Long hair, heavy past

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   Long hair for you

   Every inch is proof that we love each other.

   A diary written for you

   Each article is a record of our love affair.

   Long hair has not yet reached the waist.

   Love is over

   The diary is not finished yet.

   We are separated

   You said you liked me 腾跃国际 best, Beauty on Stage.

   Finally let it scattered in the wind

   You said you liked my diary best.

   Finally tore it up mercilessly.

   I didn't cut off my long hair.

   Hang one bundle behind your head.

   Long hair, heavy past, pulling the heart

   Weight on one's back

   It is the heaviness of memory and pain.

   Don't want to cut it off

   Want to keep this evidence

   The diary was not thrown away.

   Pick it up and put it in the box, inside.

   Broken words, complete memory, tormented the heart.

   The box in hand

   It is a gift from love.

   Don't want to lose

   Want to treasure this memory

   Long hair, heavy past

   I wish I could cut my long hair one day.

   Long hair for another person

   to my long hair and waist

   Still in love

   Diaries and memories

   I wish I could put it on the shelf one day.

   Write a new article for another person

   Such as diary into a book

   Still insipid together





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