Suffering is a school.

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   A famous western man once said: beautiful flowers are blooming in fertile land, while those towering trees with luxuriant branches grow in crevices of rocks..

   The same is true of life. Many outstanding figures who have made contributions in history have experienced many misfortunes and sufferings..

   Aesop's Fables is a famous book that is still popular with people all over the world. The author is a slave of the lowest stratum in Ancient Athens. "The school that I studied the longest and benefited the most was suffering. "this sentence is France's greatest genius in the 19th century-philosopher and writer Rousseau said. Rousseau, a humble and poor man and servant, has endured countless hardships, misfortunes and setbacks. However, he laughs at hardships and misfortunes, perseveres, studies diligently and pursues progress. The tuition he paid for suffering is very worthwhile and beneficial.. Such a humble and poor servant shocked Europe and the world with his talent, wisdom and outstanding achievements..

   Suffering, misfortune and pain are inevitable parts of life. Since they cannot be avoided, do not avoid them.. When you encounter misfortune and suffering, don't be intimidated by it. Bend down in front of suffering and lower your head. But to raise your head, dare to face it, take it seriously, and encourage your confidence and fighting spirit: this is no big deal, you can't beat me, on the contrary I can beat you..

   Suffering is a good school.. Suffering will not only teach us how to persevere, how to be optimistic and upward, how to fight tenaciously. It will also sharpen our will, character and high morale, give full play to our potential, and increase our knowledge, wisdom, talents, human standards and ability to do things..

   Not every kind of misery is a disaster. The ancients said well: "The sky will fall on the people of this country. They must first strain their bones and muscles, starve their skin, and deplete their bodies.". "Suffering is sometimes not only a test, but also a kind of education, which teaches us how to break through adversity and overcome difficulties..

   A man who lives in a stable in inside and makes a living selling newspapers in the street has a rough fate, a difficult life and a low status. However, with his strong willpower and strong interest in science, he persevered, Persistence (psychology) studied hard without ceasing and did various experiments without stopping. Finally, he created a miracle in science and a miracle in the world.. This unfortunate and suffering man, the man who created science and human miracles, is called faradi.. This suffering human genius educated by this school has not only made brilliant achievements but also set an example..

   I still remember reading such a story in an article: one day, the students came into the classroom and found a bottle of milk and a heavy stone on the teacher's desk. after announcing the class, the teacher threw the heavy stone at the milk bottle.. The teacher showed the students the broken bottle and said, "This class is called It is no use crying over spilt milk. It is useless to regret.". In our life, suffering and misfortune are the milk bottles that were smashed. We are determined to save them when we know that they cannot be saved, and we are determined to repent of the pain when we know that the opportunity has gone.. This is not only a waste of time and energy, but also has no effect at all. It will only be in vain and add to worries and pains..

   In many cases, we cannot predict and control the occurrence of suffering and misfortune, and we cannot predict and control the occurrence of suffering and misfortune on our heads.. However, we can resolve the breadth and depth of suffering and misfortune.. In this world, it is impossible not to be cheated and wronged, but you cannot be depressed and whiny just because you are cheated and wronged.. But to deal with suffering and misfortune with a normal heart and a positive attitude, so that you can not only heal the wounds and adjust the direction of life, but also gain more knowledge, get beneficial enlightenment and receive good results..

   Suffering is a good school. Only after suffering education and training can we not fear misfortune, pain and sadness, and can we calmly face and deal with suffering and misfortune. Only then can we not only not be overwhelmed by misfortune, pain and sadness, but also have a profound understanding and knowledge of the source and depth of suffering and misfortune, so that suffering and misfortune can expand the scope and space of our life, so that suffering and misfortune can increase our talents and high-spirited fighting spirit, become more irreversible, love life, cherish life, strive hard on the road of life, constantly blaze new trails and actively forge ahead.





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