It is better to stay in one place than to keep one's love al

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   The weather at the end of June in inside is beautiful with seasons changing and withering as the breeze blows across the lake.. The dark water of the lake gives people the heavy feeling of oil painting. A thick depression hit leisurely, panicking and falling into the lake carelessly.. The years are silent, every kind of wound is a kind of maturity, and those tangled sins, thoughts and memories have all lost in the young past and ended in a wrong shoulder..


   Recently, I have been tired for no reason and lost my voice. I once imagined that I could grow old in an instant, so that I could avoid numerous and complicated life. But it was only a fantasy after all and never came true.. In fact, happiness is one of the most unadorned colors in inside during the restless days. Therefore, I like simple things, just like the taste of autumn, like the clear and peaceful moonlight, like there is no special reason..

   It's better to live in peace. A ray of afternoon sun lengthens the figure and sits quietly, reflecting on the moving details of the old days in inside, laughing or tears streaming down her face.. Once the scenery was limitless, it turned into plain with the passing of time. What a dazzling past it is now to be plain and ordinary..

   Over the years, the pursuit of life and dreams has never stopped and enthusiasm has never waned. But in the gap between Flower Gathering and inside, a lot of persistence and enthusiasm have quietly faded away. The result pursued over the years has already had a standard answer..

   As time goes by, gradually, only a cool attitude remains.. In my life, I will only love but not hate. The colorful life, the various temptations, the constant loyalty and the sudden betrayal have made us truly realize the warmth, the preciousness and the insignificance of suffering, and cherish all we have.. We all know how many fallen beauties are hidden in a crowded life. The most sober one is oneself, and the one who cannot go back is oneself. Most of the time, I am willing to accumulate all touching things in a plain life, only willing to work hard and be loved all my life..

   Believing in Buddhism and learning Buddhism are not for oneself, but for all living beings in the sea of suffering.. It is better to bury one's life on the road of scenery than to stay where one is and look at the distance all one's life.. Learn to set out, let your heart go, let your heart peel off all the pomp and noise, be steadfast and take every step of the way carefully..

   "Buddha never forces others to do things he doesn't like. Buddha just tells all living beings what is good? What is evil? Good and evil are still to be chosen by oneself, and life is still to be mastered by oneself.. "Buddha does not cross the people who have no chance, can't cross the people, we will take him as a bodhisattva, wind and rain, the past silent, a person struggled, keep a feeling alone, generally not as good as keep a scenery.

   In the world of mortals, there is only one window in inside, Taoyuan and fairyland. They only exist in their hearts. Sniffing the tranquil smell, I felt the purity and richness of the sky and the earth in the winding inside. I felt a scene of pure happiness and dream in the mottled flower shadows..

   The role of the world is not high or low, and the dignity of the soul depends on itself.. Many people are mediocre, not because their eyes are not long enough, but because their eyes are always far away and people are always nearby.. The practice of life, in the end, is to compromise with what you don't want, even to shake hands and make peace..

   In life, what you deliberately look for is often not found.. Everything we do, good or bad, is the best choice at this moment. Because everything in the world comes and goes with his time.. Everyone's life, whether magnificent or dull, will eventually reach the same end point.. When we are in getting old, our memories fade away, and only our hearts will walk with us and finish this journey together..

   There is a saying in the Tao Te Ching that "those who do not lose their place live long, and those who die but do not die live long.". "Those who live without deviating from the Tao can live for a long time, while those who do not deviate from the Tao in spirit can live for a long time.. Even Lao Tzu, when talking about longevity, it does not mean living life, but the human spirit. Life is full, but the spirit can be passed down from generation to generation..

   A person, when body and heart are tired, will fall into exhaustion.. The dull life, some people are repeating the time, some people are repeating the life, but no matter how colorful the time is, it must be broken into pieces and handed over to one after another troublesome day until the happiness is found.. The so-called true happiness is never having all the best, but being able to make yourself better by what you have..

   Doctors can't cure people who have died and Buddha can't cross all living beings who have no chance. In fact, we are our own Buddha. Prosperity and adversity all depend on our own practice.. The world is full of flowers, you can have love, but don't be persistent, because separation is the inevitable result of life. The night is boundless, why keep a feeling alone and waste a short time?.

   Author: Phoenix Tree Moon





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