Second Best's Girlfriend Too Poor to Love Rich

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   Second Best's Girlfriend Too Poor to Love Rich

   My girlfriend Lvian and I met in inside University. Lvian was one year younger than me. In my initial impression, Lvian was a quiet and delicate beautiful girl.. In the university of inside, there are many boys who pursue her, including the rich second generation from superior families, and she took a fancy to me, which makes me very proud and grateful..

   I am from Changsha and Lvian is from Wuhan. After graduating from university, I returned to Changsha to start my own business. However, due to various reasons, the project was not completed and I lost 400,000 to 500,000 yuan. That is all my savings plus the money borrowed from friends and relatives.. I went back to Wuhan disheartened and rented a room to live with Lvian..

   After living together for 4 years, I took Lvian as my baby and waited on him. I can say that I followed suit.. Cooking, washing dishes and washing clothes are all my business. If I have something to go out, she can keep inside's bowl in the sink for ten days and a half months, waiting for me to come back to wash it.. She said washing dishes would damage the skin of her hands..

   I am not willing to sink down like this. In the summer vacation of 2010, I resumed my old job. I just stopped working for others. I made more than 200,000 yuan after one summer vacation.. This has been the case every year for two or three years.. With a little money, I dote on Lvian even more. High-grade clothes, imported cosmetics and precious jewelry satisfy her with everything she wants..

   Before Lvian graduated, I arranged for her to go to the company of her friend's father, whom I knew in business. His father was the boss of a listed company, a typical rich second generation. He did nothing all day and drove an Audi everywhere.. Soon I found out how foolish it was to let Lvian go to work in Junhao's father's company. Since then, our feelings have turned red..

   It was Lvian's birthday that day. I went to the mall and bought her a necklace of more than 4000 yuan. She seemed quite happy.. The next day, I went to other places to contact with business. After returning to Wuhan a few days later, I found a bunch of red roses, 99 roses, refrigerator, inside and imported high-grade chocolate on my dining table.. I asked who gave her her birthday, and she said that flowers and chocolates were from her classmates.. Obviously lying, those students in her class do not have the strength..

   I found her secret when I was fiddling with the camera.. One picture shows her holding a bouquet of roses and sitting in a luxury car, inside, smiling happily at the camera.. The bouquet of roses in her hand was the one on the table, and the upscale car she was riding in was obviously not one of her classmates. At that time, I immediately thought of Junhao, and I also rode in Junhao's Audi several times..

   She saw me a little unhappy and admitted that after I left, Junhao gave her another birthday and also admitted to swimming with Junhao twice over the weekend.. She blamed me for running around doing business every day and not accompanying her, so she accepted other people's attentions.. She assured me that she only had a meal and swam with Junhao. There was nothing between them and she would never go out with him again. I totally believed her..

   I don't know, her promise just lapsed in less than two months.. She finally left with Junhao. She left in Junhao's Audi.

   Rich Second Generation Robbed My Girlfriend. Now, I'm not only in pain but also worried. I am worried that Junhao's feelings for Lvian are not real. In case of this, what should Lvian do?? She will cry and come back to beg me, what should I do? These questions make me feel confused..





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