Father's Happiness (800 Words)

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   "Father's Happiness"

   Father is a man who is not good at talking.. There are traces of years left on the eminence, always with a smile and broad shoulders, also became the father's "logo".

   In primary school, my father always walked in front of me.. He took me to school, carrying my schoolbag, and I trotted along to keep pace with him. At that time, I wanted to say: How great are you, father! At that time, a tall father, a capable mother and this Pocoyo were a simple and happy home..

   Years climbed into his father's face, with silver sideburns.. I grew up together with the small trees planted by our family at the door.. I like my father very much because she always plays with me with a smile. However, I know that I can silently watch my father's back as if he were far away from me.. Father's position is getting higher and higher, so is mother.. I entered middle school and lived in the school.. When I came home at the weekend, I opened the door and stood at the door. I felt lost in the empty house.. Grabbed 腾跃国际注册 a piece of paper with his father's strong and powerful words: "Xiao Yu, father is on a business trip, so is mother. leave the money for your own use and take good care of yourself.". Dad. "I sighed, rolled the paper into a ball and put it in my pocket. inside's eyes were filled with tears somehow.. This lifeless home! I think sadly.

   When I came back from class the next day, I heard the kitchen ventilator "buzzing". I was wondering who it was, but I heard the long-lost and loud voice: "I'm back."! "Is the father! A burst of joy in my heart. "Dad. Didn't you say the difference? ""ah, yes. "My father was busy cooking and said softly," I'm afraid you're hungry and I'm worried about you. ". "There is no other words, but I feel there is something in my heart.

   Taking the school bus to school, my father helped me Hold the bag.. My father and I walked side by side, looking sideways, the wind blowing my father's black and silver hair. I wanted to say something, but I couldn't say it.. When crossing the road, my father took me and then took my hand.. "Dad. "I looked up:" what do you want me to report to you? "Father shook his head:" You will always walk in front of me, your happiness is to report. "On the school bus, I cried. I felt the branch of inside in my pocket and there was a word on the back! I wrote my name over and over again..

   Dad, what do you want me to repay you? You will always be in front of me, your happiness is in return..

   I finally remembered what I was going to say: "Dad! I miss Les Chaises musicales so much.! "You don't need anything, just give, and me? What I want to report is a heart that loves me.!

   Comments by famous teachers:

   This U article is about father's love. Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap, a father who is not good at talking, will not express his love verbally. Father's love does not need to be repaid. This is the purpose of this article.. Appearance description, action description, language description and psychological description are used to express father's love, which is vivid and concrete..





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