The Most Sad Personalized signature with Tears of Blood afte

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   The Most Sad Personalized signature with Tears of Blood after Resetting Liver

   1. The more grand and grand the meeting is, the more desolate it will become when the music ends..

   2, once said the future, why become so pale in an instant.

   3, not don't believe, just don't want to think of

   4. The things that make you unhappy will come out with a smile one day..

   5, because who stay one more second

   6. lend you my shoulder as a pillow when you need me

   7, a place secretly tell sadness, do you hear

   8, you forget memories, I forgot to forget.

   9, prove that feelings are always kind, cruel is that people will grow up..

   10, Lying to Be Perfect, can deceive others, also can't cheat yourself.

   11, sad smile, over my meager youth.

   12, our love, contrary to the present, can't see the future.

   13, enjoy the quiet alone at night, listen to the sadness alone.

   14. Is it the deepest pain that can truly live for you?.

   15, leave, perhaps is the best interpretation of my life.

   No matter how sobbing I experienced last night, the city was still busy in the morning.

   17, when I get up the courage to fall in love with you, but who knows you already have your other half, my heart is broken

   18, but I'm really not brave enough to always feel uneasy for you and softhearted for you..

   19, he let you red eyes you still smile to forgive.

   20, can't let you go, is I deserve it, I understand.

   21, true love and reality cruel tear affectionate cry.

   22, light and shadow can't become equivalent clip art for a second, tearing it to pieces again..

   23, the road is too far, there is no destination, and I can only move forward .

   Time is slowly passing by.. But I am still marking time.

   25, the past was read, instantly understand, originally, memory has been stranded.

   26. Many people do not need to see each other again because they are just passing by.. Forgetting is our best memory for each other..

   27, there is no photo of the protagonist, there is no story.

   28. Let me live in a world of lies, inside, and live in a happy picture..

   29, fragile language, gorgeous words, in fact, what all can't represent.

   30. Silence is a sign of inability to speak.

   31. There are too many sad memories. Happiness keeps me from moving forward..

   32, the night is cool, but can't touch your temperature any more..

   I wish I were a woman without a past.

   34, sad words, stab hurt his incomplete heart.

   35, your world is colorful, my world is only you..

   36. How many people still remember me in this lost world of inside.

   37. Only forgetting can make tears flow out.

   38. I didn't have you, but you have all I have.

   39, flood の sadness, wipe out the beautiful smile

   40. In the future, I was the only one who walked alone..

   41. I passed through the mottled under the sunlight projection, and my sadness slowly subsided with every step I took..

   42, through the endless night, always can't see your dawn.

   43. Love is happiness borrowed with sadness as a guarantee..

   It is foolish to wait for an impossible possibility..

   The real tragedy is not loss, but loss when happiness is about to arrive..

   Time has taken away all the injuries and left indelible scars..

  47, sad story, only belong to expect happiness.

   48, even if hope to meet, but no love way to leave.

   49, wandering in the memory and forget what YES's most painful.

   50. Without those figures and expectations, there would be no disappointment without hope..





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