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   400 words of childhood reading report

   It must be wonderful to turn fantasy into reality.. I hope I suddenly grow up and become mayor of Jiangmen. I will do my best to lead people from all walks of life and build Jiangmen into the first city.. Jiangmen City should abandon its old face and no longer hope to have Gorky's childhood life.. When I take office, I will perform the following tasks: first, crack down on illegal and criminal activities and do a good job in the administration of public security.. Because only in this way can society progress, there will be no more "corruption" and people will no longer live an oppressed life.. Second, we should do a good job in education.. More special schools should be set up to enable out-of-school children to read books so that students can grow up healthily and become pillars of the country.. This can not only reduce the number of helpless children, but also cultivate talents for the country.. Secondly, more children's places should be set up to develop children's intelligence, exercise children's bodies and combine work with rest.. Third, set up welfare homes for the elderly.. No matter the elderly, retired workers or cadres, can move in to rest and enjoy a happy life in their later years.. And specially sent special personnel to serve the elderly. In this way, we can reduce the number of elderly people who are destitute and helpless.. When all the facilities are implemented, I believe beggars will surely change from changeful to less, and then Jiangmen will be better, more beautiful and more prosperous..

   400 words of childhood reading report

   After reading the book "Childhood", my heart could not be calm for a long time and I thought a lot about it.. Gorky's tragic and pitiful story immediately attracted me.. The story vividly reproduces the living conditions of the lower-class people in Russia in the 1870s and 1880s..

   The story mainly describes Gorky's painful life in his childhood. In such a family full of cruelty and hatred, inside, the young "I" experienced the pain and ugliness of the human world prematurely, and the small heart was deeply shaken by many blows.. The grandmother and those like her protected and supported "me" . thus showing the suffocating life full of cruelty, barbarism, ignorance and filth. We deeply realized the corruption and ugliness of Tsarist autocracy, the servility and numbness of the common people in darkness and ignorance, and the suffering course of the younger generation in resisting darkness, slavery and pursuing freedom and light..

   At this time, my nose couldn't help but grieve for Gorky's miserable childhood.. I still have tears in my eyes, and I have finally finished reading this story that makes people cry .

   Thinking and thinking, are there still differences between rich and poor and unequal views in our present society?? When we walk in the street, we can see beggars in rags, delicate and touching children and helpless old people everywhere.. This testifies to the current bad atmosphere of incompetence and corruption among social officials.. How can society make progress?? How can it prosper? How can we move towards a new journey?? From that time on, I secretly had an idea in my heart: when I grow up, I will be a great hero admired by ten thousand people and rescue one by one the ten thousand poor and homeless people like beggars in Qian Qian from the threat and use of bullies . Slowly, slowly, this seed slowly sprouted from my heart, and so strong and strong .

   At this time, my brain inside also came up with a novel idea: if I were a mayor, that would be great! If I can really realize my ideal, I will definitely save people in dire straits.!

   400 words of childhood reading report

   Compared with today, his life is one day at a time.. Now we are all pampered, at home in front of the little emperor and the little princess, as long as a little frustrated, have to let adults busy for a while. Which is like Gorky who made a career in a difficult living environment at that time?. However, although we are now living a good life, not as miserable as Gorky's life at that time, we can't do it either. You know, today's life is hard-won and should be treasured well.. Stop being a little emperor or princess and enjoy your life now.. We are like little seedlings, nurtured by a stable and beautiful society. We must be filial to our parents, study hard, prepare for the future and make our own contribution.!

   Time goes with the touch, and childhood goes with it.. Now, we, who are full of vitality, should take advantage of this wonderful time, this wonderful life, study hard and make progress every day.!

   400 words of childhood reading report

   Childhood is a beautiful dream. Childhood is the ideal harbor: childhood is the sweet memory of inside . Childhood is beautiful for all of us, but for Gorky, it is another feeling .

   A few days ago, I read his autobiography Childhood, which touched me very much. The book said that when he was young, his mother put him in foster care at his grandfather's house.. When he came to his grandfather's house, his grandfather had become irritable.. His two uncles kept quarrelling and fighting.. Mom couldn't stand this kind of life, so she left him and the family.. However, his grandmother and grandfather were completely different. She was kind, intelligent, kind and capable, which left young Gorky not only the ugliness in the society at that time, but also 腾跃国际 the courage and confidence in life..

   Gorky was beaten unconscious by his grandfather when he dyed the white tablecloth blue out of curiosity. In that dangerous and horrible living environment, he could only endure silently and survive silently in this dirty environment..However, in such a harsh living environment, he still came along and became a world-renowned literary giant, leaving behind one masterpiece after another for mankind and spreading through the ages..

   This is worth learning..

   400 words of childhood reading report

   Gorky wrote at the beginning of his work: "Sometimes it is hard for me to believe that something like that can happen.". There are many things I would like to argue and deny, because there are too many cruel things in the dark life of the' family fool'. "However, at the same time, we can also see that in another dark flour, there is also something called light that glows faintly there.. So Gorky said with emotion: "As soon as she (grandmother) appeared, she woke me up, led me to a bright place, connected everything around me with a continuous thread, woven colorful lace, . It was her selfless love for the world that enriched me and filled me with strong strength to cope with the hardships of life.". "

   As long as there is still hope for the light, then this little faint light can be put into infinity until it is sprinkled on every dark corner.!

   What I want to say is not to lose confidence in any unbearable reality. It is inevitable that some people will make you feel pain or even despair. But please believe that the sun will come out after the darkness has passed.! As long as you can still maintain your eternal confidence, that is, your eyes may still be dark, that is, your life is still sad, but you insist on being a kind, optimistic and compassionate person, then you will surely usher in the glory of life.

   400 words of childhood reading report

   After Gorky's "Childhood", the mood cannot be calm for a long time..

   The living environment of the hero Aliosha in the novel is poignant. His father died of illness when he was three years old, and he followed his mother to grandma's house.. Grandpa was a rough and selfish little dyehouse owner.. The two uncles are also rough and selfish people, even their children.. Aliosha was abused in such a family: Grandfather often beat up Grandmother and the children. Once he knocked Aliosha unconscious, resulting in a serious illness.. In such a dark environment, who can not feel panic and uneasiness?! (责任编辑:admin)




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