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   (a) choose Chinese input method

   To select a Chinese input method before entering text, you can first click the input method keyboard icon at the right end of the Windows taskbar, and then select a Pinyin or Wubi method in the input method list.

   ( 2.) Move the insertion point

   There are many ways to move the insertion point in a document:

   ( one) If you want to move the insertion point on the current screen, simply point the I-shaped pointer to the new position and click the left mouse button.

   (2) If the document is very long and the text to be edited is not displayed on the screen, you can use the vertical scroll bar and horizontal scroll bar to view the document..

   ( 3.) Select text

   Word displays the selected text in white, that is, white on black instead of standard black on white.

   To select text with the mouse, simply position the mouse pointer at the beginning of the text block to be selected, hold down the left mouse button and drag until the desired text is displayed in white.

   (4) Copying, moving and deleting texts

   one. How to Copy Text?

   The operation steps are: first select the text to copy, then select the copy command in the edit menu (or press Ctrl+C) or click the copy button in the akira toolbar.. Next, move the insertion point to the new position where you want to paste the text, and then choose Paste from the Edit menu (or press Ctrl+v), or click Paste in the Standard toolbar..

  2. How to Move Text?

   Moving text is similar to copying text: after selecting the text to be moved, select the "cut" command (or "Ctrl+X" key) in the "edit" menu or click the "cut" button in the "common" toolbar. at this time, the selected text has been deleted from its original location and stored in the clipboard. Click where the text will appear to place the insertion point; Select the Paste command.

  3. How to delete text?

   To Delete a text block, simply select the text block and press the "del" key. Note that pressing the "Del" key will delete the text to the right of the insertion point and pressing the "Backspace" key will delete the text to the left of the insertion point.

   (5) Revocation and restoration operations

   In the process of editing documents, if some words are accidentally deleted, Word allows the newly deleted content to be restored. If you want to delete the text again, you can choose the "restore" command..

   (6) Insert and rewrite text

   The default mode for Worde startup is the insertion mode. In this mode, after entering new text, the text after the insertion point will automatically move to the right.. In the overwrite state, the newly entered text will overwrite the self-requested text.

   (7) searching and replacing

   Find and replace function enables users to quickly find specified text, format and style, and then replace the old text, format or style with the new one..

  1. How to Find Text?

   The method comprises the following steps:

   (1) Select the "Find" command in the "Edit" menu to display the "Find and Replace" dialog box and select the "Find" tab.

   (2) Enter the text to be found in the "Find what" box. Click the "Advanced" button to open a detailed dialog box that can set various search criteria..

   (3) Click the "Find Next" button to start the search (MeiWen. COM. Cn).

   (4) To continue the search, click the "Find Next" button; To switch to editing content in the document, you can click the document and edit it. after editing, click anywhere in the "find and replace" dialog box to continue the search work..

   (5) To close the "Find and Replace" dialog box, click the "Cancel" button, and the insertion point stays at the text currently found..

  2. How to replace text?

   The following steps can be followed:

   (1) Select the "Replace" command in the "Edit" menu to display the "Find and Replace" dialog box and select the "Replace" tab.

   (2) Enter the text or format of the search in the "Find what" text box.

   (3) Enter the text or format to be replaced in the "Replace with" text box.

   (4) Click the "Find Next" button to start the search. When a matching text is found, it will be displayed in white in the document..

   At this point, the user can choose according to needs:

   (1) If you do not want to replace the current content, you can click the "Find Next" button to continue the search..

  (2) if you want to replace the currently searched content, you can click the "replace" button. after the replacement, continue the search.

   If you want to replace the text in the whole document, you can click the "replace all" button. after the replacement, a dialog box will appear, indicating how many places have been replaced in total..

   The above content of "Office Automation Knowledge: Text Editing" is provided by the small compilation of the American Literature Reading Network. I hope it will be helpful to you..





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