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   Leave the big city of "scattered like stars" and return to the hometown of "gathering like a fire". The Spring Festival, with the theme of reunion, is not only a day for tourists who are struggling in a foreign land to return home, but also a time when urban and rural society and culture meet face to face.. The integration of popular culture and traditional culture, the agitation of acquaintance society and stranger society, and the difference of value identification between urban and rural areas will all emerge in this period..

   At a time when modern social rules have not yet been fully established and traditional social rules are under attack, new fashions, new ideas and new rules are being fully experienced and reflected at such times as the Spring Festival..

   Starting today, we will launch a group of social and cultural observation on the Spring Festival. The warm and cold human feelings in urban and rural areas, the ups and downs of life, and the variety of cultures make a table of social New Year's Eve dinner with profound taste. Let's learn from the nutrition of the local society and feel the advancing power of the modern society..


   Handmade colored lights, draperies as background, self-directed programs, excitement of self-entertainment . When CCTV's Year of the Monkey Spring Festival Gala debuted and local satellite TV's Spring Festival Gala showed their respective abilities, the "Better And Better" spontaneously organized by villagers in many places was also extremely popular.. The best art is often the closest to life. when the "village flavor" is the same color as the "spring flavor", and when the "crowd flavor" and the "single flavor" are having fun together, the spring festival always brings people the richest cultural contrast experience, marking the thickness of the cultural soil layer and interpreting the vitality of cultural growth..

   There is no denying the fact that whether it is the Spring Festival's "Five Blessingg Card Gathering" or the "Home Before and After Home" selfie, "only you can't imagine that no city person can't play.". The so-called townspeople here are only temporarily living in a city where people and information are concentrated. They can always forge a new culture that emerges one after another, with unique designs and ingenuity.. "The city will play", this slightly self-deprecating phrase is popular because it opens up a novel perspective for the existing culture..

   Compared with popular culture, the change of local culture is somewhat slow.. Sociologist Fei Xiaotong pointed out that "stillness is the characteristic of the local society, but in fact a completely still society does not exist, and the local society is only slower than the modern society.". The New Year's Eve dinner still tastes the same, and the hometown people still follow the old custom of ancient rules. The annual social fire meeting is still so noisy.. At the same time, the hot circle of friends "shooting hometown and basking in the flavor of the New Year" and "running Better And Better and running auditions" occupy the front page.. The "You have a really many people in the country." is set off by the "city meeting" and is a lively conversation between relatives and friends in their hometown.. The reason why villagers talk so much is also a manifestation of "slowness". On the one hand, let the local culture still maintain its pristine nature; On the other hand, it also allows rural society to suck the nutrients of popular culture continuously..

   Last year there was a popular saying called "it is the charm that matters.". In terms of temperament alone, the city's popular culture, though novel, seems to be a bit less massive. Although the local culture is simple, it may be a bit more distant.. This Spring Festival just passed, many people had the feeling that when they went back to their hometown, the relationship between you and me became text messages and WeChat red envelopes one by one. This makes people feel deeply that we met in The fast pace of life, "Originally, we were just friends of North, Shanghai and Guangzhou.". On the contrary, all kinds of etiquette, such as visiting relatives on New Year's Eve, which are always "complained" by us, and the filial affection behind them are always our constant pursuit to cleanse original will and return home spiritually..

   "Every person gradually feels different from the local accent, but hates the sound of warblers as if it were a mountain.". In inside, a hard-seat carriage in Last Train Home, a media man observed the following details: In the past, when people took photos of others, they always surrounded him and asked if they could send the photos Photographic processing out to them as a souvenir; Nowadays, more and more people have lost their curiosity about SLR and 腾跃国际 photo development, and instead hope to receive photos through WeChat.. Careful observation will reveal a bit of great changes in their hometown. More and more villagers have opened Taobao shops, and "Internet plus" has already flown into ordinary people's homes. The Spring Festival travel circle of friends is no longer the "cultural patent" of the city residents, and has gradually become a part of the life of the village residents.. The popularity of smart phones and social networks not only facilitates wide-range communication and contact, but also makes "City Games" and "You have a really many people in the country." set each other off..

   Traffic, neon and cement forest inside also need the earthiness of the earth and the fragrance of the earth.. Objectively speaking, there are indeed differences and differences, even contradictions and conflicts, between urban culture and local culture.. However, the two have never been either-or opposites. On the contrary, mutual nourishment, nurturing and integration are their proper postures.. Actor Xinyu Zhang was praised by foreign media as "having the queen's momentum" for wearing "Grandma's quilt flour" to bring fire to "the city meeting for fun" in Cannes. The Huayin dialect, which caught fire unexpectedly during the Spring Festival, has long been listed on the national intangible cultural heritage list, but it is on the brink of extinction.. Through the creative "mix and match" with modern rock and roll, this ancient folk art not only got on the express train of dissemination, but also collided with new cultural sparks..

   "My hometown is far away.". For the Chinese, local is the luggage that accompanies us all our lives.. If a floating bridge is connected between the city and the country, individuals walking between the city and the country are just the ties connecting and communicating the city and the country.. Although we have already returned home, the experience of cultural integration brought about by Chinese New Year is worth everyone cherishing and thinking about.. At the end of the day, only when the city grows in the vast Yuan Ye can it be meaningful, and only when the local people breathe in the breath of modern culture can they have a future..





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