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   The track of time inside, we are just a lonely subway.

   We are just a group of lost raindrops in the indifferent sea water..

   I don't love sunshine, beach or watermelon. I love my youth..

   I don't love sunny days or the sea or watermelons. I love my girl.

   I've loved you for so long, even though I've been doing things with great enthusiasm..

   I remember how clear you are when you always lose things..

   ˉ familiar wounds, reasons for consent, and become your most special band -aid..

   ♀ reincarnation of torture, accompany you crazy, become your unique haven.

   For you contradiction, for you struggle, as if lost everything ξ

   Lose miss, lose consciousness, subvert all for you

   Just because I met you, I learned to cherish

   Just because I have you, I understand contentment.

   _ _ lock your people, can't lock your heart

   _ _ can control your people, can't control your heart.-

   ≮ I beg you like that, why did you break your promise?

   ≮ I love you so much, why do you have to bite the bullet and cheat?

   Russia endured you like that, but your heart still kept Russia away from thousands of inside.

   Russia's love for you, your love will still hurt Russia black and blue all over.

   To you, I am a passer-by

   As far as I am concerned, you are the first love and will never forget it.

   After we change into short sleeves, it's time to disperse.

   After we change into skirts, we should go.

   We owe each other

   We want If Winter Comes

   "I don't want to talk to you anymore."

   "It's okay, I just ignore you."

   Do you think I am strong enough to be invulnerable

   Do you think I am not afraid of injury in Vulnerable to the attack

   Wife, I'm going to blow up your school

   Husband, I'll carry explosives for you

   Not everyone is as affectionate as Eson Ho.

   Not everyone is like Zhao Mosheng, For Old Times Sake.

   Hu Xiaofei, spoony people are always deaf and dumb.

   Yang Jiao, affectionate people are crazy and stupid..

   In all the scenery, I like you at first.

   In all the original the scenery, I was still there.

   Therefore, we will miss each other, but we lack of touch in our 腾跃国际注册 life..

   People feel it because they live in love..

   Girlfriend will ask if you are handsome or not, daughter-in-law will ask if you are tired or not..

   My boyfriend will ask if you are fat or not, and my husband will ask if you are hungry or not..

   When you smile and look at the clouds

   When I'm gloomy

   May he have wine, meat and girls in the future and live happily and generously in this life.

   May she have wine, meat and youth to accompany Not in vain. in the future.

   The sky you can't see

   What is the world bustling about

   Is my heart cold or is it cold? Why are my hands so cold?

   Are you leaving or staying? Why is there no expression on your face?

  Oh, my God! This guy looks like my husband.!

   Oh, I'll go! This girl looks like my daughter-in-law.!

   "why don't you have a boyfriend" because the family doesn't want to fall in love.

   "why don't you have a girlfriend" because you don't want to fall in love at home..

   Man, don't betray the woman who is dead set on following you.

   Woman, don't be sorry for the man who is desperate for you.





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