Attachment to that warm embrace

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   腾跃国际 Attachment to that warm embrace

   In my fourth year of college, my mother died in a car accident.. At that time, the tuition fee for the last semester really made me lose my head. I wandered aimlessly in the street for several days until I saw a small shop with "recruitment" red paper on its door.. While holding the crying child, the boss, who was frantically handing out the discs to the customers, looked up-god, it was my junior high school teacher water Wang yang.

   Qin Yan is from Tianhe Hotel across the street. According to his self-introduction, he is a trainee in the housekeeping department. He is in a straight suit and elegant demeanor.. Every night at about 0 o'clock, I will borrow the disc and return it.. From the first day I caught a glimpse of his meaningful eyes, my heart no longer grew on me, but drifted east and west with his gigantic figure..

   I usually get bored and have too many videos to watch, so I can't help feeling itchy. I write some so-called movie reviews to give fashion magazines a few cents.. Thanks to the kindness of the editor, the payment is much higher than the salary given by miser Shui Wang Yang.. Once Qin Yan came to change dishes, just as the postman was outside shouting, "Wang ya ya, payment for writing."! "I signed it back and Qin Yan was pleasantly surprised:" you are the Wang ya ya who wrote the article? I've heard a lot about you. I often read your masterpiece. SketchBook Pro, there is only one word to describe it: good! "

   "Look at this one, the new one. "I took out" Turn Left, Turn Right ". Gigi Leung and Takeshi Kaneshiro can be regarded as a feast for the eyes in Heart, and it is certainly expected to cooperate again..

   It was not until water Wang yang came to deliver me food taken late at night that our heated discussion was interrupted. he impatiently threw coke, chicken wings and spicy shrimp at the table and said loudly: "it is closed. it is not so wordy! "I blame him much, white his one eye.

   Sleep till midnight, the cell phone rang. Answer the phone in a daze. Qin Yan said, "I suddenly want to watch the stars with you. I'll wait for you on the roof of the hotel.". "Before I could answer, the phone hung up.

   Looking down from the top of this 20-storey high building, Myriads of Lights is glittering, the neon lights in the city and the cars and rivers in the street are colorful and magnificent, and grand view is peaceful.. Qin Yan and I smiled at each other, snuggling tightly in the empty darkness, blurred and trance Long hair dancing in Whatever Will Be, Will Be, thousands of meteors showering on each other, and the temperature on The Lips turned into the most romantic tender feelings in the world .

   From then on, every morning, as long as you open the door, you will find a belted lily lying in front of the door.. Seeing lilies, I feel very good all day long, singing songs when doing my work. Even Linglong doesn't seem to hate scribbling on my account book so much..

   "It's strange, exquisite temper has been bad, why not bother not to make in front of you? "Water wang Yang in DVD shelf inside wear in and out of the looming, said from a distance.

   "I also grew up in a single-parent family, of course we can communicate easily. "I smile.

   The sea of water remained silent for a long time.. I looked up at him, but he went back to the depths of the shelf.

   "hey, are you interested in doing DVD shop owner? "After a while he spoke again, anyway, is only to hear the sound but not to see the person.

   "Do you want to transfer this store? "My hand strength to make a little bigger, almost worn out a disc. "Business is so good, there is no reason not to do ah, besides, even if you give me I also have no money to take over. "

   "When will I say not to do? I just asked: would you like to be the owner of this shop?? "

   Linglong smiled at me with her head tilted like a bird.. The child has a slight cold.. I took off my sweater and wrapped it around her. Then I pulled out a piece of facial tissue and wiped her nose violently.. "Want me to sell myself to pay my debts?! You are Shiren Huang? "

   "Bah, I'm just afraid you are young and don't work hard eldest brother ACTS sad, over 30 still keep empty boudoir marry not to go out. "

  Msme Will Not Marry? It's really unnecessary to worry about this leisure time..

   When Qin Yan doesn't work, we hang out on the street together.. On the busy pedestrian street in Chunxi Road, I walked to the foot sore. Although I didn't buy anything, my heart seemed to overflow with happiness, and I held hands in the crowd for thousands of years..

   We bought a cone to suck in Baihua Lake one by one.

   We feasted on Malatang beside Jinjiang.

   We played legends back to back in noisy internet cafes.

   Once in a while, we are angry about some small things and we can't wait to make up soon .

   I was so satisfied that I thought I was Chibi Maruko-chan soaked in honey. Before I saw the newspaper.

   Linglong wanted to play with a paper airplane, so I tore up half of the old morning paper and gave it to her-water Wang yang ordered it. I almost never read the newspaper.. A flash of familiar faces, Qin Yan! As soon as I stayed, I hastily pieced together the newspaper. It was actually the top ten outstanding young people in the city newly released. Qin Yan was the general manager of Tianhe Hotel, or the major shareholder with 51% equity in the hotel..

   When Qin Yan came in the evening, I handed him the newspaper, speechless.. Once again we climbed to the roof of the hotel.. This time there are no stars in the sky. The north wind blows hard. It looks like it will snow..

   "Let's Get Married. "He took out a ring, still straightforward. As usual, his shirt was shiny with snow-white leather shoes, his eyes were firm and his back was straight, just like prince charming in fairy tales, but whether I would play Cinderella or not.

   "Tomorrow we will first go to property notarization, married life had better implement Algebraic Average. In addition, you have no future in the DVD store, I arrange you to come to the hotel, our propaganda department needs people like you . "

   Everything is arranged in perfect order.. However, he forgot to mention the three key words when proposing marriage-I love you. For a long time, I lowered my head: "let me think about it, ok? "

   "You can't accept my idea? "Qin Yan said doubtfully.

   "No, you are very thoughtful. "I laughed:" it's just that my brain is stupid and needs a little time to digest. "

   I sent Wang yang a three-word text message: I'm leaving. Then I packed my things and went out, and got on the first bus I met head on.. Two hours later, I was already in a deserted scenic spot.. For the next few days, I sat by the deserted river watching the sparkling water smoking, singing and staring blankly..

   I don't like excitement, publicity and discipline. I'm afraid of being responsible. I hate cheating in the workplace. I'm used to being alone. I don't have big ideals and ambitions. I also lack Desire for money.. The greatest wish of my life is to have enough food and clothing for those who love me-the so-called weak water is 3,000, and I only drink a gourd ladle of ear.. Qin Yan, on the other hand, is rational, calm, far-sighted and full of energy. He is the real genius of inside in the commercial society.. I think it is acceptable for property notarization or Algebraic Average.. His life and way of thinking were originally understandable. I was only a little sad-until now I have only a little understood that the two of us are walking in a leftward and rightward direction.. Although they share a common starting point, they inevitably become more and more separated and farther apart..

   It turns out that our love has been separated by a wide and long street from the beginning-I can't pass it, nor can he.

   I was walking slowly along the river in the winter when there was no one, and my mind saw the shadow of inside floating in the sea of water..

   He gave generously when I was most helpless and never thought of asking me to write any IOUs.

   He let the homeless I live in his house, and Linglong and himself moved out to rent a house. (责任编辑:admin)




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