Fall into the mountains in autumn

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   With little protection, the empty and desolate wind of Col came upon us in the deep valley and inside after the clouds collided like water.. Remove the damp in spring and the manic in summer, bringing comfort and softness.. The wind transmits the arrival of autumn to the ancient mountain villages and honest villagers.. Taking advantage of the rise of autumn, we have come to appreciate the authentic autumn of mountain forests..

   Several squeaking and laughing children took us to the old stone bridge beside the withered vine and told us to go straight. Just after the gray-blue stone bridge, I suddenly saw the fish suddenly leaping up and down. I'm sorry to disturb these aborigines in living a life of ease and leisure. In the corner of the fish pond, the grass and vegetables are straight and towering, with branches like chopsticks, bones like clouds and white, and green like dye..

   The path of the mountain forest is bumpy. The weeds on one side have been repaired. The neat edges of the road corners are pleasing to the eyes. The green stones are perfectly matched with the gray air and autumn wind. On the other side is the stream that is rustling. It is already red and floating with branches and water plants floating with the current. Like a poet of the free world, it invites three to five good friends to chant poems against each other.. Looking further on, rows of rice paddies after harvest piled up dense and hemp-woven rice targets. All of them were depressed and listless. They were really "no longer happy in good times", but they were also "sad and lonely in good times.".

   On both sides of the slope degree is relatively slow, fir and pine firmly the first Occupation main positions. The legendary "rustling" was started by them.. Most of the land within 50 meters below the mountain nourishes fir trees. The guy with a thorn all over his body is hard and somewhat cute. His head is uneven and his lower half is basically bare. It seems that the upper body painted by the artist is covered with gray, yellow and green. The scattered branches and leaves on the ground are gray, blue and light yellow. From a distance, the mountain also seems to have put on the winter cotton-padded jacket in advance.. The pine trees above are very powerful. When the wind comes and plays games with them, we can see the pine trees swaying from left to right and dodging back and forth under the Col. They look like innocent children. Of course, they will also bring their beautiful genes to the other side of the mountain by the way after passing through the dandelion's house, and it may be even further away.. I remember when I was a child, I liked playing in pine forest inside. I stepped on the ground covered with pine wool. It was soft, like someone rubbing our feet. Every time I stepped on it, I quickly lifted it up. At last, we had to run fast. Hip-hop laughter started groups of cuckoos returning from dusk to dusk.. Presumably at this time there are a group of children are coming here.

   Although it will be the day when the birds close to you are gone, you cannot miss the tea forest in front of you.. Tea tree, which is deeply rooted in Col, grows vigorously in full of green all the year round.. They are destined to be poetic loners in this season.. The whole of Col is a sea of tea trees. Naturally, they are unrestrained like them. They are like the Bohemian wise men of ancient Greece.. The body is not tall, with thick main branches and branches. Other wild factions want to be close to him. Branches extend 360 degrees. Four week are all within her scope, and the same is true when meeting the same kind.. Crisscross, dense, branches and leaves covered the whole Col. Ignore them, because we found another world under the tree.. Under the tree is covered with a kind of lazy grass, in droves, are inclined body, a clump of climbing a clump, a build a, the wind blows like a lady's long hair.

   Out of the woods, the surrounding forest shadows gradually out. A few mushroom picking girls from the opposite mountain forest also just came out and said to us with a smile: "don't want to leave with autumn mulberry (frost). "This just remembered, by the way, There's Always Tomorrow's" autumn mulberry ".





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