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   Qian Jiang Watch Tide Record

   Zikai Feng

   On the 18th of August in the lunar calendar, I stayed in Hangzhou. This day happened to be Sunday, and two relatives and friends and two children returned from their official holidays came to the apartment.. In the morning, the sky was overcast but not rainy, cold but not cold.. There was a person who said that today was a tidal day and everyone was in high spirits and suggested seeing the tide in Haining.. However, I suffer from wet poison on my left toe, and the difficulty in walking is second. The root of the shoe cannot be pulled out, dragging the shoe out of the door will violate New Life Movement and will be interfered by the police.. But I don't want to spoil the fun. Therefore, we discussed and revised the method: I borrowed a big shoe to wear on my left foot, and changed the place where I watched the tide to the Qiantang River and the Sanlang Temple.. We know clearly that the tidal current along the Qiantang River is not as large as that in Haining, which is really "nothing to watch.". However, when it is your turn to do everything, you must always think of some advantages of it, one is to encourage courage, the other is to comfort people.. Some people said, "This year the tide is bigger than in previous years, and the Qiantang River tide is also considerable.". ""Today's newspaper said that the railings at the riverside station were washed away by the tide yesterday, and more than 20 people climbed on the railings to watch the tide. They were temporarily submerged. Sachi was blocked by the house and did not associate with the officials, but there were four people whose heads were torn to pieces.. "after hearing this, everyone felt that Jiang gan was no less than Haining, and the trip must have been worthwhile. I accompanied my two relatives and friends, took my daughter and a child, and set off for the river at 10 a.m.. I put on a pair of big and small shoes on my feet and followed them..

   It's only eleven o'clock when we take the bus to sanlang temple.. We crossed the river in righteousness and went to see the station on hangjiang road. if there was a mess of slate and wood on the ground, it was said that it was caused by yesterday's tide.. The two docks on both sides of the Qianjiang River are too long, which may add up to one mile.. When I came back, my feet couldn't stand it, so I took a rickshaw.. Sitting in the car looking at his feet, seems to be two people. If the picture is still painted, the viewer must say it was wrong, but no one noticed it all the way. It was only because I felt guilty 腾跃国际 and accidentally met Someone's Watching Me's foot. I suspected that he was laughing at me and touching someone I knew. During the conversation, I had to tell him the special reason for the shoes first.. He didn't pay attention to my feet, but he heard what I said.. People who are good at defending themselves often expose their shortcomings if they want to cover up their shortcomings..

   Looking at the north shore from the ferry in the middle of the river, I saw a building near the dock, high and multi-windowed, with no obstacle in front.. I chose this as the best place to watch the tide.. Look at its appearance. It is not a private house. It is about a teahouse or a hotel. It can accommodate us.. For the sake of foot pain, thirst, belly hunger, and for the sake of watching the tide of the eye, I looked at the building and felt extremely exquisite, as beautiful as a fairyland.. It was about twelve o'clock when we jumped onto the dock.. After walking through the dock, we saw the sign of the teahouse hanging on the upper floor, and we gladly climbed the stairs.. When I stepped onto the escalator, I saw that there were clear windows and all the river scenes were closed in the windows. It was indeed a good place to go.. There were only a few tea guests, and the six of us occupied a row of chairs near the window.. I turned back to call restaurant waiter: "One red, one green."! "

   However, restaurant waiter came up empty-handed, grinning and said to me, "Sir, I bought seats today. Each small ocean has four corners.". "Hearing this, my relatives and friends all stood up and said they would leave. However, the children turned a blind eye and just looked at the river view from the window, pointing to the east and talking to the west, talking and laughing, which was exactly what they deserved.. I also miss this place, but my relatives and friends thought the price was too high and bargained with restaurant waiter. As a result, the three children were "so-so" and the six of us paid a total of one dollar.. After paying the money first, everyone was relieved to sit down.. Joe restaurant waiter ordered six bowls of flour and bought some fruit for lunch.. Everyone is hungry and eating fast.. After eating, I saw the river view outside the window more beautiful than before..

   We arrived too early. The tide won't arrive until 3 o'clock.. At half past one, we saw others coming upstairs one after another.. Some think the price is too high, back down. Some looked at Jiang Jing, hesitated, and sat down. At 2: 30, the upstairs seats were full and noisy, which was comparable to that of flour. Fortunately, our seats were sitting at the window with the noisy flour River on our back, as if we were in a completely different world, with another feeling..

   Three o'clock is fast approaching, and there is no place to stand upright upstairs.. The newcomers had no seats, no tea and no money..Many people crowded behind us.. Looking back, I saw the crowd blocking up..

   There are men and women, old and young, and even children in their arms.. Some sat on the table, some stood on the stool, and some even stood on the table.. What they see is the same Qiantang River. Over time, the eyes became sore, the legs became sore, and the tide still did not come.. Everyone tired, some blue, some sit down. Suddenly a shrill voice from the crowd said, "Here we come! Coming! "Everyone craned their necks at once, but the Qiantang River remained the same. It turned out that a mother was crying because the child was so crowded that she coaxed him there..

   The river is so ruthless. The more people waited, the more lofty it was.. This is like some railway station ticket sellers in inside, and some post offices accept registered mail. There are many people waiting for him outside the window. He just smokes slowly..

   It was about 3: 20 when the tide really came.! The people in the building were crowded like spectators at the winning point in the games.. I also remove sunglasses, looked at estuary. But see a white line as thick as cigarettes on the deskmate, slowly extended to this aspect from the estuary. After a long delay, the white line became blurred when it reached Xixing.. After a long time, the river in front of the building rose gradually.. Immersed the feet of the dock.. There were some waves on the river bank downstairs, which sometimes moved a stone and sometimes submerged a sand bank.. After that, the waves calmed down and the water gradually retreated.. Watch the tide and watch it.

   The people in the building seemed to have gained something and dispersed one after another.. My relatives and friends and I also wanted to take the children downstairs, but a child refused to leave and asked me in surprise: "We still need to watch the tide."! "everyone told him with a smile:" the tide has been seen! "He didn't believe it, almost cried. Many comforters, just tears down the stairs.

   I really sympathize with what the child said.. When I left my seat, I also had "to watch the tide."! "Like feeling. It seems that today's goal has not yet been achieved.. I have never looked at the tide in order to see it.. Today, I came here specially to watch the tide. The unexpected tide is all that matters. I am really disappointed.. But I suspect that I feel wrong.. If the tide is not strong enough, why is it that in the teahouse, on the riverbank, the spectators move in all directions and the way home is blocked??

   In order to ask my relatives and friends, one said, "we are not here to watch the tide, but to celebrate the birthday of the tide god."! "This is reasonable, it turns out that we were all convened by empty fame on August 18. No wonder the tide never looked. Looking back on what I saw in the teahouse, there was no beautiful scenery beyond the old river scenery.. There is only one sight that cannot be forgotten: when the waves flooded the sand bank, a group of people were standing on the sand bank watching the tide.. When the waves came, everyone rushed back hastily, half immersed in the water and raised their hands to cry. Some adults in Sachi turned to rescue them, but they were not defeated.. This is a flood picture.

   Looking at this picture reminds people of the recent floods in various parts of the Yellow River and Yangtze River valleys, and they came back disappointed..

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