Three Days to See

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   Little imagine, life is fragile, when all the assumptions become reality, it is too late. Therefore, no matter in what age, love and courage are the basis of our survival..

   Make good use of your eyes, just as tomorrow you will suffer from blindness..

   Listen to the wonderful sounds of music, the singing of birds, the bold and powerful tunes of orchestras and be sonorous and forceful, just as if tomorrow you will suffer from deafness..

   Touch everything you want to touch, just as your touch will fade tomorrow..

   Smell the fragrance of all flowers and taste every mouthful of delicious food, just like you can't smell it again tomorrow..

   Make full use of every sense organ and take pride in all the pleasant and beautiful details that the world shows you through several contact means that nature gives you.!

   My heart is full of images of people and things.. My eyes will never let go of a trivial matter. It strives to pay close attention to everything it sees.. Some scenes are pleasant and intoxicating. But some are extremely sad and sad. For the latter, I will never close my eyes, because they are also a part of life.. To close one's eyes in front of them is to close one's heart and mind..

   In my imaginary limited-time inside with vision, I should choose one that can open the place with the greatest treasure in the shortest possible time..

   We cannot stop. We must enrich ourselves all the time so as to contribute the fruits of our efforts to a perfect tomorrow..

   When she heard the governor say "Miss Anne Sullivan", Anne seemed to click. It was her turn.. She stood up and took a step forward, but seemed to be pinned to the chair, shaking so hard that she could not stand up..

   The governor came up to her with a smile and encouragement, as if to say to her, "Don't be afraid, We Are All The Same.". "Hear him call" miss Anne Sullivan "again, Anne struggled to stand up from his seat, mind a blank, mechanically to the center of the podium.

   The governor started clapping and the guests on and off the stage responded enthusiastically.. The thunderous applause shocked Anne into a rude awakening. within a few seconds, she regained her composure and confidence..

   After a pause of applause, Anne swallowed saliva and uttered the words "distinguished guests". As soon as she spoke, she felt relieved and remembered her speech article. She held her head high and faced the audience..

   "We are going to step into a busy society and take part in creating a better and happier world ." She was full of confidence, and her speech gurgled down like flowing water with beautiful expression..

   His voice and thin figure are like a cricket, a truly happy English cricket..

   Anne sat in the front seat of the carriage and looked around at week.. Empty green Yuan Ye, a carpet of green glass, milky white farms and red barns set each other off, and the smell of baked tobacco drifted away in the wind..

   Finally, I would like to say that although my eyes are dark, I have stepped into the Spellbinder: Land of the Dragon Lord of thought because of the love and hope my teacher has brought me.. My four week may be a thick wall of The Wall, isolating me from the outside world, but the world inside the wall is full of beautiful flowers and trees, and I can still enjoy the temple of nature.. Although my house is small and has no windows, I can also enjoy the twinkling stars at night..

   Although my body is not free, my heart is free.. And let my heart go beyond my body to the crowd, immersed in joy, a better life!

   God has made me unable to see, hear, and therefore speak. He wants to give some enlightenment to the weak and disabled in the world through this deformity..

   One goal that I always encourage myself is: I will try my best to learn to be independent in my life and try not to add trouble to others within my ability.. In religious terms, it means to bear one's own cross with laughter.. This is not a portrait of fate, but to face it and try to overcome it..

   I hope the world can realize peace one day earlier and make human beings happier. By then, people will no longer have to look forward to heaven behind them..

   I often think, "Why don't people like trees stand at a certain low point?"? Although trees do not move, do they still grow well?? Even happier and longer than human beings! "

   When night falls, I can see artificial light and experience double happiness.. This is the invention and creation of human genius to expand one's eyesight when nature sets it as night..

   My hands have stayed in Rome and those lifelike marble sculptures in the late period, touched Michelangelo's inspiring hero Moses plaster model, I know Rodin's talent, and I am awed by the pious spirit of Gothic woodcarving.. I can understand the meaning of these works of art touched by hands, but those that can only be seen but not touched, I can only guess that it has been avoiding my beauty.. I can appreciate the simple lines of the Greek vase, but I know nothing about its patterned decoration..

   With helpless heart, I reluctantly left the metropolitan museum, leaving the place where the key to beauty is hidden-it is a kind of neglected beauty. However, people with vision do not need to find the key to beauty from inside, the Metropolitan Museum of Art.. It can be found in smaller museums such as inside and even in books on the shelves of small libraries such as inside.. And I, inside, who can see things in imagination for a limited time, will choose a place where discovering the key to beauty can open the greatest treasure house in the shortest possible time..

  If we live like we will die tomorrow, will we cherish life more and understand its important value to us?? Will we be relieved of every moment of our past and future?? Will we no longer care about material needs and be less vulgar??

   In real life, we do not have super powers to predict the future and return to the past, and we cannot avoid disasters.. Many people realize how beautiful life is when they are on the verge of death and begin to blame themselves for not cherishing life well before.. But how many people want to enjoy life and thank life when they return to Live Your Days Peacefully, instead of just endless complaints?

   In this article, I feel Helen. Keller's desire for light, perhaps my experience is not so profound and exact, after all, my eyes are bright and can see the world..

   In this article, inside is full of Helen's love for life.. Her three days have been so full, her love of books, her yearning for art and her pursuit of nature have all shown themselves to be incisively and vividly.. Three days was not enough for her to see everything she wanted to see, but she was satisfied.. On the assumption 腾跃国际 that she could have three days of light, she dedicated this precious and beautiful time to love, knowledge, culture and art.. In this limited three days in inside, Helen is so full and happy feeling, living. As a matter of fact, she cannot have such three days.. How cruel is this!

   On the other hand, look at us healthy people, but we are not good at grasping the time of life. We always sigh and complain.. There is no leisure in life, life is too boring, study is always tense and boring.. And is this really the case? Isn't the tense and orderly life every day a concerto of joy, harmony and patchwork?? Tight morning exercises and early reading, classes with different styles but constant fun, leisurely and lively class breaks, extracurricular activities full of movement and joy, can make you sleep soundly at night.. Isn't this a bad life?? (责任编辑:admin)




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