The Old Man Who Will Be Tricked

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   "I heard that little new sick. "

   "I heard that the little new is under the village inside zhang old man method. "

   "I heard that small new thin like a monkey. "

   They said Xiao Xin is my classmate, she hasn't been to school for two weeks.. I don't know why, only from these women in the village of inside can I know something about her.. They are just like the TV news in the village of inside. They can tell from their mouths whose cattle have stolen their crops and whose husband and wife have quarreled again..

   "ah, poor child, all thin only bones. "Great aunt li Exhalation way.

   It was another dusk afternoon. Several women who had just returned from work in the fields were sitting in rongshuxia chatting. The topic unconsciously ran to Xiao Xin again.. My mother and I are choosing vegetables under the tree, but our ears are always watching their chatting content.. Waiting for them to continue to say.

   "Even dying, poor child, parents are not around. "great aunt Chen said with his hand patted the mud at the bottom of his trousers, but his eyes looked at the distance. Several other people did not know what the attitude was and no one 腾跃国际注册 spoke..

   I was so scared that I asked my mother in a low voice, "What's wrong with Xiao Xin?"? Are they telling the truth? "My mother kept her original posture and said:" Xiao Xin is ill and has been tricked by others. You will see Old Zhang in inside, the village, hide a little later.. "I don't know what is called method, but I didn't ask, because the old man Zhang is coming from the front. Aunt Chen asked smilingly, "Where has Old Zhang come back?"? Don't go home to cook, be careful aunt Zhang scold you. "The crowd inside all smiled, but the old man went away without saying a word. Leaving behind a long shadow dragged by the sunset. After the old man Zhang left, the crowd inside began to talk again.. I have no idea to listen to, worried about Xiao Xin. Week has not seen her for three years. I don't know if she is like what they said..

   The next day, I decided to see Xiao Xin. Although my mother didn't agree at first, my mother agreed to go with me only after my hard work..

   Xiao Xin's home is located in the west of the village of inside, with several small mud houses.. Xiao Xin lives with her grandparents. Her father was jailed for theft a few years ago.. And her mother, when she was very young, left because of poverty. Xiao Xin had not seen her mother..

   Upon entering the door, he saw Xiao Xin and his grandparents sitting in the corn heap, peeling corn in inside. When he saw me coming, she came happily to hug me.. Xiao Xin has lost weight and her bones are causing me pain.. She pulled me to sit down in inside, a corn heap, while my mother and her grandmother sat aside to chat.. Her grandmother looked solemn and her eyes were full of tears.. And the little new face in front of me was livid.

   "Xiao Xin, how did your eyes become blue. "

   "They said I was under the method, method of inside in the body to suck the blood dry, eyes turned blue. "Small new eyes staring at the corn, did not look at me.

   "Do you know who did it? "I don't know whether to tell her what I heard.

   "Yes, the village of inside Mr. Chen. "

   It seems that she knows everything, and a chill hit me.. Still want to ask the question in my heart.

   "Xiao Xin, will you die?"I nervously pinched her hand inside corn. Obviously, Xiao Xin was frightened by my question and stared at me with her grape-like eyes.. I'm a little regret, shouldn't let her to answer such a cruel question.

   "Haven't been to school for a long time, homework left behind a lot, can you help me with the tutorial? "Xiao Xin got up and went to the room to get the textbook. I shouted like I was saved," ok. "

   A month after returning from his new home, Xiao Xin left the world forever.. Her grave is in a pile of old graves. inside allows me to recognize it from far away. Sometimes I go to see her and bring her some peppermint-scented wild flowers.. Woven garlands on her grave look as good as those on her head..

   When Xiao Xin was ill, his eyes as blue as the sea were always imprinted on his mind. inside could not get rid of them. His eyes were deep blue enough to hold another world inside.. Sometimes I will see old man Zhang on the road, walking quickly and not daring to greet him.. Sometimes I see him sitting in front of the door smoking tobacco(smoked in a long-stemmed Chinese pipe), looking at the direction of the small new grave, don't know what he was thinking.





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