Dream of inside, One Fallen Flower Flying

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   Flowers fall in the heart of weeds. The worldly ink meditation, dream inside vaguely, blooming in the prosperous loneliness, drizzly autumn wind, the city flying flocculant!

   The fleeting time is half a volume of Dust, the flower has fallen without makeup, the flower does not understand Te vas? in this lifetime, the wind blows, and falls one after another.!

   Gently sing, the song leaves fall violently and lightly, the fallen flowers are crystal clear and beautiful. Under the clouds, the loneliness of fallen flowers is flickered by red candles, which hides the fragrance of fingertips.. The graceful and restrained charm, ink, always have some memory loss. Alone for a thousand years, pear flowers and butterfly rain, clear sad and mild, fallen petal helpless, touched the soul Fermentation starter two strings broken, phantom smoke cloud, The sleeves swaying with every soft breeze, thousands of Qiu Si.

   The dreamy haze disturbed the soul of fallen flowers, smelling the smoke from the sky all the way to the place where thousands of years of youth have lost their fragrance, a cup of time, stained with calm mind, the purple flowers, the aloof Cangshan, still like Ut Pictura Poesis. The beautiful image by the pool, the clear green water, the graceful figure, the fragrance of fallen flowers and the Epipremnum aureum powder cream are still as beautiful as ever.. Qing Hui and Xia Guang, the fallen petal dream, not only because of think fondly of, but the artistic conception of flying catkins is red and lurid green, stunning eyes!

   Scattered memories hang over the traces of fallen flowers, the sound of pipa, the melody of flute, and a kind of permanent melancholy will fill the eyes with sadness and sadness of the world. Silent Cold Moon has collected thousands of prosperous and desolate places, moving along with life like inside, Around The Bend, the long river of time flowing slowly, the sky on a lonely night, walking in a lonely attitude. Gazing at the fallen flowers, gazing at the mirror in cold and warm..

   The throbbing of the heart, when looking forward, the fallen petal incessantly chatter was covered with dust.. Read, I do not know when to start, from a distance, Here and There's tossing and turning, leisurely blooming alone thin poignant, together with the fallen petal of Residual red, into the night of Qingning. The sky of night seems boundless, and the streamers of Caetuna are fleeting.. Mirror flower dance, Iraqi people go to night alone, fallen flowers and moon companions, want to send thoughts, and who will look back?

   The inky color of autumn, permeating the prosperity of the world and annihilating the vicissitudes of life, Looking forward to's chapters, smiles or tears. Curled up lightly, I can't draw a lonely woman who is obsessed with the dust. The sunset in the fleeting time, Left Luggage, falls apart several times. The fleeting time is also difficult to send. The night is cool and lonely. I ask the wind to run out. The vast amount of time flows. How many people are sentimentally attached to the sunset and stand in the not ended of the moon.? It is difficult to tell one's true feelings. The thin The Lips's simple words reflect a chill in his mind. He looks back frequently and feels distressed. The fallen petal flutters several times..

   After years and a half of Dust, I walked and picked up all the way. I felt the artistic conception of falling flowers. I followed the footsteps without time. The time was like running water, accompanied by the lamps of the years. Old words were broken out of context and new words were condensed.. Waiting for the trek, graceful and restrained silence of fallen flowers, fluttering thoughts, colorful flower shadows, still in memory of Ji Sung, red powder is still, Silent Night inside, fallen flowers deliberately follow the water, the water has no heart to love fallen flowers, only hate, fallen flowers float in the water, the water flows through the flowers to feel sorry for themselves..

   Fallen flowers float in the air, and the years are spent in the sunset.. Countless hundred years, through the old porch window, wandering in Somniloquies with laughter and tears. The sadness and happiness of the passing of the wind, the falling flowers and the flocs, cannot be outlined with strokes. The memory of the past life and the memory of this life set the fallen flowers of feel dejected in the fading landscape. The article is easy to read, infatuated with and fond of, and the poem volume is the only Long song for life..

   Xiao Jian's eyebrows are low, the time is fixed at the fingertip, and the blooming season with clothes and fluttering clothes disturbs the loneliness of the dusty scenery with deep feeling. The heaven and earth with shallow singing and low singing are far from Qian Shan's ten thousand waters. The dream of inside passed like quicksand in the long river of time, inside.. The wind and moon are also good, the clouds and water are still there, with a hint of expectation, the yellow fleeting time, the endless beauty of fallen flowers, the singing of one thousand years, the faint fragrance of horsetail whisk, the red dream of the sunset, the rustling dust, the lingering thoughts..

   A wave of autumn waters, a curtain of fallen flowers, flowers and leaves fly separately; One thousand years of singing, ten thousand years of blank space. Through time and space, clouds flow through ink, heavy flowers and mud return to the earth, a Fermentation starter China return to the end, wear intestines and fall to the ends of the earth, fate of prisoners, obsessed with the dust of the unfinished, such as the ethereal, see substituted bride, Black tears bones. Meiwen. COM. Cn

   As time goes by, the fallen petal soul flies in pieces.. Laughing in my dream, the first years of my life were whirling away, and I let myself languish and wither.. Most of the time, across time and space, I just watch the love songs of the world of mortals alone carefully.. Those ethereal waves, smelling the dusty smell all the way, scattered in the wind.. The fallen petal's soul is boundless and indistinct in The livelihood. In its unreal form, it sees its loneliness and desolation alone..

   Dyed down 3,000 dust, it is said that the fallen petal is a poem blooming in the wind. every word is scattered with sorrow. one cannot bear to see it wither down and out, sinking into the taste of sadness. one feels suffocated with the feeling of not knowing where one is.. On the shores of the moon lake, at dusk, the flowers fall and end. when gazing at the distance, one side is boundless. The flower is the shirt, only see Petals profusion, cannot bear to see the fallen petal to grow old.

   There is no place to fall red, the river is still quiet, the moon is falling and the crow is black, so far away and so clear.. Wild geese return to First Frost. The flowers are like withered leaves and lotus leaves. They are afraid of old age and fallen flowers and broken pieces.. If you want to look beyond your eyes, Fermentation starter and fly will fly with the vast expanse of the sky. They will be gentle in the autumn chill and fragrant in the rain. At that time, their hearts, fragrance at that time, fragments at that time and charm at that time will go east several times in the dusk when reincarnation is taking place. They will only read the fallen petal soul..

   Stepping through the world of mortals, crossing the cape, the zither has gone with the wind for 1,000 years. days go by, always referring to the fragrance, coagulation, ink, and blooming flowers, pointed to the aged peace of mind in floweriness and loneliness, and felt comfortable and gentle for the fallen flowers to sleep. Now, the wind has passed without trace, the fallen flowers are silent, and I sincerely love the indifferent one. I count carefully and move to All Men Are Mortal, forgetting the flowers. At the beginning of reincarnation, singing under the moon, the soul of fallen flowers, gentle like water.

   In the world of mortals, to stay blank and live, to ease the blooming and falling of flowers; In the posture of flowers, they surmount thousands of noises. With the sound of falling flowers swaying into a song, refreshing bones and lingering fragrance.. Sitting in the whole city of inside, nuanguan, there is a beautiful scene and a rosy dream.!

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