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   In the south, rural areas often have "adults look forward to planting fields and children look forward to the New Year.".

   A year's plan starts with spring. March in Yangchun, the earth warms up. Planting fields and transplanting seedlings marks the beginning of the new year.. After a winter of rest and recuperation, the hard work of the rural people has begun and hope lies ahead..

   The Chinese New Year is the happiest time for peasant children.. One winter, because 腾跃国际注册 of the cold, the elders stayed at home and the children were able to have fun and play coquetry.. As the New Year approaches, every family will steam LaBa beans, beat Black sesame rice cake, kill pigs, fill sausages and smoked bacon.. One school is busy, but it is all for the word "eat". The children rushed to the families to eat "soup", watching the heat, happy to fart epilepsy fart epilepsy. In the next few years, the Kitchen God, Welcome, God Of Wealth! and The Spring Festival couplets will be sent, and the whole situation will be prosperous.. On the first day of the new year, when it is still dark, people will set off firecrackers.. According to legend, whoever opens the door and fires firecrackers early will receive the most gifts from the god of wealth..

   The first day of the lunar new year is the 15th day of the lunar new year. the adults in the neighborhood greet each other well. when the arch is handed over, the ceremony will arrive.. The children are different. They will wear new cotton tunics for the New Year and then go door to door in groups to cry "Happy New Year!"! "Then wait for the host to send some peanuts and candies to carry in Dou inside, full of them to send home first, and then go to other people to shout. The younger generation used to kneel down and kowtow to their elders to greet the New Year. After liberation, most people have stopped making fun of themselves.. However, relatives pay more attention to the New Year greetings. Some will bring an elderly family with them. The annual gift they carry is called hoof, like pork with a thigh. Red paper will be wrapped around the leg of the pig.. Fried rice flowers made of glutinous rice will also be stained with some red, and the food packages of large and small bags will also be pasted with red paper strips.. At that time, before going to the relative's house, one should first set off firecrackers to send a message, and the host would also fire firecrackers to receive guests.. Some people who are far away have to stay overnight for a few days..

   I grew up in the county town all the time, and my understanding of the new year's greetings in the countryside came only after my younger brothers and sisters transferred to the countryside.. When I was a child, I spent New Year's Day in the county seat, that is, walking around the neighbor's house and asking for some candy.. At that time, my aunt also worked in the county seat, so there would always be tens of thousands of yuan of new year's money during the new year, but what was ten thousand yuan at that time was now one dollar.. It's very hard to get this money. You can't go to bed early on New Year's Eve. You have to finish "New Year's Eve" before you can get the new year's money.. At that time, there was no TV or radio, and it was very boring to sit on the fire box and listen to adults talking about the days that they could not understand..

   I really know the rules of New Year greetings in inside, the county seat, or after taking part in the work.. There is not much stress among peers.. However, it is necessary for young people to go for a walk in an elderly family and for disciples to go to the master's house.. Only in this way can you be considered polite and modest in seeking progress.. Mistakes and mistakes made during this year will be wiped out because of this New Year greeting.. At that time, people attached great importance to their feelings, and wishing the new year was considered a respect for themselves.. Guests don't have to mention gifts and give red envelopes. They shout at the door and hand them over. Then the host brews a cup of hot tea with tea, salted ginger, soybean and sesame.. Chat while eating melon seeds, and go to the next house after drinking tea..

   By the mid-1970s, there had been some quiet changes in the city's new year greeting rules.. In an enterprise or an organization, the main leaders will gather their own group of people together and then line up their subordinates according to their age and qualifications.. Go from house to house to visit and talk about some things in life.. This kind of leadership to subordinate New Year ethos lasted for many years, that period is also the best period of relations between cadres and the masses. I have taken part in this kind of New Year greeting for employees. Some employees live in other counties, seldom go to work, and it is hard to see leading cadres.. When I arrive in New year, I will clean the house in the early morning of the first day of the month, go up to the brazier, arrange snacks, and look at the door more than once, waiting for the people from the unit to pay New Year greetings.. As long as you hear the car "beep" a call, immediately ran out of the door.. On weekdays inside again have what big injustice, have what difficult thing, then in front of the leadership of flour will downplay. Because the leader has come home, the leader has come to greet him, and the party still remembers him.. An employee died of work-related injuries in his thirties, leaving his young wife with two children.. Every year before the Chinese New Year, the unit will arrange several comrades to take the New Year's material and financial aid to the mother and child.. Neighbors said that when her husband died, the child was still nursing. Now the child is in high school. For more than ten years, this orphan and widowed mother has been looking forward to the Chinese New Year every year and has never been in decline.. The leadership of the unit has been changed for several times, but this tradition of caring for employees has continued. This is what Socialism is Good is called..

   There is also the custom of dancing "dragon" and "lion" to celebrate the New Year in our place. Even in the provincial mass sports conferences, there are dragon dance competitions.. Dragon dancing and lion playing are generally popular in rural hilly areas in urban suburbs..Once in the mountain area, farmhouse houses are built on the mountain with little vacant land.. Limited by the venue, they cannot afford to dance or play..

   Every year the Spring Festival starts in Lunar January 1st and ends on Yuanxiao Festival. There are always teams of dragons and lions coming to pay New Year's greetings from the suburbs.. They will usually be carried by two people a flour drum, perhaps there will be one or two suona blare inside wow. The leader swings the "ball" with bell in the middle, guiding the cloth dragon, grass dragon and bench dragon dancing by a dozen people in the back to greet the new year along the street for merchants or units.. Receivers greet them with firecrackers and give them a red envelope, usually in the range of tens to 100 yuan.. An unwritten rule is that as long as firecrackers continue, the dragon cannot leave.. The more the firecrackers exploded, the more energetic the dancers became.. At the climax, the dragon watcher will smash a string of firecrackers on the dragon, while the dragon dancer will shout loudly and dance quickly, using the dragon body to fend off the firecrackers.. This kind of scene is called "dragon bombing". Because it is New Year's Day and everyone is very friendly, the dragon raiser will never use a single big firecracker like a grenade..

   Because of the good efficiency of the enterprise, every December someone will send a red card to celebrate the New Year by dancing dragon on the appointed date.. I will also inform the staff to prepare firecrackers and prepare red envelopes for the leaders on duty during the holidays from the first to the seventh of the month.. That year, a state-owned enterprise with thousands of employees was about to go bankrupt.. On the eve of the Spring Festival, the trade union chairman of that factory called: the laid-off old workers organized a dragon and lion team, and wanted to pay a New Year's greeting to our unit after taking the vacation from work. I readily agreed. Because this factory has always been our customer and has always had a good cooperative relationship.. It was a once-in-a-century flood that destroyed the factory.. At that time, when the government launched a donation to the disaster area, my boss and I had the same idea. We disobeyed the orders of our superiors and sent the donated materials and donations not to the Civil Affairs Bureau, but to the factory directly after purchasing rice and other materials.. Chairman inside said on the phone that the old worker did not ask for a 120-yuan red envelope to pay New Year's greetings, but for a feeling of gratitude and reward..

   At about ten o'clock in the morning, the New Year's greetings team of laid-off old workers arrived. They packed a bus and arrived from the county seat 50 kilometers away.. I met them at the gate with my boss and the secretary of the Party committee. On both sides of the gate were four groups of firecrackers with a diameter of one meter, cracking sound, ringing. inside, a number of workers in inside yard, also lit firecrackers.. With such a grand reception, the trade union chairman and many laid-off old workers shed tears.. Some people say that it is still the world worker All in the family.. After the performances of dragon, lion, cailianchuan and clam shell essence, there are some programs that other dragon and lion teams do not have, such as Huagu Opera, solo and dance.. More than an hour passed, the boss of the unit had already quietly arranged the director of the office and ordered six tables of banquet in the hotel.. Repeatedly charged me "khufu family is not easy, you don't too stingy, make red envelopes bigger. "After dinner, we shook hands with the trade union chairman to say goodbye. The laid-off old workers waved to us in the car. At that moment, looking at the laid-off old brothers and sisters, I wanted to cry.

   "The flowers in every year are similar, and people differ from year to year.". New Year's Day is held every year, but later New Year's Day is very different.. In New year, face-to-face communication between people is less frequent, and text messages and WeChat have become a fashion for New Year greetings.. Especially on New Year's Eve, the Spring Festival Gala was watching, and the mobile phone did not stop for a moment.. Turned around and passed it on, it was all the old greetings recorded on the internet.. It is true that friendship and affection are adulterated, making contributions to China Mobile.. (责任编辑:admin)




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