Sad love quotes

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   Time is still, we are flying..

   I count your smiles every day, but when you were in Lian Xiao, you were very lonely..

   The hustle and bustle of the world and the brightness, worldly happiness and happiness, like clear streams, in the wind inside, in front of my eyes, Mimi, warm like spring water gushed out, I don't expect, I only want you to be happy, don't be sad.

   The wind blows the fleeting time as broken as a flower, and your smile is shaking and swaying, becoming the most beautiful ornament on my way to life, watching the sky, watching the snow, watching the deep shadow of the season..

   If memories are as hard as steel, should I smile or cry? If steel corrodes like memory, is this Huancheng or ruins??

   There are only so many positions around a person and so many things you can give. In this narrow circle of inside, some people have to leave if they want to come in..

   Immature people die for a great cause, mature people live humbly for a great cause..

   Xiao A said: Let me die and let love stay. And I will say: Let love die, I will live humbly.!

   Youth is a beautiful sadness

   As long as I know that you are still alive in this world, I can have no worries..

   Time is still, we are flying..

   Friends always shield you from the wind and rain. If you suffer from snow and wind in the distance and there is nothing I can do, I will pray that the snow and wind will fall on me..

   That is a smile that can make me cry and give me a lifetime to exchange..

   Without me lighting the lamp for you, would you feel sad on your way home??

   Without that light in the dark, I'm afraid you are afraid of the dark like a child, afraid of getting lost.

   I didn't know that when I died, gazing at the sky was so bleak. The plaintive cries of graupel Snowbird swept obliquely away from the sky. I saw your face emerge above the pale blue sky, so I smiled, because I saw you, happy as a Momma's Man..

   In fact, everything has changed for a long time. I am like a hiding in the shell.? A parrot in its final sleep? By the time I leaned out of the world, the sea where I used to live had become an unattainable mountain range and I was a fossilized corpse on a cliff.

   Holding your hand, no matter where I am, I feel like running towards heaven..<<夏> >

   It is better to say matches. She said that men are animals with lower bodies.. Those men keep saying to you that they will give you happiness for the rest of your life, but in fact they mean happiness for your lower body.<<梦>>

   "I always thought the mountain was A Story of Water, the cloud was A Tale of the Wind, and you were my story, but I didn't know if I was your story.".

   If I could be with you, I'd rather let all the stars in the sky fall, because your eyes are the brightest light in inside of my life..

   Time did not wait for me. You forgot to take me with you. My left hand is a firefly that never forgets anything. My right hand is a long meditation for ten years..

   Lonely people always remember everyone who appears in their life, just as I always think of you in my mind.!





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