What I insist on and what I give up

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   What I insist on is an obsession with the pursuit of beauty. What I give up is my insistence on a foolish love..


   Life is always moving forward in a circle, whether you are excellent or not..

   I also don't care if I am good or not, I still have to insist on some things and give up some things..

   Most of the time, people clearly know that they are sober, but they are willing to pretend to be confused, not why, just because they are not willing to face the mistakes they have made, nor are they willing to face the feelings they have when they shouldn't persist in certain things..

   Adhering to everything in life that should be adhered to is happiness.. Insisting on smiling, insisting on infecting yourself and everything around you with the most brilliant smile, that is a kind of full-body pleasure, that is a kind of self-maximum release, and how happy such insistence is.

   Giving up everything that should be given up in life is a kind of release and a kind of self-salvation.. Clearly know oneself is wrong, still go forward to insist, then will bring life to the utmost destruction, that is the biggest irresponsible to oneself. Therefore, it is still necessary to wake up when it is time to wake up, and there is no ambiguity when it is time to give up..

   I don't know if what I insist on and what I give up is the most beautiful thing I have done in my life, but I am willing to do it. I am willing to reshuffle my life one after another and then choose my favorite life to walk on.. Tomorrow has always been the most beautiful day for me, so I am willing to walk hard for a beautiful tomorrow and blossom hard..

   Those flowing days have always brought me great reflections on my life. These reflections have led my life far away.. In all my reflections on inside, I finally saw myself and my life clearly. What kind of person am I and what do I pursue after all?. A person's life has what he wants to insist on and what he wants to give up. I think it is a great happiness in life..

   For many years, inside, I knew clearly that many things must be adhered to, but I let myself not adhere to them.. However, a lot of things are not worth me to insist on, and I spend a lot of time chasing and persisting in my life.. One day, when I understood, I found myself smiling brightly, because I understood What Is Life, what is it that I want to pursue and give up.

   In all our persistence and abandonment, we can always see a different self and a self that surprises us all.. Life is always like this. You often see your worst self when you are most proud.. Sometimes, when you are most frustrated, you see yourself who makes your eyes shine most brightly.. Life on a Thread always writes us many beautiful chapters in each journey. These beautiful chapters will make our life full of infinite surprises..

   Happy, happy, running, one day I will thank myself, I think I will certainly thank myself. When my restless heart quieted down, I found myself insisting on life and giving up a lot.. The persistence and abandonment of these things, I think, are all aimed at the happiness of our lives.. Only when life is happy can we realize that everything is beautiful..

   I think I insist and give up the premise, is for their own physical and mental pleasure. Only when you are physically and mentally happy can you better understand the beauty of life and run farther with yourself.. Everyone is flexible, so let yourself live within the range of flexibility you can bear, that is the greatest success in your life..

   Only when a person learns to persist and give up can life be perfect, time be beautiful and 腾跃国际 everything be comforting.. Memory, if it is happy; In life, if it is beautiful. I think this kind of life is really beautiful, and this kind of person is the big winner in life..

   I think what I insist on and what I give up will make my life go further and better.. Whose life has not been invaded by garbage?? Just clean up the garbage in your life and then live a clean life.. Life is always like this. We are always on our way to a long journey. When we encounter such and such situations, no matter what the situation is, it is good to clean it up from the inside of life with a smile..

   I think what I insist on and what I give up are the most real voices in my heart, so I am still happy.. It is happiness to persist in what you want to persist and give up what you want to give up..





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