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   The current effort is for the cattle that were blown when I was a child..

   I was afraid of heights when I was a child, so I am not tall now..

   Whether it is sunny or rainy, sleeping in unprotected sleep is a good day..

   I like to go to school because I can wear Lovers' Clothes with him I like..

   Why is Cui Yongyuan's words highly sought after? Because depression speaks for itself.

   I like my six-pack abs best.! That's why they are protected with a thick layer of fat..

   It suddenly occurred to me that a very serious academic question was who qualified 60 points..

   The sun shines on me and misses our back together.

   Why can't Baidu search you again? Can you hold back your urine?

   The mid-term examination paper required the examination number to be filled in. As a result, Russia wrote the QQ number as soon as it got excited..

   If you can be meticulous to me, I will be naked to you.!

   At best, you are arrogant. at worst, you are blind..

   Can't find the right person, in fact, is likely to be, can't change the wrong yourself

   Confused persistent and unknown yearning, can't distinguish what you want.

   I don't despise you, but I don't care about you at all..

   If Logan's Run is in her heart, then let her die in my hand, inside.

   I'm afraid those who have not failed have never enjoyed success..

   Some people have experienced the wind and rain and are still there. Some people, ordinary and indifferent to themselves, have gone further and further..

   Sweet Love Signature: My heart is in your heart. What do you care about me.

   As soon as I saw you two, I thought you were a perfect match for lightning strike.

   Sincerely seek investment, support and relief, and those who are interested talk privately.. Don't accept pity, I am a man of integrity.!

   No matter what he did to me in the future, as long as he didn't say no to me, I will always be by his side.

   Life is like making a phone call, either you hang up first or I hang up first..

   Many people eat on their faces. I am not. I eat on my mouth..

   If I had no choice today, I wouldn't understand the road I didn't take back.

   Freedom is not doing what you want to do, but not doing what you don't want to do..

   Please don't compare with the people around you, it is not a class at all.

   Love always guesses the beginning but not the ending..

   The time is right, the place is right, the feeling is right, only to find that the characters are wrong.

   Gold always shines, but when the ground is covered with gold, I don't know which one I am..

   You can kill yourself or pretend to be blind if you don't like me.

   People are dogs, enemies are friends. After a long time, I look at them myself.

   We have nothing to be afraid of. When we came into this world, we did not intend to return alive.!

   If anyone dares to touch him, I will pay him back..

   It doesn't matter whether it is true or false.. Because, you are no longer important.

   I am young and need your advice, but I don't need your advice..

   Didn't you say you love me? My whole life is to live for it.!

   I don't despise you, but I don't care about you at all..

   It is not circumstances that educate people, but circumstances that educate people..

   I have a pair of big watery bags under my eyes..

   Rowing does not depend on oars; it depends on one wave.!

   The original dream inside will heartache, pain to wake up.

   People in Vulnerable to the attack were all black and blue once.

  Accustomed to see his back, used to see his side face, used to he doesn't love me..

   Living in 腾跃国际 the shadow you cast on Germany, I'm really tired ╰ っ

   I am persistent because I go all out to the wrong person at the right time..

   Do you know?? I was in tears when I stubbornly said I didn't like you.

   I will think of your message after passing through a lot of time in an instant..

   When I never heard from you again, the fatal feeling was like suddenly being unable to breathe..

   I saw that the whole world was about to collapse in front of me. All this went with the flow and I couldn't resist it..

   After all, I like you for more than a day or two, but you said that breaking up is only a second or two.

   No passion for anything. It turns out that my heart is tired. The heart should rest!

   If love is a farce, why don't you quit

   If you can't hold the sand, it is better to lift it as early as possible.

   When that person starts to ignore you, it is time to learn to ignore that person..

   When tears fell without scruple, I realized that I was nothing..

   He was so crowded around me that I never dared Imagine oneself as the favourite of one of the opposite sex to think he was the only one.

   Give you a hot heart, but you give me a heart full of scars..

   When the endless quarrel is stopped, the endless darkness will come to an end..

   Why do you give all your love to forgive and retain countless times but turn over and over again to betray?.

   Not that I don't miss you, but that I don't know how to face you.

   There is only one you in the world, and how much you want to cherish it, but you don't give me this opportunity..

   Not that I have changed, but that I understand how others treat me and how I treat others..

   When can you reply to my message as quickly as an automatic reply?

   After you, I will never try my best to please anyone again.

   After many years, it finally became clear that there were no more than two kinds of mathematical proof questions, one was "What the fuck can still prove it" and the other was "What the fuck can also prove it."

   "You have pimples on your face," "Is it raining over there," "No, what's the matter," "I'm afraid you're lying and the scourge is thunderstruck to death."

   I can't find heaven or the moon. I'm sorry to disappoint you..

   Restrain yourself from thinking about some hopeless things..

   Don't be complacent if you break my heart. Someone will help me repay you slowly.

   The cancellation of special care for him led to the return of his full name to the mass group..

   He said I was cold and I smiled.. Know how afraid I am that he will be bored. I say I am bored.

   How much courage did it take me to walk past you calmly

   How long does it take to start all over again after everything sinks to the bottom of my heart?.

   I am a man who pursues the sun on foot. No matter how fast I run or how tired I am, you will not be any closer to me.

   I am a puppet, every thread is affected by you..

   Even if I had a thousand hands, it would be a waste of time. Your heart is not on me.

   Memories are making strong gestures to us. In front of time, it is so pale and weak.

   Looking at your photos, I shed tears and felt sad..

   Even if you are covered in thorns, I will embrace you..

   You said her smile was beautiful, but I was the only one who was tired.

   It is true that you no longer have me in your heart. It is a fact that I cannot change..

   I blame you for being cowardly when I like you so much..

   If I had treated you the way you treated me, I'm afraid you would have left already..

   Sometimes, after taking the initiative for a long time, I get bored slowly.

   The memory followed closely like a keen dog..

   It doesn't matter, your world, let you have. Don't disturb, is my gentle.

   When three people play together, two people always feel better, while the other is ignored.





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