A candle smoke, keep an old dream

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   Standing on the tail of the old man who has gone away, and on the journey back to his hometown, this year's cold winter is better than that of previous years.. After grinding away the dust of the years, the south China, which was baptized by a holy white snow, ushered in the new year's eve. I walked at a joyous and brisk pace, singing softly and softly with the years, chasing a fireworks blur, just to rush to that old dream..

   Time boiled the rain, Red Rain wasted time, drenched the memory of his hometown, mottled old The Wall and the youth of Tsing Yi under the fallen tree. Who stole the streamer and let the wind and frost whiten the eaves. Stepping on the moss-covered green slate, you can still feel the familiar smell of the past. A warm current from the sole of your foot surged to your heart, warming the air. Fortunately, the warmth of the memory of your hometown is still there..

   Hometown is a candle that will never burn out, illuminating the way home for the wandering wanderer on a long journey. The bright red sleeve adds fragrance to the cold window youth. She looks at the full moon and loneliness and interprets the earthly Home and Away. She accompanied the flowers to bloom, then the flowers fell again.. She is not afraid that the years when all over spreaded smog creepers were neglected. She is afraid that after many years she will have strong liquor and I have no story to tell her..

   Unconsciously, I came to the most familiar corner of the past, where my hometown was full of sentimentally attached and waiting for me.. Blooming is a mature, I missed, if you can steal a season of time, I think Iko Iko you waiting for silence. Drifting with you after drinking a pot of wine, I won't stop until I get drunk. rove all over the world's thin thoughts, I want to warm up my memories and relive your feelings..

   Fence ancient road is the place where you taught me to walk out of the first step in my life. How many footprints have you and I been so far away and so close at hand?. The maple leaf and phoenix tree are still the same, while you are drifting away step by step with the world of youth. When you return to your old place next year, you will be like a cloud of smoke in The?things?are?still?there?,?but?men?are?no?more?the?same?ones?.? Or is the piano still waiting? I think, that candle will always accompany the story to the end..

   Cut out the candle window and sit quietly in the porch. Through this quiet time, I want to slowly listen to you tell me about that old dream.. Clouds warm the courtyard, but why do flowers wet your eyes, beauty white-haired world, you said pear flower falls year after year, lost all thoughts, you use both hands scooped up, want to keep Homecoming, but can't leave a yesterday.

   The wind, blowing out your hair, flying coloured glaze on a snowy night. I seem to see your eyes that a glance of acacia tossing and turning, memories in a little taste, missing thin wine, difficult to enter the throat, you are silent again silent, that a candle, cannot bear to bring any criticism. It seems to say in earnest: the gain and loss are separated, and it always goes round and round. flowers bloom and fall. that is the cycle of life. life, it is enough to have a pot of memories to warm up life..

   That I, that year, that January, that day, I carried my luggage on my back and traveled with the story dyed by maple leaves, despite the invasion of the whole city, despite the noisy ridicule of the world, 腾跃国际注册 walking through the world of mortals and knowing the changes in temperature from the beginning to the end.. Your love is my luggage for my whole life. Accompany me to enjoy the scenery along the way and walk me to mountain peaks towering into the clouds to warm the water..

   This life, this year, this month, this day, I return to your side to feel your temperature again. This night, I listened to your old dream with your pipa song.. Gently care for this candle flame, let it warm your heart, no matter how the smoke clouds roll and relax, no matter how young the smoke rain is, no matter how mottled the world of mortals, do not forget the old dream, do not forget the beginning, move forward safely in the world, do not find the old dream will have no end..

   Flashy half a lifetime, displaced half a lifetime, hometown of that candle smoke, the bottom of my heart that a dream, I wish red candle with old dreams, write down a happy ending.





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