In light summer, wrap a glass lamp with flower fragrance.

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   Unconsciously, seasons like green vines slowly turn over the spring, enchanting to leap on the branches of summer, like a woman who does not eat fireworks, smiling in the sunshine of summer.. As a result, there is a faint smell of flowers coming in. The wisps are like concealed and appearing. They are always naughty and like children. They hide and hide, can't be caught, and are always present..

   In light summer, she looks like a girl who has just bathed. She doesn't wear any powder or ring. Her clothes are also plain clothes. The water is white.. Natural fragrance of flowers, light, shallow left and right, let the heart shake, throb. Walking through inside of Tang and Song Poems and inside of the Book of Songs, she dropped on the earth accidentally..

   I always feel that light summer is a colored glaze wrapped with flower fragrance, with amber color, natural moisture, moonlight beauty and fairy charm..

   There was a beautiful butterfly knot on it, and the knot seemed to have been tied by two flying butterflies themselves.. In the early morning of flowery inside, the butterfly came. On the fragrant neck of summer, the butterfly pulled out the wisps of flowery fragrance, like a long ribbon made from the sleeves of a blue shirt, tied a bow gracefully and gracefully, and then flew away satisfied..

   I'd like to send this beautiful knot to you, and I'd like to know how you are.? Will inside also think of me in the distance in the morning, evening and rain in summer?. As if there was a connection between your heart and your heart, you just thought about it a little, and then you called and said, "ok?"?

   Me: OK, how about you? Okay?

   You said: Can it be bad? Can you dare not bad again?

   Me: Ha ha, is that good or not? Speaking hesitatingly is not your usual style..

   You said: as long as you are good, I am fine. I am very worried about you, worried about you, and I do not know why .

   Me: What are you worried about? I'm fine.

   You said: I am worried about whether you eat or not, whether you sleep well, and more worried about whether you are happy or not, and whether you are in good health.? ……

   Flowers, plumes coming from afar, flowers, waves coming from the receiver. With the luxuriant green inside in light summer and the flowery inside in light summer, your heart will be warm and full of happiness.. Heart inside, like a naughty child dropped a stone, the ripples, rippling in my heart, surrounded by circles is full of happiness, all is charming flowers, for a long time refused to disperse.

   Light summer is like a beautiful and graceful girl, graceful body and beautiful feelings, walking gracefully all the way, without makeup and gorgeous, without fancy clothes and beautiful beauty, without makeup and fragrance curled up..

   If you miss spring, don't miss summer again.. If you miss summer, you may miss your whole life.. Life is too short and there is a huge crowd of people. No one will give their thoughts to endless waiting and no one will give their love to running water..

   In front of love, in front of career, think it over, see it, you should put it into action, don't think it over at night, wake up, want to do nothing to do, the days are still the same, nothing has changed..

   In fact, love, career and life are interrelated, and there are threads of ties between them.. Most of the time, you will find that those who love sweetly, their career also goes smoothly, and their life is fresh and beautiful.. On the other hand, some people will have nothing to do, love is nothing, career is difficult to achieve, the whole life is gray tone.. Think of all kinds of disappointments, and think of all kinds of disappointments..

   Sometimes, it's not that we are bad or that we are out of time.. So is it really inside's destiny? About love, people will pay attention to fate, about career people will pay attention to opportunities..

   However, I only believe in hard work and cherish it. I don't want to know how to cherish it until I lose it. I don't want to regret that I didn't try very hard when things changed..

   Time will not stop because of your likes, nor will it fly 腾跃国际注册 away because of your dislikes. Time gives everyone equal opportunities and the opportunities are the same as everyone's, but some people will make 100% efforts and strive for one, while others will hesitate and miss the good opportunities..

   In light summer, in the sound of flowers and birds, inside came to us, as if there were no more warm atmosphere in summer. Flowers were blooming everywhere, one after another in clusters. Birds were singing everywhere, one by one in pairs, and the joy was unrestrained..

   The most is the sound of cicada singing, which spreads the fragrance of flowers to the corners of the earth in the summer wind. if your friend or lover is not around, you can listen to the cicada singing in the tree, follow the past all the way, cross the mountains, cross the sea, cross the clouds, through the fog, through the wind, through the mountains, through the water, and find the footprints left by the plumes of flowers to find him..

   Oh, as if suddenly, I saw you, the person I miss day and night, inside busy in the summer sunshine, inside busy in the summer flowers fighting for our beautiful days.

   Perhaps you would like to shed a drop of sweat more and get close to an inch of happy life, perhaps you would like to give more love and touch the soul of love.. Love is to give and give to each other. Love is to be sincere and stick to it. Sometimes, it does not require any promise or pledge of eternal love. What it needs is a steadfast glass wrapped in flowers, which is not colorful or magnificent..

   For no reason, solid and reliable. Love is not a castle in the air, nor is it a fairy who is out of touch with the world. On the contrary, love lives in the world and grows among ordinary people. It is not a Spring Snow Tea, but it has the dignity of Spring Snow Tea, not a happy marriage, but it has the integrity of life and death..

   When it comes to love, I think of those classic loves, Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, A Maid from Heaven and Yong Dong, Vega and her cowherd .

   In fact, love is like a light summer, a glass wrapped with flower fragrance, except for its colorful coat, revealing its true feelings. Leaving aside fame and wealth status, we should be suitable for each other and get rid of repeated red tape. The simple thing is love. The naked love means that you have me in your heart, I have you in my heart, you are worried about me, and I am also worried about you.. You cannot leave me, nor can I leave you..

  In light summer, in this beautiful season in inside, I will miss you more and write many words. I will use wisps of flower fragrance as ink, flower soul as rhyme, my full of love as a love song, and make a glass of glass drunk with emotion.. Write to you, pour to you, my favorite you. Let you know my love, let you feel my love.

   May we love, stay together, never change, and be intoxicated in the world of mortals.. It is also like this glass, a glass wrapped in flower fragrance, which is colorful, smooth, pure, plain, simple and easy to follow.. Let love warm up in your and my days and Legend of Fragrance in your and my life..





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