Love Letter to Wife

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   I don't know why, I always feel like writing something to you these days, but I don't know where to start Full stop! I still remember when we first got together, you always said that I didn't even write you a love letter. At that time, I always said that there was no need. What I want now is Ni qing wo yuan, going straight to and fro, perhaps because of my laziness.. Now think about it, or write a late love letter to my wife, I hope this love letter won't come too late, this also won't waste my thoughts and literary talent.

   Wife, remember our first kiss? I think you must still remember that it was my first kiss. I felt sweet, fragrant and hot. I felt a kind of unspeakable feeling, and my body trembled. This was not only the trembling of my body, but also the shock of your heart to me.. At that time, you held me tightly in your arms, really very happy, really hope you can hold me like this for a lifetime, a lifetime, just the two of us, everything outside is just flowing. Now that I think about it, I still have an indescribable intoxication. I really don't want to wake up. Although this is not a dream, we are too realistic to live now. I have to rush about for life, but I seldom think about our past..

   Hey, hey . Don't think my husband is wordy, actually he has omitted many details, hee hee .

   Wife, we have been together for more than seven years! Although we often quarrel, but I really don't want to do this, you must also! We always say that we need to find a way to solve it, but we have not solved it yet.. You said that I was the husband who wanted to let you go. Maybe it was because I had a small mind. Maybe my temper was not good, but I can't say it often.! 腾跃国际 Husband is really wrong sometimes, especially shouldn't hit you, but I also don't want to ah, sometimes you really make me angry, your mouth is very hard, never give up! Ok, don't say, I believe we will be fine, time may be able to calm us down! Maybe we will think about our bickering life after half a century, then there will be no lack of memories, memories of inside can be full of color.! What do you say? Hey hey.

   Wife, do you know? When you were good, your husband really liked it, like my little baby.! I don't say how beautiful you are, but in my heart you will always be my baby, but don't let your husband be very angry, he is the same as you, most afraid of being angry.! I like the way my wife cuddles me to sleep, holding my arm tightly, so happy.!

   Wife, you will certainly work hard with me. We will make our own happiness together and let us remember our hard journey together when we succeed.! Eat steamed bread and drink cold water, hey hey . do you like it?

   Wife, do you feel this is not a love letter, but a memoir, but I feel such memories, a person, quiet, really beautiful, so happy!

   I really hope that after n years, I and you can pick up this yellow love letter I wrote to you, read this crude text together, recall our past together, and then A Smile Like Yours! Let the sea breeze take you and me back to our Na Pianhai!

   A Smile Like Yours!





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