with liu yuanbao had a little life.

   But it didn't take long for them to find out gradually that the stream has changed. They don't talk much when they come home every day, and they don't like to laugh as much as they used to. Facing Liu Yuanbao, they are still the same as in the past, but they are too polite to Yoko and feel very distant.. She called Yoko "Zhang YI" and didn't know whether it was her name or Zhang Yi, but she didn't call her mother anyway..

   Days slowly walked, suddenly to grade three. Xiaoxi's previous academic performance was very good, probably because her mother went early, she was independent and sensible, and she was very strict with herself in her study.. But now in this critical period, brook's performance has stalled and the results of several consecutive monthly exams are not satisfactory.. The teacher talked to her several times, and every time she just lowered her head and asked her not to say anything..

   The teacher had no choice but to find Liu Yuanbao.. Liu Yuanbao naturally knew that his daughter had been preoccupied recently. Several female classmates who were close to the brook also told him: "Recently, the brook didn't know how. She didn't like to play with us after class, so she sat in her seat sullenly.. Eating is not good either. We went to Can't Bear the Sight of and dragged her to eat. She also lost her temper with us.. "Liu Yuanbao worry, this stream don't have any psychological problems, hurriedly take her daughter to the hospital. Upon examination, the doctor told him that there was nothing wrong with the child's body. It was estimated that the problem was in his heart. Adolescent children should have a transition. He called Liu Yuanbao to strengthen communication and communication with his daughter at ordinary times..

   Next, Liu Yuanbao began the "big fight for my daughter.". Liu Yuanbao chased the stream to the school canteen when the stream did not eat.. When Liu Yuanbao came home from the stream at the weekend, he and Yoko changed their plans to prepare food for her. However, whenever the dishes made by Yoko were served, the stream symbolically shook down the chopsticks with a straight face and put down inside's bowl before eating a few mouthfuls..

   Looking at his daughter Wasting Away, Liu Yuanbao was worried. He found a chance to talk to the brook alone.. However, no matter how he asked this father, the brook lowered its head and did not speak..

   "creek, what's the matter with you? You have to understand dad, mom went early, and it's not easy for dad to pull you up so much over the years.. Dad also really hopes someone can take care of you like mom.! How nice it is to see aunt Zhang. every day she changes ways to make good food for you. why don't you appreciate it?? "

   When the word "mother" was mentioned, the stream's tears fell involuntarily.. She murmured, "I think mother, Yoko is not mother. I miss the taste of my mother . "Hearing this, Liu Yuanbao had nothing to say.. Xiaoxi's mother is good at cooking and the dishes she makes are unique. Xiaoxi likes to eat the dishes she makes from an early age, but now … probably Xiaoxi also expresses her dissatisfaction with Yoko by this way.. In the evening, Liu Yuanbao frowned and smoked under the light. Yoko came in, pressed his shoulder and whispered a few words in his ear. His eyebrows suddenly spread out.

   Liu Yuanbao began to send food to the stream, saying that in order to keep the stream healthy, he would not let the stream eat in the school canteen.. On the first day, he brought ordinary home-cooked rice, but the color was very beautiful, and the fragrance went straight to the stream nose, inside.. After a day's class, I was really hungry. The stream slowly began to eat and felt that besides delicious, there was a familiar smell that I could not tell.. The next day's meal was completely different from the previous day's. After that, every day it changed in a different way, and the taste became better and better, more and more like the taste made by her mother.!

   As the day went by, the brook was pleasantly surprised to find that the food it delivered seemed to have the taste of mother. She began to expect Liu Yuanbao to deliver food every day. And strangely enough. Every time my father delivers food, she always feels as if someone is watching her..Is it mom? The idea suddenly flashed through the brook's mind. Is it because my mother encourages her to visit her every day?? Is it because of this that inside has the taste of a mother?? Thought of here, the brook is very happy, the original mother did not abandon her, even in another world, mother still think about her!

   Perhaps with this psychological effect, xiaoxi's appetite is good and her mood is slowly getting better.. This day, the brook waited for Liu Yuanbao at the school gate, but left and right did not wait. Her heart was strange. She was looking hard at the street corner. Yoko did not know where she was coming from. He faltered out, "Creek, your father is temporarily occupied today, so let me send you some food. Go and eat.". "Stream is Yoko, nature is very cold, took the lunch box, well turned to go, didn't bother to say hello.

   Another weekend, just after the end of this month's monthly exam, the stream came home a little earlier than usual.. Three turn two turn came to the door of his courtyard, the gate is not related, can vaguely hear the voices inside. Dad and Yoko were talking, but Yoko said, "Please hurry to the kitchen and put on your apron. The brook will be back soon. Otherwise, she would not eat the rice if she saw that I cooked it all.". "

   "It's not always the way to do it. You go to great lengths to cook for the stream every day, and go for a big meal on weekends, but you put all the credit on me.. I think the brook should know the truth and let her know that you are good to her.. "

   "Don't don't don't, don't. The child is still young, and now at the juncture of the examination, as long as the child is good, my whole family is good, and I don't care who is to blame.! "

   "Alas, Yoko, really wronged you! "

   The stream froze at the door, and her eyes did not know when she was wet.. Only then did she begin to take a good look at Yoko: this thin and short woman is not very beautiful, but her eyes are kind and gentle in inside. Plain clothes, but clean, all this is not the mother's appearance? Looking back on the past dribs and drabs, warm feelings welled up in my mind.. The stream could not help pushing the door and shouting, "Dad, Mom, I'm back."! "

   This sentence stunned Liu Yuanbao and Yoko. Yoko's eyes were gradually blurred by tears..





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