Gui Lake and Zhong Shuliang of Yang Shengan Temple

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   Gui Lake and Yang Shengan Temple

   Zhong Shuliang

   In the southwest corner of Xindu County, Gui Lake leans against the city wall, covering an area of about 60 mu.. Yang Shengan, a famous scholar and poet in history, lived in poverty all his life and became famous for his work.. He is just "melancholy in different epochs, not at the same time" with the "Fu Du for the Future" society, while Shengan Temple and Du Fu Thatched Cottage are far apart from each other on the picturesque Chengdu Plain..

   Gui Lake has now become Guihu Forest Square. In front of the park is a couplet written by Comrade Guo Moruo. "Sweet osmanthus fragrance, beautiful paradise; The lake lights up and changes the world.. "As soon as you enter the park, you will stop to admire the view of the lake and the ruins of Shengan before it is too late.. It turned out to be under a rattan flower shelf like a large open hall.. Rattan flowers spread brocade across the sky with tassels hanging around. Zhu zi is bright and fragrant with bananas.. It is the largest wisteria in Sichuan Province and has a history of more than 100 years.. Its roots run through move gracefully, with an unstoppable momentum, and thousands of flowers and pistils are like thousands of smiling faces.. It can be called a welcome cane with the welcome pine people in Huangshan.. It depicts the beautiful scenery of Spring and welcomes guests from all over the world..

   It is spring. To the west of the rattan stand is the "Willow Tower", Liusi Thousands of feet, a bay of the lake. "Small Jinjiang" is like a small boat forbidding the wind, and "Cross Pavilion" is like a double ring facing the water. Then there are several flower paths and a forest of flowers.. In this part of Linmen, we have seen the erotic beauty of prostitutes. Looking around, we can see the erotic beauty of spring.. The lakeside is luxuriant with flowers and trees, and there are countless fish swimming in the lake.. The sky is clear and the sky is clear. When you climb to the top of the city to overlook, you will be especially amazed that the whole of Gui Lake is inlaid in the unique beautiful scenery of Chengdu Plain-a vast sea of rape flowers and wheat seedlings in golden yellow and green. At this time, Gui Lake is indeed like a pearl on the case of Golden set and Qingyu, and Shengan Temple is the shining point of this pearl..

   The shape of Gui Lake is long and narrow, and the distance between east and west is far greater than that between north and south.. Shengan Temple is located in the middle of the lake to the east and back to the east and west.. Dong Yu is magnanimous, with clear windows, thousands of Fermentation starter fences, and heaps of rocks surrounded by Yingying Lake. Therefore, some people say that "the Iraqis are in the middle of the water.". Looking forward, "Cross Pavilion", "Willow Tower" and "Small Jinjiang" are on the right bank. "Hangqiu", "Fragrant World" and "Guanjiatai" are in Zuo Di. The bridge pavilions and galleries around the "pillow garden pavilion" and the "sunken chardonnay pavilion" are similar to a green belt that bends Fermentation starter and entangles at the west end of the lake.. Everywhere there are pink willows and green flowers, and swallows dancing and warblers singing. The makeup points out the spring in Gui Lake.. On the back of Shengan's words are "Fragrant Pavilion", "Flying Hongqiao" and "Green Yi Event". The lake is narrower, the greener shade is thicker, the deeper and quieter, and it is another realm..

   The layout of the pavilions in Gui Lake fully shows the characteristics and advantages of China's traditional national style.. In particular, its local conditions and emphasis on nature are even more intriguing. It makes the city a mountain, with its water layout, pavilions, terraces and open halls, bridges, corridors, pavilions, and originality.. We have achieved a variety of defects that cover a small area but are well-spaced, located in a suitable location, with harmonious colors, echoing each other, looking at each other and being good, and are absolutely free from withering, stagnation, irrelevance and visibility.. Sunny weather, rain, moon, clouds and laurels, lotus, fish and birds are all included in the arrangement and arrangement of the whole lake scenery. They are filmed in the nature, and they also work hard at detailed programs to make the scenery and feelings merge. For example, Ut Pictura Poesis has become a place of interest and beauty for many years, which makes people yearn for.!

   The yearning of Gui Lake is also due to the fact that Gui Lake's earliest owner, Yang Sheng 'an, was heavily populated.. It is also like the Shefu Cottage, a few thatched cottages in the west of Wanli Bridge in Chengdu, which is famous for its great poet and widely admired..

   Yang Shengan was a famous scholar and poet in ancient China.. He told Shen that the words were to be used for repair. Sheng An was his nickname.. From Xindu District. He was born in the first year of Hongzhi Emperor in the Ming Dynasty (1488) and died in the thirty-eighth year of Jiajing in the Ming Dynasty (1559). When he was a teenager, he was very eager to learn and liked to write poems, which was praised by his elders.. His father, Yang Yanhe, served successively in the Zhengde and Jiajing dynasties of Senior Secretary. History books say that he was upright and did some good things for the country.. Following his father's example, Yang Shen was the number one scholar in annual examination, and was appointed by Imperial Academy to write and make a sutra palace.. He spoke frankly and dared to remonstrate, not to avoid facing battle-ax and hatchet.. Yang Shen, the number one scholar, is a man of real talent and practical learning. According to the legend in Ming History, he is "the best writer in the Ming Dynasty, the richest writer in his works, and he puts prudence first.". "It's a pity that such a person with both ability and political integrity, learning and doing well, and being young and promising, was hit hard by the autocratic emperor in the uproar of the" big ceremony "debate, so that he was exiled for half of his life until" he had a white head for the rest of his seventy years. "!

   The story goes like this: Emperor Jiajing (Jiajing Emperor) Zhu Hou was always the cousin of the late Emperor Zhengde (Zhengde Emperor) Zhu Houzhao and the nephew of Hongzhi Emperor, the father of Zhengde Emperor. Since Wuzong has no children, Zhu Hou always inherits the throne. According to the old feudal rules and the principle that the latter is the son of the puppet, Zhu Hou always should be the son of Hongzhi Emperor. He should respect Ming Xue Zong as "Emperor Kao" and call his own father and the late Xing Xian Wang as "the father". At most, he can only honor his own father as "Emperor" and must not be called Xing Xian "Emperor". This is the opinion of most ministers, including Yang Tinghe and Yang Shen. However, there are also a few people who think that Zhu Hou is always a successor to the Great System and not an heir. Therefore, he should call his father "Emperor Kao", revered as Xing Xian "Emperor", and called Hongzhi Emperor "Emperor Bocao". Zhu Houzong agreed with this view very much and asked Yang Tinghe and others, "Can parents change things?"?! However, the two sides insisted that they could not resolve the issue for three years and that there were other issues involved.. Yang Yanhe was dismissed from office and many ministers who disagreed with the emperor's will were condemned.. In the third year of Jiajing, En Dag I Juli, Ministry of Personnel's right assistant minister, He Mengchun and Yang Shen gathered more than 200 officials at the Jinshui Bridge in front of Tiananmen Square. They knelt down at the Wenhua Gate and Zuoshun Gate one after another to cry and remonstrate.. Zhu Houzong not only ignored it, but also imposed brutal repression. He put 134 people into prison, beat more than 180 people with court beating, and killed 17 people alive..Yang Shen was also delayed twice in 10 days and recovered from his death.. Soon he was stationed in Yongchang Wei, Yunnan province (now Baoshan district, Yunnan province) until he died of old age..

   The dispute over the "grand ceremony" is in essence a dispute between the two opinions on the feudal ritual system within the feudal ruling class. It is a dispute between the two interpretations of the traditional feudal system on the succession and the "ceremony" of the heir, and the two propositions made therefrom.. Later generations also held different opinions on this matter.. Today, it seems, it is just a dispute about the emperor's family affairs, which has little meaning.. However, Yang Shengan's integrity is valuable because he does not belong to power or cater to the emperor's will in this matter.. What is especially valuable is that he is not afraid of court beating, not afraid of banishment, and lives beyond measure. He regards wealth as a floating cloud. He has lived in remote areas for decades and has not lost heart or slackened off. He has diligently studied and disseminated the traditional culture of the motherland and the culture of ethnic minorities.. His research includes classics, inscriptions, rhymes, words, lyrics, literary reviews, Hundred Schools of Thought, astronomy, geography, medicine, zoology and botany.. He also wrote a large number of poems, ancient texts and popular literary works that have certain practical significance and reflect the local conditions and customs of the frontier and expose feudal tyranny.. In total, there are more than 400 kinds of his works, which is really a learned person.. Although there are some omissions and mistakes in his works which are discussed by later generations, his spare time does not cover up the Zhou Yu and contains a lot of essence, which is of high academic and literary value..

   Gui Lake has the original name of Wei Lake. It is said that the new capital of the Three Kingdoms, county magistrate Wei, used to drill lakes here to build water conservancy. Therefore, it is named Wei Lake, which is the predecessor of Gui Lake. This statement was once considered untrustworthy.. But in front of Yang Sheng 'an, there was indeed a lake here. Sheng 'an planted hundreds of Guangxi plants along the dike and had some business operations. From then on, the lake was called Gui Lake. In the light-year period of Qing Dynasty, Shengan Temple was built on the Gui Lake, wood was carved into temples, and some pavilions and pavilions were built, so Gui Lake gradually took shape.. After liberation, the CPC and the people's government attached great importance to it. After the tower was repaired, it took a lot of effort, and Gui Lake and Shengan Temple became tourist attractions..

   Yang Shengan was born and grew up by the lake. He studied and got married by the lake.. At the age of 30, he succeeded Suining woman Huang E as his wife.. Huang Ke, Huang E's father, and Gong Ju Shangshu, are friends of Yang Qian, Yang Shen's father.. Huang Moth is an educated poetess. She once lived in Beijing with Yang Shengan and accompanied her to Yongchang for several years. After that, she left Yang Town for a long time because her hometown in Xindu needed people to take care of her.. (责任编辑:admin)




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