美娱国际Xiao Hong, Chang'an Temple

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   Chang'an Temple

   Xiao Hong

   The Buddha headlights in inside, Jieyin Temple, were lined up, each with a small light. Spent fuel was on the case.. As soon as dusk approached, the ringing of the bell became rare and gradually almost silent.. Because Tutti a casa, who burns incense and worships Buddha, is having dinner..

   Inside, the main hall of the Ursa Major, was also silent. Each statue stood on its own site and became gloomy because darkness began to hang on their faces.. Long eyebrow big fairy, Yield tiger big fairy, barefoot big fairy, dharma, they can't tell which is holding a tiger, which is barefoot. They all quietly stood on the two walls of the main hall with many statues under other names..

   Only Tatu Maitreya is still smiling at the person who cleans the temple, because the person who cleans the temple puts the small lamp in front of Maitreya's feet..

   The thick, round futons were picked up one by one by those who cleaned the temple and piled up high against The Wall.. The incense sticks to Sakyamuni's feet and will be extinguished. If you go down and look for it, you can hardly see it. The smell of incense just fills the air in the dim light of inside..

   In front of the temple, the turtle in the pool under the stone bridge no longer leaned its head on the water like inside did on the day of the attack.. The small stone mill with sesame oil also stopped turning. The sesame oil refiners are also packing the furniture.. Tea drinkers in front of the temple all put on their hats and planned to go home.. The red-faced old man making tea was eating a bowl of plain noodles on the small table, which was probably his dinner..

   During the Spring Festival, the temple is even warmer and hotter. People who burn incense and worship Buddha look east and west.. With their unique leisure time, touch the decorative pattern of the railings of the stone bridge, and then study to find more turtles under the bridge.. There is an old woman carrying a yellow bag on her right cross-bone. The bag reads "Incense". She has already stepped out of the back door of the temple where the door is, and she hurried back through the back door.. I looked at her strangely and thought she had dropped something.. Let's think about it! As soon as she turned over, she knelt down and kowtowed to the back door of the temple.. Looking at her age, she is over 60 years old, but her kowtow is very flexible. I think she walks on the stone bridge with the same spirit and dignity.. The new satin hat, which was only made for the New Year's Day, made a glittering pilgrimage to Jieyin Temple.. The Buddha's front bell rang three times under a hammer held by an old monk inside. The old woman knelt on the futon and kowtowed three times peacefully.. This kowtow was not as enthusiastic and flustered as the one just made at the back door of the front hall.. I thought for half a day before I realized that just now, just a moment ago, she must have felt that she was too careless, even the Buddha facing the back door saw her strange and hurriedly asked him to pardon her..

   Brittle (food)'s shoulder hung a small box containing three or four kinds of sugar, Brittle (food), fried rice sugar and walnut sugar.. The melon seeds seller carried a long small bamboo basket with Oriental pickling melon seeds at one end and salted peanuts at the other.. The "melon seed king" sold by refugees in packs is not popular here.. Green tea, plain and unadorned, is already full when a copper plate grabs a handful of Oriental pickling melon seeds and puts them on its mouth.. Therefore, people who eat tea in inside of this temple all feel that they have a special flavor..

   The ears hear the sound of the Sanskrit bell and chanting. Eyes are looking at some leisurely and complacent people who visit temples or burn incense. What the nose smells, needless to say, is sandalwood and other spices.. So this kind of tea place really makes people like, can eat tea, and can watch the scenery to see tourists.. It is better than all the tea shops in Chongqing.. Especially the red-faced old man who brews tea, he is always in high spirits and likes to put his body on both sides when walking, as if he deliberately puts his weight on his left leg and his right leg for a while.. Every time he lifted the lid of the handleless cup, his words came, string by string, he said: we have nothing good in Sichuan, if it weren't for Japan, gentlemen, please also can't please this place. He said more, he did not understand, he talked like a poem.. At this time, he will rush into the handless small cup and boiling water will fall from the spout like the same water into the handless small cup.. He picked up the lid to fasten the handleless cup, and the small fish-like tea leaves on the upstream and downstream sides were also fastened by the lid. anyway, the place was quiet and gratifying, and everything was peaceful..

   The waterspout of xx square is beside the stone bridge and the Buddha hall is facing flour obliquely.. I didn't have a chance to see what was inside, but once I saw an air defense exercise in Chongqing, where people pushed a loud mountain hose. a hose could hold about two barrels of water, but it was very heavy, with four or five people pushing and holding it together.. If there is a fire, I don't think the water hose can reach it. The fire has already fallen.. It seemed to say something like ×× Fang. Only these things, in the temple of inside is a discordant equipment, but also destroyed the quiet and unity. On the wall of the temple, is it not written "Guanyin Bodhisattva" greatly?? Solemn and quiet, this is the only place in Chongqing that has not been invaded by outside.. He said, One Flower Is A World, this is a small world and should be treated like this..

   But I suddenly became nervous-maybe one day an enemy bomb will fall on it..The two possible hoses could not save the fire.. At that time, those who drink tea will have no landing, if they don't want tea stalls buried in the rubble.

   I feel sad in suddenly.

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