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   Alone in the world, if you can meet a bosom friend and someone you love deeply, you can find beautiful ice crystals on the windows of winter, which makes you linger and look forward to it..

   When feeling depressed, I can't find a person to talk about my worries. I hide in the corner of the room, give myself a Deadly Embrace, kiss the back of my hand and tell myself that I love myself and care about myself.. Tearing to exhaustion is also a kind of narration. You don't have to care about other people's aversion to your hysteria. You should completely vent all the depression in your mind, heart and body inside. Don't bite your lips. bite's fingers are fine. You can still feel pain. You should be thankful and live sentimentally..

   Only Mutual Friends in the circle of friends can read the reply message. One person will reply to every message in my circle of friends, and then you can talk to me one by one, opening up the chat mode. We can do everything we want.. Some people said that we talked too much and didn't bother to look at it. Some people just smiled and smiled until we blushed and agreed to talk privately.. He who knows the other is like you and me..

   When thoughts gather, no one can see or hear clearly, cry or make noise, clench fist, scratch ears and cheeks, cut off food and all thoughts, tormenting his own mind and ravaging this mortal body.. If it makes you feel better, no one will care about you, Getting Things Done. The pain is unbearable, and you can go after the treadmill as fast as possible, because when you can't catch up, it will resolutely abandon you and bleed profusely, only then can the pain be transferred, accurate and ruthless..

   Good friends need not get along with each other day and night, but only make a light remark, and they will know what they expect in their hearts and what they want in their minds.. Some people reminded me to buy a ticket home. Some people asked about my work and answered that the boss gave me a big piece of hard pie. Let me give it back to him and let him eat it himself.. If you dare not say something, someone will 腾跃国际注册 say it and smile happily, and we will be monks hitting the clock together..

   Life may not be what you want, but if you are tired, lie down and rest for a while.. Waking up, the hydroponic white palm on the table is still green and leafy, telling me an expectation every day and expecting flowers to bloom in the coming year..





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