The love of her life is only three moments.

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   The love of her life is only three moments..

   The first moment occurred in the sophomore class.. She chatted very speculatively with the Anqing boys sitting next to her.. He knew she was from Wuhan.. At the end of the class, he asked, "I'll come to Wuhan and find you, ok?"? "Of course," she said.. "Conveniently tore a piece of paper from the notebook, hastily draw a map for him.

   The second moment was at the train station when I graduated.. Song, wine, wave, tears, send away one classmate after another, the last platform, only two people. It is also cold in June after midnight in the north.. When the stars were dark, he suddenly said, "Do you know? I have always loved you. "

   She looked up in consternation and saw his face. In a flash, she suddenly understood why even the sun shines brightly on those days when she saw him.. She almost wanted to shout, "me too. "But the roar of the train engulfed everything.

   She wrote one letter after 腾跃国际 another to Anqing, but there was no reply.. It's the wrong address.? Or . a wrong heart? Thought since then, is two don't remember each other, but in the middle of the night dreamed that he was coming to her, as if there are thousands of words to talk about, but only sadly, silently turned around . She frightened, sit until dawn.

   The third moment was six years later.. She went to Shanghai for her honeymoon in Barefoot in the Park.. The gentle husband could not understand why she had to stay in Anqing for one day to find an old classmate..

   And he gave her the address, the streets have been demolished. On the dusty streets, they did not know how long they had been looking for and how many people they had asked before a boy said in surprise, "he is my brother.". "

   After six years of reunion, it was as if we had just parted in the morning.. He asked lightly: "Here we are."? "She also returned:" Here we are. "

   I'm still alive. I'll just talk a few words. His work is not very good.. He smiled, "I almost went to Wuhan.". The working relationship has been arranged, and my father . has passed away.. My mother and brother . did not make it.. "

   That's when she dreamed of him?

   After sitting for a while, dusk came in a flash.. Seeing her husband looking down at her watch, she got up and left, saying the usual pleasantries: "Come to Wuhan and come to my house to play.". Do you know the address? "He said normally:" I know. "Turned and pulled open the drawer, take out a piece of paper from the top

   It was a piece of paper torn off by her letter hand six years ago.. The color of ink has faded very thin, but there is an arrow that still points clearly to her home . It was only three moments, and she packed up the love of her life..





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