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   On July 31, my daughter went to high school in Day Zero, so she got up at 7 o'clock in the morning and found the private car of a fellow villager who worked in the county town. Therefore, it was only 9 o'clock in the morning when everything was completed in the county town..

   Because I didn't have breakfast in the morning, I had a potluck meal in a fast food restaurant in the street of the county town by the way..

   In fact, my brother called us from his work unit last night and asked us to report for lunch at his home in the county seat, because my mother was responsible for cooking for my brother's two children attending the training class in the county seat recently..

   Sister-in-law also accompanied her brother to work in Tuoliang Scenic Area..

   At that time, I promised my brother to wait and see.. It's still early to finish the job.! We decided not to go to the brother's place but to go straight home..

   It was already over ten o'clock in the morning when I got home..

   As soon as I entered the house, I received a call from my brother who worked in Tuoliang. During this period, my brother engaged in real estate sales in Tuoliang and seldom returned to his home in the county seat. Therefore, I seldom disturb him in general because I know he is very busy..

   The daughter's admission has always been handled by her sister-in-law who teaches, so she has always been very grateful to her sister-in-law and her brother for their help. Otherwise, it would be very difficult for a daughter with poor test results to go to an ideal school..

   At noon, I suddenly received another call from my brother, asking how the daughter's affairs had been handled. when I learned that it had been completed, my brother was also very happy. at the other end of the phone, he kept saying, "I'm relieved to have completed it."! "

   In fact, it seems that brothers are not keen on this matter, but they are also worried and anxious in their hearts, because this is the power of family affection..

   Although we are busy with our own work and things and seldom meet with our brothers, we only exchange a phone call when we have something to do, our hearts have always been very close, and the distance seems as far away as the end of the world is actually close at hand, because we are a family, breaking bones and connecting tendons, brothers are like brothers, one pulse is connected, and one milk is a fellow countryman..





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