Old and New Shanghai Xiao Qian

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   The New and Old Shanghai

   Qian Xiao

   Although the journey from Nanjing to Shanghai cannot be said to be far away, there are many lakes, marshes and Yuanlin on the ground, which is really changeable.. Only when one looks at the sky can one see its beauty.. There are many elves in lakes and marshes, some of them suddenly changed from tadpoles to pythons, and some from pythons to tadpoles.. Chance, skill and the interest of the dragon king naturally control everything.. The Tata in the helicopter, having left Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, picked up clouds and flowers in the clear air in early autumn by a flour, and a flour overlooking the changes in The livelihood on the Beijing-Shanghai ground.. Who knows such a hover, unexpectedly free and unfettered for two months. It was early winter when I left the Chinese capital for Huangpu Beach on National Day..

   Tata flew to Hongqiao Airport and tapped the password on the wall with his pipe: "Red hair is coming."! "I wish that the following radio station will quote" welcome to speed down "and raise a green signal. Unexpectedly, the ground station chief decided that Tata was the Flying Tiger Brigade of Claire Lee Chennault making a comeback, so he called back and said, "Invasion of my air power was not accepted immediately.". "Tata argued back and forth with the stationmaster, but the Chinese on the ground suffered too much from foreign trade and were not allowed to land even if they died.". Residents near the airport even sacrificed whisk broom and rolling pin.. Tata looked at the pointer and saw that the petrol was almost exhausted.. Since the Sachi was elevated vertically, it abandoned the ceremony of "reviewing ceremonial" and landed in Nanshi instead.. From above, we saw a vacant lot. The plane closed its valve and slowly lowered. However, it landed squarely on a pool of garbage in the residential area.. Open the door, the foot is a piece of onion garlic leaves, mud all over the floor. Astonished, the Tatas quickly took out their handkerchiefs, blocked their nostrils with one hand and carried their clothes with the other. They hurried past the "sanitary hill.".

   Through a narrow alley without sunshine (inside hall is full of yi yi su tan, mixed with mahjong sound, and dingdong such as thunder, and brush such as rain. On both sides of the wall underground streaming with yellow people), came to the street. On the sidewalk, there was not a street vendor, but on the pole was an eye-catching slogan: "clean up the city starts from the street."! "or" city appearance comes first, sanitation comes second, and people's livelihood comes third!"

   The Tatas were at a loss when they suddenly saw a nurse in white on the street corner holding a tube of Skewer.. The male nurse watched each one's autograph carefully and shouted, "Leave the country."! ""stay here! ""Exit! ""stay here! "Tata looked at a white-haired old man in the crowd and bowed himself. May I ask him exactly. The old man said, "this is a special feature of Shanghai municipal government, that is, drawing lots to solve social problems. Twenty years ago, rickshaws were so exhausted.. Prostitutes also took a smoke two smoke from the good. There are too many diseases in this area nowadays.. The municipal government is drawing lots to reduce this unhealthy population.. "Mrs Tata refused to accept this and said:" lung disease is due to insufficient nutrition and sunshine. how can we use lots to treat it?? "The old man stroked his beard, rolled his eyes a few times, and said," Human Driver and prostitutes are not due to insufficient nutrition and sunshine in the whole society. "? However, one smoke two smoke unexpectedly also didn't smoke. Hee hee, this is our invention in China!"

   Mrs Tata is still not satisfied and wants to continue arguing.. But the old man had turned his head and looked intently at the drawing of lots.. Another passer-by said wryly, "Shanghai is an international city. The city government does not want you to wait for foreigners to feel about our country's Sick man of Asia, so this is really a necessary policy."!"

   After seeing the streamlined new China Tata like Kunming and Nanjing, I am naturally disappointed with the old Shanghai.. At this time, the mother and the father walked north along Fumin Road.. First, visit Tata rewelding's favorite old city god temple.. The temple in inside is full of people. The scene of bustle is as lively as it was then. It is human nature to visit the temple and has not been destroyed by the times.. As soon as I entered The temple, it was just a monkey act..The blue awning was crowded with idle people.. Thin Monkey Clever Earth Benevolent Position Center. The boss rang a gong and the three jump jumped to the wooden box and lifted the lid. A gold-embroidered dress sprang up.. With another gong ringing and the monkey draped over its shoulder, it seemed like a big official.. So the boss took off his hat and asked the audience for money..

   Several food stalls in the past, is a martial arts class, where is practicing the "tower". There was one man on each shoulder of the three husky fellow, two more on top of the three, and one on top of the two, with his feet quivering and his hands in Huang Tianba's heroic posture.. At this time, one of the three husky fellow felt that the shoulder pressure was too heavy for too long and wanted to withdraw. The other eight artists all shouted "No". The Huang Tianba shouted very loudly, saying, "You all held me up so high! "

   Harassment is also taking place at the magic stall.. The magician had previously planted one of his own in the crowd.. Temporary borrow hat, check the bottom of the barrel, watering, ignition are his own man. The audience did not see through, but also applauded the magician's skill. One of the audience's friends broke down the mechanism, so the magician's guys rushed up and beat the talker black and blue..

   However, the gold-plated city god in the main hall of the temple sat there calmly covered with dust and without expression, as if to say: monkeys, entertainers and magicians can come and go. after all, my city god is still the city god.!

   From the old west gate along the road east, gradually see a strange dress. The closer to Shiliupu, the more. They were wearing European clothes, black hard-shell hats, shirts and ties, but in the lower half they were old-fashioned trousers, silk belts, ribbons around their trousers mouths and soap shoes on their feet.. These people speak, every ten words must come four or five European words, and most of them are slang used by European businessmen.. Because they have been doing business for generations, businessmen are a bit more accustomed to it.. But because they are operating to buy raw materials for foreigners, everything is based on the principle of serving customers.. Another look at everything "foreign". However, foreign music, such as Beethoven, and foreign writers, such as Shakespeare, have lost touch with them again.. Those who cannot be packed and sold, and have no market in the international market, are not worth a tin of canned peanuts in their eyes.. The first half of their "foreign style" is to deal with large classes: alert, sharp, and rather ruthless. The bottom half is deeply buried in inside, the quintessence of Chinese culture: concubine, Ginseng white fungus, even occasionally to mouth opium smoke, and is also familiar with all kinds of Chinese social wonders such as giving gifts at festivals, handing out films and supporting feelings.. They can be said to be an important by-product of "Treaty 腾跃国际 of Nanking" and have both East and West coping skills.. It is no wonder that after 20 years, the huge China has changed and Mr. comprador is still entrenched in Shiliupu area.!

   Seeing the comprador's paunchy, the street sleepers who looked like three people and seven ghosts along the way, and the dockers who were barefoot and bare-backed, Tata was deeply surprised that China had not improved in the past 20 years..

   But the sight of Huangpu River is really exciting. Facing the old French main road is a 30,000-ton Heavy Cruiser with a brand-new national flag floating on its mast.. It is said that it was built by Wusong Shipyard last year. The captain is from Lanzhou.. In addition, there is Chinese destroyer, where gunboats large and small are moored on the river, and a warship seems to be moored at the Qiu Jiang dock in the distance.. At this time, a gunboat of the Indian Republic was entering slowly.. The ship is said to be carrying Indian elder statesman Nehru who is visiting China.. On the Chinese cruiser, the sailors were lined up in a snow-white line, and the brass band led by them played Jana Gana Mana. At the end of the play, Indian gunboat quoted The march of the volunteers again.. Pedestrians on the shore cheered raise one's arm.

   The Tata couple felt great interest immediately and forgot the rubbish for a long time..

   India's political progress in the past 20 years is actually due to the peaceful coexistence between the Indians and the Hui people. Most of the pledges do not want to devour the few. At last, Don Gandhi did not go hungry for nothing..

   On Zhongshan Road, a boundary stone suddenly appeared and stood in the center of the road.. On the one hand, it reads: "from here to the south, it is the old Shanghai museum", on the other hand, it reads: "Shanghai in the 20th century". It turned out that the rubbish, the drawing of lots and so on just now were all museum exhibits. This joke, which is close to a practical joke, is too big.. On closer inspection, three lines of small characters are engraved on the boundary stone: "Old Shanghai is also a place where Chinese and foreign garbage gather.". As for transportation, 50 years ago there were high-speed tools. However, its folk culture is lower and its customs are worse than those in remote border cities. Therefore, the city government has established Nanshi as a museum in order to respect the affection of outdated elements and to promote the vigilance of aspiring citizens.. Everything is still the same as before, thinking that the new Shanghai is a contrast.. "After reading, Tata looked up and suddenly felt that the sky was also bounded by this stone and divided into two colors. South is a muddy yellow, north is Wan Liqing blue, just like Divide line on the ocean. Looking down, the road is more clearly divided than that of concession and prosperous—realm 20 years ago.. On one side was a teenage urchin, looking flustered, chasing a coal truck to steal coal dust..A police waving Ucb-24 Ultor Control Baton was chasing behind and beating the child on the head and feet.. On the other side of the border stone, a child of the same age, dressed in a yellow boy scout uniform and carrying a schoolbag, was crossing the street arm in arm by a policeman.. Tata rushed forward and asked whose son the child was.. The child replied, "I am the child who stole the coal! That is the original me! " (责任编辑:admin)




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