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   Thoughts on Tianjin Explosion

   In the face of sudden disasters such as fire and explosion, firefighters rushed up at the first risk because of their duties. They were also called "the most handsome retrograding people in the world". In this rescue, the bravery and great love of various rescue teams were deeply moved, especially the scene of fire fighters rushing to the fire scene on the "escape" road of the surrounding people.. However, we also heard the bad news, with 12 fire officers and soldiers killed and the missing. Such heartrending sacrifice also reminded the relevant departments that the first task for the rescue of such a huge amount of dangerous goods fire is to evacuate the personnel, and then the relevant experts in the industry assess the explosion risk level, and then formulate the fire extinguishing plan according to the actual situation is the best policy.. If you enter the fire scene rashly, without understanding the stability and destructive power of combustible materials, it is very likely to cause great casualties to firefighters. because this fire is different from the general fire scene, combustible materials are generally plastic, chemical fiber, wood and other articles that have no possibility of explosion. therefore, the tragic result of casualties among firefighters also reminds us that the rescue of dangerous chemicals at the fire scene must be carried out with professional teams fully prepared. fortunately, we have seen that relevant state departments have assigned chemical defense teams to the scene and the disposal work is in progress..

   The accident has already occurred, and it is necessary to pursue responsibility. However, after accountability, it is more important to learn lessons. Because accountability for related accidents has not yet been put on the agenda, it is impossible to comment on right and wrong. However, only from the three images of the accident, the author still feels that it is perhaps the best comfort for the deceased and the injured to reflect on and learn from the lessons of the accident, and to avoid such risks with systems.

   Thoughts on Tianjin Explosion Part 2

   I think the most news we saw together today was the explosion of the container in Tanggu District. According to Xiao Jun's information, at 22: 50 on the 12th, the Tianjin fire Corps received a report that a fire broke out in the stacking of dangerous chemicals in Ruihai Logistics of Tianjin Binhai New Area Port Group. Nine squadrons of Tianjin fire Corps and three full-time teams of Port Authority Wharf rushed to the scene to put out the fire. Around 23: 30, the scene exploded.. According to the news released by China Earthquake Station, the first explosion occurred at 23: 34: 6 on August 12 in near earthquake magnitude at about 2: 00 a.m. Level 3, equivalent to 3 tons of TNT, the second explosion in 30 seconds, near earthquake magnitude about 2. Grade 9, equivalent to 21 tons of TNT. The earthquake affected Hejian, Suning County, Jinchuan and other areas in Hebei Province..

   First of all, the little fungus wants to say that fires and explosions will produce carbon monoxide and dust, so it calls on friends in the region and those who know each other in the region to remind them to close the doors and windows, not to go out of the house, and to put on masks as much as possible. In case of emergency, they can cover their nose and mouth with wet towel and filter the air to avoid inhaling harmful gases.. Secondly, when there is a major accident, local residents should try their best to reduce going out. When going out, please remember to make way for ambulances and fire engines to avoid bringing troubles to rescue work.. I hope that with the joint efforts of all of you, the local government can quickly control the situation, eliminate hazards, minimize the loss of people's lives and property, and return everyone's life to the right track..

   In order to save people's lives and property, they rushed to the scene to carry out fire spot investigation after receiving the alarm. After knowing that it was a fire caused by inflammable and explosive dangerous chemicals, they could explode at any time, but they still rushed into the fire scene without hesitation carrying water bags.. Two explosions, the power of 21 tons of TNT, small bacteria know that the most serious losses are those fire officers and soldiers at the scene of the fire. It is understood that the local blood delivery team had already left for TEDA International Cardiovascular Hospital in the early morning, but the blood bank has limited reserves. Here, Xiao Jun called on local friends to donate blood for the injured people and fire officers and soldiers and to provide a backup for their lives.. The local blood donation address friends can see in the picture..

   As we all know, many things happened around us during this period, including the elevator cannibalization incident, the debris of Malaysia Airlines 370 being found, the sudden flash flood in Xi 'an Qinling Mountain washing away tourists, and the recent days when Anhui, Fujian, Zhejiang and other southeast regions of our country are being affected by Typhoon Sudi and the landslide in Shanyang County until yesterday's accident.. In fact, natural and man-made disasters are the last things we want to meet and see.. From the confirmed crash of MH370 to the "elevator cannibalism" incident, and the panic caused by 2015 Tianjin Exploration, to the roar of nature, which devoured our lives and homes. Although we don't want to see things happen, Xiao Jun thinks it is more important for us to learn lessons and reflect from them..

   Due to the convenient spread of network information, we can learn about disasters and accidents as soon as possible. Microbes have seen a good flour. People have realized the power of nature and are now paying attention to the environment, managing the environment and reducing the occurrence of natural disasters.. However, everyone's safety awareness is improving, and all fields are emphasizing safety and discussing safety. Just like after the previous elevator accident, the network is full of popular science about the correct way to take the elevator, where the emergency lockout is, and conspicuous unsafe warning stickers. From this point of view, from the elevator accident to the investigation of more public safety facilities, the sense of vigilance is increasing.. At least, the dissemination of information can let us know more similar safety measures, thus reducing the possibility of accidents.. The safety of anything is not decided.. It takes time to test and check, and it takes problems to find a solution.. Although we pray that everything and every day are safe, we know in our hearts that there must be some dangers in this world.. However, Xiao Jun was thinking, if relevant personnel could be more responsible for their work, consider more and discover earlier, would they have avoided some tragedies that should not have happened





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