Every melon seed smells good.

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   A cup of green tea with faint fragrance and a plate of original melon seeds are floating around. Several good friends are sitting around Teahouse, chatting about interesting things in life while enjoying ease..

   At this point, a phenomenon naturally occurs. The big melon seeds in the dish were put into people's mouths one by one. However, the next big melon seeds kept appearing in the dish. Their fate was also selected again and again. In the end, all melon seeds were selected..

   I think of one thing I have seen before.. Once, in the vegetable market, I saw many customers surrounded by an old man selling water chestnut. The water chestnut fell to the ground and was left to the customers to choose. The old man selling water chestnut smiled and didn't mean to stop. He didn't have any worries about picking up the rest that no one wanted. He still kept saying that it was all good and he was free to pick it up. He only wanted to weigh it and change money.. I was curious and puzzled by the old man's behavior, so I watched from the sidelines..

   The customers who had bought the water chestnut left, and then there were customers to pick them up, batch after batch. As a result, all of them were sold out.. I smiled. This is the cleverness of the old man selling water chestnut. There are so many water chestnut. No matter how you choose them, the rest will always be big, even if it comes to the last two, and there will be differences in size. Therefore, the old man does not care about the behavior chosen by the customers, but does his own business with a better attitude..

   In fact, life has many similarities with melon seeds and water chestnut.. In some eyes, there is always a comparison between people, but it ignores that everyone is unique in this world.. Perhaps, in your opinion, he is inferior to you in everything, but he must have his own strengths and advantages that you cannot, only your proud eyes do not see the bright spots of the other party..

   Roosevelt, the longest-serving president of the United States, was crippled and had uneven and prominent teeth due to polio when he was a child. He seldom played with his classmates. When the teacher asked him to answer questions, he always kept his head down and said nothing.. However, he has a spirit of striving for progress in his heart. He wants to become a botanist, so he studies a lot of scientific, technological and cultural knowledge assiduously, and inadvertently cultivates his humble seedling into a towering tree. His success shows that everyone is useful..

   In fact, as long as we are good at observation and excavation, we will find this point.. Then why do we not find these things at ordinary times? This is the problem of mentality. As long as everyone looks at everyone with a common heart and a fair view, they will find their advantages and society will recognize and play their role..

   Everyone has his own advantages, just as every melon seed is fragrant..





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