腾跃国际:Leaving Xihaigu and Zhang Chengzhi

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   Leaving Xihaigu

   Zhang Chengzhi


   At that time has been completely by hunch for a living. Although the last moments were in Lanzhou and Yinchuan. But the premonition had already arrived, and I knew it as early as in the heavy snow that poured over the sky. I had a premonition of this parting..

   You are completely different from any other time in the past.. You are not Ujimqin, nor are you just tied to the foothills of Tianshan Chatas, which I pursue romantically.. Until now, I am still chewing on your meaning. You are not a woman I met, you are my destiny..

   However, the warning lights flashed red again and again-I knew that I had only one dangerous step to take to leave..

   Xihaigu, if it weren't for me, who knows your drought, thirst and desolation in Qian Shan's ravines, and who knows the inner part of your fierce suffering?

   Xihaigu, if it weren't for you, how could I complete the metamorphosis, how could I possibly burst parasitic academic and hypocritical articles; If it weren't for you, Riviera: The Promised Land, how could I finally find the meaning as small and pure as a drop of water??

   Looking at your naked mountains far away, I don't have a prayer and wish ceremony..

   I have long learned silence.. The times around us have changed. People at the age of 20 have no youth, but at the age of 30 they become compradors.. People shrink into clothes hangers. Laughter is a fake smile, crying only for money. I in House of Flying Daggers look to them like a monkey from inside Zoo. When I roar, they yawn.

   But I can only leave you, Xihaigu.

   I am a fish, life needs to find nourishment.. And you are a dry sea without water. There is not a single tree in the gully bank of inside's barren hills.. I am a cow, struggling with my own heavy broken car.. And you are a ruthless killing field, and your men and women are rushing all day long in search of sacrifices.. After I fell in love with you so deeply, I still left you after I already felt that Five Races Under One Union women had no color and the world was beautiful in I Run to You.. Leaving you and getting dirty again.

   No wonder, that day inside and outside the white cliff of Shagou, heavy snow fell down like a torrent and roared and danced.. Ma Zhiwen did not know whether he was excited or scared in the fierce snow. His face was full of urgent expressions.. After getting used to the expression of the Jahriyya sect, I socialized with the rich guy and comprador in Tokyo. When I juggled with the unpredictable false expression, I often suddenly became angry and incontinent.. When I shouted at them crazily, they didn't know the miserable snow on the white cliff in Shagou.. They do not understand the hearts of the poor, do not know how to bind Haidai and Jahriyya, and do not have any upbringing on the Loess Plateau.. They don't know-long before they performed bravely in front of the camera lens, the Jahriyya faction had fought for 200 years and the blood of eight generations had dyed the plateau yellow-brown..

   Now in this snow-free winter, in this city where there is no soil and no nature, my eyes are full of endless mountains adjacent to the sand ditch. The heavy snow pouring over the western sea bathes me, and the suffocation and coolness when submerged are mysterious..


   The extreme of history is archaeology. I used archaeological criticism that night in Shagou. I choked back the excitement of stepping through the mystery, as if by accident, eight flour textual research-at that time I don't miss all this is true. I can't believe that history can be memorized by a group of ragged peasants who seldom get warm..

   I pretend to be a student, pretending that I have only the habit of not being ashamed to ask questions or being modest and easy.. I covered up the shock in my heart. In Xihaigu on a winter night, in inside, a small village in a mountain valley deep in the barren hills, I heard farmers give me a history lesson of Qing Dynasty.. The shock was a groundbreaking sensation, and I felt its great meaning in the first moment.. Ma Zhiwen, like an office worker who arranges the teaching schedule, makes me meet one incredible person after another every day..

   In this way, I was led by a set of family history of generations who have all lost their lives and cut open the prosperous time of Ganlong with one knife.. However, when the knives I know strip "Draft History of Qing", strip the records of Do, llcnne missions, and strip the entanglement of Y·Fraicher's works, I will forever deny the prosperity of the rulers..

   I was in Xihaigu, and my eyes were full of scenes of burning eyes. Zhiwen-You are like my mentor, making me love the families of those who have been killed, arrested and El Filibusterismo forever.. Before the miraculous snow fell on the loess spreading in Xihaiguqian inside, you kept silent and watched my madness and surprise.. You are holding my portfolio by yourself and reading it laboriously.. Don't give up the footnotes at the end of the article, but there is never a single affirmation..

   All this made me think deeply..

   In the depths of Xihaigu in winter 1984, I left the Chinese literati group at a distance.. They are dancing and we are going to the grave.. The majestic visit to the grave made me feel a kind of tough beauty happily..After chasing their back, I also published an essay about this kind of Chinese backbone that has nothing to do with Chinese literati..

   Back in the village of inside, I listened to the story of the poor religious teacher in inside on winter night.. After he was killed, one of the two wives committed suicide in Huining County, while the other lady Zhang and her daughters were exiled to Yili. The peasants who accompanied him with the crime also left their homes.. The life of a woman like Dirt is not hard to fathom-her daughters are tortured to death halfway through the process.. When the lady arrived in Yili, she slaughtered more than ten Manchu officials on New Year's Eve and surrendered herself to death on the first day of the new year.. The case officer pondered for a long time and said, "What a woman with ambition."! ……

   I also ponder for a long time.

   I was eager for action, and I went to Yili.. On the cliff of Yili River during the flood season, an old man of Dongxiang nationality, his name is Ma Ynsup, read Suge who went to the grave for me.. The river is full of turbid water, rushing west instead of east without hesitation-even the big rivers are full of rebellious enthusiasm.. At the death of the Zhang woman in Caoyagou, Tongwei County, we knelt down. It was the first time in my life that I religiously recited and stepped into the ritual.. Ma Ynsup is not Jahriyya, but I feel sincere-in return.. A year later, I arrived at the Prince Temple in Gansu Province and paid a visit to Gongbei, the Prince Temple in his hometown. The days passed in such a way that no one cared and we cherished them dearly.. Yuzhong Ma Po, Jishi Mountains Home Depot, Hezhou Xiguan, Huining Majiabao, Shagou and Sol Zhang, Niushou Mountain and Jinji Fort. I ran along the Great Wall, along the Yellow River, between the magnificent scenery of the Loess Plateau and the Silk Road..

   I'm not taking any more textual research.

   Pickiness and hesitation passed in a blink.. I began to cry, began to promote, my face was covered with wrinkles caused by excitement. On a quiet night at the 5th watch, I woke up alone and let the heart in a cavity be burned repeatedly by scorch in the flame.. My heart is exhausted and my life is consumed, but I have joy beyond description..


   Gradually I learned what Farizo is. It strictly points out the boundaries between belief and disbelief, between recognition and stupidity.. For all those who approach monotheism simply or deeply, Farizo is a clean demarcation line between man and animals.. Believers worship because they abide by Farizo, admit, sigh, fear and pursue the existence that is wider than the universe and more uncertain than fate.. There is an accurate but abused translation of destiny in Chinese as early as ancient times..

   That year, I was thinking hard about a question: what is my destiny. I always yearn for my own unique form.. I know that the existence in the dark let me enter Xihaigu, not to call me Farizo worship every day.. All religions contain obedience to the mandate of heaven, Farizo. What should I do for the ceremony??

   The mountains of Xihaigu are silent. After nightfall, the people of inside in the mosque are still praying for a day's destiny.. Old people look solemn and respectful. I just stared at them. These people who met with all previous governments with swords and axes, these people who came straight to the temple of inside after 20 years of imprisonment in black jails, and those who carried back huge bundles of firewood in the evening on the high The dome of the hill these days, were absorbed and silent.. (责任编辑:admin)




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