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   In recent years, on the eve of "August 1st", the company has organized a forum for veterans to gather together to celebrate the military years they have passed.!

   Although we did not retire from the same army, we all share the same life experience and military feelings, and have a tacit understanding in our hearts and a resonance with the military camp life.. A person's memory is different from everyone's memory in terms of emotion, atmosphere and feeling, and a person's emotion is different from everyone's emotion when they come together.. This is the company's concern and attention to us. the company's general manager Zhang zong and director Guo of the office came to the meeting hall to make us feel more cordial. they gathered together to tell us deeply about the life of the former military camp and to inspire us to move towards a better tomorrow..

   In order to enliven the atmosphere at the scene and create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, Zhang always purposely requested that the tables and chairs be arranged in a square shape and everyone sit around.. The atmosphere of tension, restraint and concern suddenly disappeared. Zhang always spoke first, and the topic unfolded in memory .

   Every word and phrase is my familiar environment, familiar life and familiar things. His affectionate and warm speech quickly brought my thoughts back to the barracks and reminded me of many people and things once upon a time..

   It turns out that Zhang always has a deep military complex just like us, and he also revealed that he never switches channels when watching TV or watching military movies.. Colleagues seem to feel instant and are very impressed by their own military experiences. Each of them here has a story from the bottom of their hearts that sounds both deeply felt and deeply felt..

   Speaking of this unforgettable military career, everyone showed a deep feeling of nostalgia. Although we have bid farewell to the barracks, we left everything there in our hearts.. Over the years, every scene of our military career is still fresh in our mind. inside is so attached to it..

   Recalling the familiar whistle and the hidden and urgent ringing in the ear; The fiery military training ground, regardless of the cold and hot weather, was crawling around. The neat barracks was warm and cordial. The house of the tofu is square and square. The loud War song and slogan resounded through the clouds. The neat footwork is mighty and magnificent. The olive-green military uniform and bright red collar flower sparkle with Forever Mine. A group of our men in the army have their blood sprinkled here. We shoulder the sacred mission, sing I Love the Motherland's Blue Skies Baiyun with youthful passion and embrace the mountains and rivers of our motherland with youthful melody..

   Thinking of many lovely and brotherly comrades, we come from different places in the south and north of the Yangtze River and share the same mission.. Almost 24 hours a day together, get up together, sleep together, train together, eat together, whether it's bitter or happy, we can't leave together and breathe together.

   "We are together, we are together! It is difficult to recall the time of youth today, but it is a beautiful life to look back on.! ".

   What the army pays attention to is uniform penetration into every detail. It is in this special environment that we have forged a deep friendship in the war. Many comrades in the same year have taken off their uniforms and returned to their places. They have gone their separate ways in their new life journey and often miss this friendship in the war..

   The feeling of the army is rippling in my heart. I really want to go back to the army at this time. I want to look at the scenes and objects that once accompanied me, look at the familiar barracks, look at the training ground that used to sweat like rain, and look at the comrades who used to share weal and woe .

   At this time, I think of the monitor of our army! The short stature and Chongqing accent taught me to do things one by one. Despite the passage of many years, they still cannot take away my thoughts of him today. His appearance, voice, face and smile are forever in my memory..

   He taught me to train my scene hand in hand, he reprimanded me for encouraging me, and he was concerned about being strong outside and soft inside. He had a skillful and excellent military quality and had taken over a batch of soldiers after batch. He served as monitor for many years until he was about to leave the army..

   I still remember the day when he said goodbye to the barracks.! At the moment he turned to leave, he said good-bye to me. The expression and look in his eyes made his heart indescribable. The past seemed to be just around the corner, as clear as at that time .

   When I came back to my mind and considered everything Zhang Zong said, I warned us not to lose the good traditions, habits and styles we have developed.. In addition, combining our current work and life, we are encouraged to actively explore and forge ahead. We can understand many things through the way of heart-to-heart talk, between the lines of words and the care of teaching and encouragement..

   "August 1st" is already an emotional number in my heart, or a synonym for emotion, because I will always remember this festival and will never forget it.! This is not everyone's experience and memory of his time in the army. I am glad that inside has a history of serving in the army. This wonderful memory will be my eternal happiness.!

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