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   While winter daylight shortens in the elemental scale, the frost and snow on the horizon are falling all night long.. As the world moves on, it turns into another year. The wind is cool, the vine is spreading and the rain is dense. Pale and not perplexed, are all drawn by the same curtain feeling and tangled in a ridge?.

   In the busy days of tossing and turning, inside is struggling for survival amid the acrimony of going back and forth. In the moments of panic and helplessness when "my old" and "my young" are getting rickety and rebellious and playful, they are always sighing at this gorgeous and gorgeous time.. He wasted his time in the past, but inadvertently, he became gloomy and heavy. He indulged in the original chaos, felt heavy and heavy, and became entangled in countless threads. He could not swing and could not understand the reason..

   Life is endless from generation to generation, and the river and moon are similar year after year.. I really want to get my hands on the fleeting time and gradually feel it because of too many losses involved..

   Wen yue: all sentient beings, everyone has many running balls that keep rotating in tribulations: work, health, family, friends and soul. Work is a rubber ball that will bounce when dropped. While the other four are all glass balls, which fall off and break up..

   In real life, many things we experience can only be explained by the rotation of the ball.?

   The long and blurred road of life, you will always be accompanied by numerous frustrations and hardships.. At one point, you only seem happy and happy! Therefore, no matter what the result is, what the heart longs for most is time, but it still slips from the false fingers to sadness and from the gray hair to death..

   Maybe we know it only after we have fallen through the pain, maybe we know it only after we have known the pain. As a human being, we have not taken good care of our body and mind..

   "Time is a long river, the left bank is unforgettable memories, the right bank is worth grasping the youth, flowing fast in the middle, is your young faint sadness. There are many beautiful things in the world, but not many really belong to themselves.. Look at the flowers blooming before the court, remain indifferent whether favoured or humiliated, looking up to the sky and seeing the clouds rolling up, I have no intention of staying or leaving.. In the secular world of inside, where people are complaining, it is not a short matter to learn to smile, to learn to be calm, to learn not to be sad any more.. Things change, people also like this. "-that's very good!

   "Give up the give up is helpless, give up shouldn't give up is incompetent, don't give up the give up is ignorance, don't give up shouldn't give up is persistent. "-yes, people should actually understand these enlightening truths.





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