I can't forget you

时间: 作者:乐呵呵

   Countless times not to miss

   But I left you messages over and over again.

   Endless suffering

   I just want to tell you that I'm still here

   The future must be our common choice.

   There are obstacles and frustrations.

   There is pressure and words.

   What about this

   Can't stop the heart that loves you dearly

   No matter in the past years

   Still in that future time

   Passion has already begun

   Two people generally think

   How much love can be repeated

   How many times can I see you again

   I can't forget you

   Forget you

   I really can't do it

   Years can dull scars.

   Years can witness the true feelings as well.

   Your name, my love

   Has long been the soul of inside every minute

   Every quarter of an hour did not stop


   I can't forget you

   Except .

   Life has disappeared for a long time.

   Let Poetry Lay Dying in Years

   Fingertips across the keyboard

   Little by little is the call of the heart

   If you can't love

   Like a cuckoo crying blood

   Or has died out





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