Mourning over Tianjin Port 8. 12 Killed Warriors in Huge Exp

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   What a group of young, beautiful and brave lives

   After a loud noise

   In front of the rolling poison smoke and Summon Lava Spawn

   You don't bend over, you don't bend over .

   Desperate, rushed into the fire.

   Instantly turn themselves into flames.

   -Fire and flood have no mercy., human beings are sentient beings.

   At this critical juncture

   What you think of is the property and life of others.

   But forget oneself also is every child body

   Forget oneself also have life

   Your soul pattern is beautiful and bright red.

   Your will is as hard as iron.


   You never forget your mission

   As long as commanded, daoshanhuohai straight forward

   You sacrificed for the people

   Even the flesh disappeared

   But nothing can devour the handsome face

   Nothing can annihilate your hearts of gold.

   I didn't want to write this poem.

   Because when writing poetry, my heart hurts very much.

   But it happened that pain was driving

   Heart in pain, hand in pain, keyboard in pain .

   Heart, who ruthlessly pulled a few

   A flood of pain swept through the body.

   Emotion is hard to control.

   An unstoppable pain

   Glittering in tears

   On the news, inside saw funeral shed

   The banner reads Martyrs:

   Comrade Ning Yu, Comrade Freeman Yang, Yin Yanrong .

   People are mourning for you.

   Offering flowers, observing silence and bowing to you .

   My eyes suddenly began to rain heavily.

   My heart bowed to you silently.

   Deeply! Bow deeply

   Make a thousand bows! Ten thousand bows

   There are so many flowers around you

   So many handsome faces

   A face so young for so many years

   How can my heart not hurt

   The TV inside plays it once.

   I only have one pain

   I saw it once on the internet.

   I only have one pain

  Pain after pain-

   No matter how many flowers there are, no matter how high the honor is.

   Also can't change back that a group of young life-

   Hero! Hero

   You are the pride of your loved ones.

   You are the pacesetters of the people.

   Is the hero of the people

   It is the glory of our motherland.

   Is the eagle on Vainqueur Du Ciel

   You're not dead! You guys

   Live in the hearts of 1.3 billion people forever.

   Author: Green Bamboo





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