The story of mountaineering

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   A group of college students went hiking.. There is a couple, the girl's name is Tan Li and the boy's name is Zhou Tian.. The night before her departure, Tan Li searched for information about mountaineering and wanted to master some relevant safety knowledge. Among them was a ghost story about mountaineering, which cast a shadow on her heart..

   The story goes like this: a group of students climbed the snow mountain, only one was a girl, she and one of the boys in the team were lovers.. When they were about to reach the peak, the weather suddenly became bad, but the students were in high spirits and had to go there.. At last, the girl stayed at the camp and the others went up..

   It was getting dark, and those people still didn't come back.. The girl lay alone in the tent of inside, listening to the earth-shattering wind and snow, feeling fear and loneliness. She waited for three days.. On the third day at dusk, they finally came back! ─ ─ just don't have her boyfriend.

   Those who came back seemed to have just escaped a major disaster. They were in shock and looked very ugly.. They told her that her boyfriend was killed three days ago when they were sprinting towards the summit.. The girl cried at that time.. It was getting dark, and those who came back sat in circles and surrounded her in the middle.. One of them said, "He certainly doesn't want to be left here alone and will probably come back to haunt you.". You 腾跃国际注册 don't be afraid, we protect you! "

   The girl stopped crying and kept shaking.. She saw from the eyes of the boys, inside, that they were actually more afraid.. They just sat there. At midnight, the girl's boyfriend burst in! His face was blue and white, and his movements were stiff. He took the girl's hand and ran out, while those people just looked at it with wooden eyes and did not move..

   The girl screamed in terror and struggled hard.. Ran outside the tent, the boyfriend said loudly: three days ago, when they were sprinting towards the summit, all the people were dead, leaving him alone alive .

   Tan Li hesitated to give up when she thought that there was only one girl in the second Cheondeungsan (North Chungcheong).. She found Zhou Tian and told him that she didn't want to climb the mountain.. Zhou Tian asked for half a day before she faltered out the reason..

   Zhou Tian smiled brightly: "I didn't expect your little brain to be so superstitious.". "The next day, Tan Li went up the mountain with the boys.. Tan Li gradually forgot the ghost story. As they approached the peak, the weather changed and the wind blew..

   Tan Li said in dismay, "Let's hurry down the mountain."! "

   Several schoolboys said casually, "You can't fall short.". "

   Zhou Tianyin looked up at the mountain with a gloomy face and said to Tan Li, "You stay in the tent in inside and don't go up there.". "

   Isn't this getting closer to ghost stories?

   Tan Li said hastily, "No, I want to go with you! "

   The other boys said, "You don't have enough physical strength, so you should stay.". If you don't, you'll drag everyone down.. "Tan Li has nothing to say.

   In this way, several boys climbed the mountain against the wind and left her in front of the tent..

   Tan Li hid in the tent and waited from morning till afternoon.. The weather was getting worse and worse. Finally, a blizzard was blowing and Tan Li became more and more uneasy.. She got out of the tent several times and finally saw some heavy figures stumbling down from the mountain.. It's them!

   By this time it was already dark, she kept a close eye on them, nervously looking for which is Sunday.. They approached, approached . Tan Li was dumbfounded: only Zhou Tian was not seen.?Several boys helped each other into the tent..

   "Sunday? "Asked Tan Li quivering.

   The men looked at her mywood, did not speak. Tan Li found that they looked pale and stiff, as if there was something wrong with them.. At last, a boy spoke: "We were approaching the top of the mountain when we encountered an avalanche. He was buried and did not escape back ."

   Tan Li repeatedly looked at the faces of these surviving inside and slowly retreated to the tent door. Finally, she turned around suddenly and rushed into the snow outside in panic.. She trudged down the mountain one foot deep and one foot shallow, hoping to escape back to earth.. In the event of an avalanche, it is impossible for anyone to escape back. She knows that all her companions except her are no longer human beings.!

   She never stopped running.. In the middle of the night, the snow seemed to be getting smaller and she was almost frozen stiff.. What's more, she got lost.. She had no choice but to move forward .

   All of a sudden, she stopped ─ ─ there is a shadow in the front. She shook for a moment, gradually see, it was Sunday, he stood like an ice sculpture rigidity, black face, tightly staring at her. At that time, she was still conscious, and she was sure it was not an illusion..

   She turned and fled in fright.!

   "You stop! "

   A voice came up faintly in the snow .

   This time, two students were killed, one named Tan Li and the other Zhou Tian.. The school searched three times and finally found their dead bodies.. The two bodies are about three inside apart.. Several other people escaped the blizzard in tent inside and came down the mountain two days later.. Those two days, Tan Li and Zhou Tian have been struggling in the blizzard..

   If there is no ghost story, if they meet and hold together, then things may be another result..





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