Walking on Shakespeare, Snow Like Plum Blossoms

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   Walking on Shakespeare, Snow Like Plum Blossoms

   Snow is like plum blossom, plum blossom is like snow..

   Like and not like are amazing.

   Who knows the annoying flavor?

   Please ask for the south tower month.

   Remember last year, the plum season.

   No one said anything about the past..

   For whom drunk and awake?

   Even today, I still hate light parting..


   (1) Snow Like Plum Blossoms: Tang Dongfang Qiu's "Spring Snow": "Spring Snow is full of empty air, and the place where it touches seems to bloom.". "

   (2) Plum Blossoms Like Snow: Ancient Yuefu: "Only flowers are like snow, not realizing that there is fragrance.". "

   (3) who: who, who.

   (4) Last year: previous years.


   Flower soul snow spirit, pure and pure, like similar. However, this beautiful scene has provoked even more lovesickness.. Therefore, the plum season, can not help but to

   King Vec Vidjeno, hence has a special annoying flavor of haunting. This word says don't hate, feeling from scene, natural muddy into, two Que

   The last sentence of is especially alarming..

   The word "Lv Benzhong" borrowed from Mei Huairen was written in a vague and dreamy way, with meaningful meaning..

   Lv Benzhong's poems are known for their exquisite conception, and most of them are written in shallow words with deep meaning and unique flavor. Hu Zai said: "Lu Juren's poems are lovely and clear.". Such as' the trees move in the afternoon, the shadows are heavy, the curtains are still, the doors are closed, the spring breeze is ten days' and' the past is half high and half low, the dream is half pillow, the old friend has several running scripts in the north and south'. "("Tiaoxi Yu Yin Cong Hua Qian Ji "Volume 53) and Lv Benzhong's artistic style is particularly evident in the words. Words such as "Picking Mulberry (Hate You Are Not Like Jiang Louyue)", "Reducing the Character Magnolia (Tonight Last Year)" and "Bodhisattva pretty (High-rise Buildings Only in the Setting Sun inside)" all clearly show the artistic style of the poet.

   In the last film of the word, "likeness" and "dissimilarity" are used to describe the wonderful scenery of plum blossom and snow shining together.. When plum blossom and snow are flying at the same time, writing plum blossom often refers to snow and takes snow as the background.. In Tang Dynasty, Qi has published "Morning Plum": "Last night, a branch opened in the former village of inside, Zita Law.". "Song Dynasty Lu You's" Plum Blossom "quatrain:" Wen Dao Mei Hua Luo Xiao Feng, snow covered all over The Four Mountains. "because plum blossom 腾跃国际 and snow are similar, poets often associate them.. In Tang Dynasty, Zhang Wei's poem "Morning Plum" said that they were similar in shape and indistinguishable: "A tree of cold plum and white jade is on the road of Jiong Lin Village and beside the stream bridge.". I don't know if the spray started first, but it is suspected that the winter snow has not been sold.. "while Wang Anshi in song dynasty showed his dissimilarity from another angle," plum blossom "poem says:" the corner counts plum blossom, ling2 han2 opens alone. Knowing from afar that it is not snow, it is because there is dark fragrance.. "Plum blossom and snowflake are similar in shape and color, but different in quality and different in spirit. Therefore, after the poet wrote" snow is like plum blossom and plum blossom is like snow "in this word, he immediately plucked up a pen:" neither similarity nor dissimilarity is unique. ". "Likeness" is the color of words, "unlike" is the fragrance of words.. In the dim moonlight, snow-white mei jie, faint fragrance floating, this is indeed a wonderful state.

   The wonderful scenery under the moon was supposed to be pleasing to the eyes, but the poet thought it was "annoying". "annoying" means "provocative". this explanation is common in poetry.. Then why do you stir up people's worries? The poet did not answer directly, but only vaguely said, "Who knows the annoying flavor?"? Please ask for the south tower month. "The poet here set up a suspense, is chuai want to.

   A famous sentence in Jiang Yan's "Regret Ode" reads: "Spring grass is green, and spring water is green.". How did you feel when you sent him to Nanpu?? "Li Bai's" Lushui River Fermentation starter ":"Lushui River Ming autumn, South Lake white apple.Lotus is charming and wants to talk, but worries about killing boaters.. "The poem said that seeing the spring grass as green and the green water as dyed when seeing off, it was this spring scenery that increased the poet's melancholy instead.. Li Shi said that the girl was picking apples on the lake, and the autumn was bright and beautiful and the lotus was red. But the scene did not make people happy, instead it made people sad. This was because something was happening in her heart. Seeing the happy scene would not conflict with her mood, but would add sorrow to the scene..

   The next piece of the poem points out the origin of the poet's worries: "I remember last year, when I visited plum blossom.". No one said anything about the past.. "It turned out to be last year's plum blossom opening season, once shared the plum blossom with his lover, and the moon in the south tower can be used as a witness. Now that he has left his lover, the scenery remains the same and the personnel are no longer the same. How can he not touch the scene and feel the emotion?! It was only when the words came to a conclusion that they pointed out why the poets did not come to frequent drunkenness and wakefulness, in order to "hate" for "light parting". The whole poem first set up many obstacles, layers of nebula, and then expelled fog and cloud, revealing its original intention, thus making readers understand from deep confusion and get emotional comfort..

   "Words of love, will be reflected by the scenery, is a deep wan flow of beauty. "(Wu Heng according to the" Lotus Seed Residence Words "Volume 2) Lv Benzhong's first" Walking through Sha Xing "saw snow, saw Mei Sheng Qing, went upstairs to express his feelings, sent a generous message to the month, euphemismd parting hate, with a kind of hazy beauty. This kind of hazy beauty is different from bright beauty, but it is not obscure either.. If a word makes people feel confused, Remain puzzled after pondering over sth a hundred times, it loses its meaning.. This kind of word is not hazy beauty, but obscure.. Hazy beauty is like a flower in the mist and a daughter behind a veil. It is not clear at first sight, but its form can be seen through detailed discrimination. This realm gives people a subtle beauty.. The title of this word depends entirely on the last sentence: "I still hate light parting today.".

   This kind of artistic technique is really like drawing a dragon. In the clouds rolling, the dragon in the picture appears to be both vigorous and full of charm..





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