My Love's Coming is gone again

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   No emotional entanglements of a person is lonely, but also simple, carefree, simple as the morning rain and dew, inattentive in their own happiness and sorrow inside sorrows, how good!

   A person who is obsessed with death and other sufferings by missing vines is lonely, counting his memory, making "once" knot again and again in pain. The lost ashes cover one layer after another, but a little bit of heat passes through the cold despair, hoping for the next lie he weaves..

   The reason you have given can be used to dispense with all inquiries lightly. It is not a betrayal, it is a chance, it is done, it is all.. After all, the happiness you promised, such as flying goose feather and snow, has been in my heart for a wonderful season.. I thought that I and you were only a step away from heaven and earth because of common customs, but I didn't want to turn around and have no reason to wait forever.. Your heart has flown away, but I am still picking up the residual temperature in situ. When coming in from Stirring of Love, I felt wet and deep in the heart sea .

   If you want to take advantage of the excitement of spring and 腾跃国际注册 blooming flowers and the melancholy of blooming pools, your face and smell are everywhere in your heart, and you have no choice but to let go.. I tried to escape from space, but I couldn't hide from the extension of time. You are still jumping in my eyes. The past mixed with reality has impacted the determination wave after wave and collapsed again .

   There is a kind of love like fire, the flame burning, let each other burning fever; There is a kind of love like water, surging tide, let each other tactfully touching; There is a kind of love that is blossoming like a flower, which makes each other expect ripples. There is a kind of love like snow, soft and continuous, let each other all break one's heart. Some people say, Love's Coming, don't wait. Love is gone, don't wait. My love has come and gone, but I am always waiting for your arrival and watching your look back. Is it really wrong?





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