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   Hate love, hate you

   If time really can fade away all the pain, why should we be so attached to the ending?? The end will come to an end, and those who should leave will also leave, either involuntarily or by themselves Full stop. Anyway, it doesn't matter. Don't fantasize about the beauty of meeting again, wait for ten years and then look back, perhaps you can really understand that A Cool, Dry Place is all together and scattered again Full stop. After all, there is no eternal possession in the world, only the loss of transformation and separation Full stop.



   If time really can fade away all the pain, why should I be so persistent about whether you are good or bad to me?? Perhaps, many years later, we will look back and see from a new perspective Full stop When we look back on our meeting memories, we will more or less remember that in the most beautiful year of China, inside, there was a figure, like a brand, engraved in the deepest part of our hearts with incomparable clarity Full stop.

   Perhaps, you have already forgotten the promise you made for me, while I stayed on the day you left Full stop. I never dare to imagine how I survived these days and how I survived the my heart was broken days you gave me alone . Just like a nightmare, it is real and can't help crying.

   Think of those times we have passed here in writing, how many cheers, how many laughter, will eventually turn into piles of heavy and heartache memories, piled up into sad rivers, flooding the night sky of my whole thoughts.. If you hadn't been so kind to me at the beginning, I wouldn't miss you so much now..

   Once, I gave all my feelings for this relationship regardless of everything, but in the end, I changed back the painful memories of my life.. I don't know when the days in my heart was broken like this will fade away the only remaining warmth you have left. Perhaps, for me, it is really a permanent regret..

   Wandering in the days when you left, I always recalled your kindness to me over and over again in my heart, just like tasting a cup of hot wine for one thousand years. Even though my heart was torn to pieces with heartache, I could not control the spread of emotions.. But you have already forgotten me, and I, however, persist in the days when we get along and will not leave after all. Always alone sad.

   People all say: sadness is the most tiring heart injury in one's life.. may be! From the day you became her scenery, I seem to have become no longer important.. I can't help remembering once every day, just like an invisible job mission. No matter how much I want to resist thinking of you, I can't break away from the painful fate you gave me in the end..

   Most of the time, I want to inquire about your news through various channels and wonder if you are doing well.. However, you have never left me any news, not even tears, and I cannot find a resting place..

   This period of time, wandering alone in this city without you, wandering in this strange street. Although our hearts were once so close to each other, now to me, you are Lost and Found. I have no right to dare to say that we were so close to each other without you. I remember that you always said that our hearts were connected. Ha ha, it is really ironic.. I would rather let the pain wrap myself tightly, than bother you easily again, for fear of becoming a burden for you to abandon me.. Perhaps, from what you said, my heart was completely cold, and from every word you wrote for her, my heart was completely dead..

   Perhaps, our meeting, this is a wrong encounter. The process is so beautiful, but why, the ending of the story, has written all the vicissitudes of life in the world, my heart was broken. I was left alone, and inside licked the loneliness and sadness you gave me on this cold night in late autumn..

   As soon as you turned around, you went to her side and coaxed her like a treasure, just like you did to me at the beginning.. What a painful insight. I understand that you now have your own happiness, and the picture between us will never be your most Secrets again.. All of this is back to the beginning, back to before we met, we have restored the initial strangeness.. A Cool, Dry Place, are gathered and scattered. After all, there is no eternal possession in the world, only the loss of transformation and separation.. It seems that we have never met before..

   My heart broke when I heard you say that you are doing well in her world, inside, and you love her very much.. I promised you that even if I was heartbroken and couldn't breathe, I would bite the root of my teeth and not disturb you. I would hold back my trembling hands and delete all your QQ, telephone and all the communication about you. from then on, I would disappear with my memories of you.

   I always try my best to forget you, in fact, it doesn't need any effort to really forget you.. It is no longer meaningful to stay in your world, and I can no longer recall the past.. My heart is too tired. I don't know, in this most beautiful year of China, inside, what else can I use to feel your kindness to me, but I only lightly depict your figure in inside, quietly and aftertaste.

   I can't remember clearly, since when did I gradually forget what the taste of happiness is, perhaps it was painful for too long! The whole emotional space has already been changed by the sadness that fills my heart.. Rejuvenate the words once written for you. My tears, like a rebellious child, quietly drenched the ground.. If time really can fade away all the pain, why should I be so attached to the ending?? The end will come to an end, and those who should leave will also leave, either involuntarily or by themselves.. Anyway, it doesn't matter.

   If, in this meeting fate inside, doomed we can only become each other's scars. Then, I accept frankly, even if I am the only one left, I don't want to regret, I once put you, in the position of the heart put you so heavy, so heavy.

   This is the last time I have written you down, and I will not write it again.. If I continue to write, I am afraid I cannot bear such a heavy load.. Sometimes when I think of the time I passed together, my heart is really hard to give up. I had smiles and tears, but in the end, they all became painful memories for me. but you have already forgotten me and all our past. what reason do I have to stay here?. No matter how many years have passed, no matter whether I was still in the world at that time or not, I only hope that you can take good care of yourself for me. This is my only wish.. As long as you are happy, happy! My feelings are not important.

   Ps: No matter how beautiful the memory is, it can only be the past. From then on, I decided to forget you and all our good things. Because no matter how beautiful it is, it can only be the past. I don't want to live like this anymore. Please forgive me for such a decision.. May you take care of yourself!

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